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  1. My concept for the NCAA inspired fantasy league i am in. I made a Rebirth sports hockey template based off of their own template design jersey and socks I found on their Twitter feed. The pants template I created using an image of an actual pant shell they had made. All logos are from WSU except the altered WU Shock logo where I added the hockey stick and the alternate crest that i put together using Wichita State's Shockers script. The templates including the CCM helmet which I made are all in .svg for Inkscape. Comments welcome
  2. Hey guys and gals, One day I took note of how all of these classic NCAA logos are "serifed". So I thought it would be interesting to go through the gauntlet and make them sans serif. Don't know if this might only be cool to geeks like me who care about serifs in the first place, but hopefully people will find it interesting. I only have 7 done so far, but I'll be adding more daily. Let me know what you think! Edit - Image limit hit. More logos are scattered throughout this thread. Or you can go to my page on Behance to view them all at once:
  3. My take if the EIU had a hockey team or just a club team using the school's new logos and wordmarks that debuted last year. A huge improvement over the ones that they previously had. comments are welcomed as always
  4. Back in 2003 or 2004 I found a t-shirt with the Iowa Hawkeyes mascot holding a mug of beer: In 2006 I sold it on eBay for $40 which was a lot for a t-shirt back then. The other day while browsing around on Pinterest I found an extremely similar t-shirt, and here is the cropped and zoomed-in graphic: Obviously the same artist or t-shirt company made both of these, due to the same font used, the same reclining pose of the mascots, and almost the identical foam on the mugs of beer. My theory about these shirts is a local t-shirt company in Iowa decided to make some easy cash by selling them outside the football stadiums of these two teams, because obviously a university would never approve of and then officially license an image of its mascot holding a beer. HOWEVER, the late 70's and early 80's, the era these shirts are from, were different times. The legal drinking age back then was 18, and drinking was considered an essential part of college life, so much so that the college I went to rented a Coors truck for the day back in 1979 and handed out free beers to students on the green! Something like that would NEVER happen now a days, so if a college would sanction and pay for free beer being handed out to students, who says they couldn't license an image of their mascot holding a beer? It's totally possible. Unlikely, but possible. I just thought it was cool how these two shirts, albeit representing two different schools, obviously used the same template. It makes me very curious if the artist or company that made these also made them for other schools, or possibly pro teams. Has anyone else ever seen these shirts or ones like them before?
  5. So the vote to change the '12 teams for a conference championship' is going to take place on January 15. If the vote does not pass, there is a very good chance that the Big XII expands. Even if it does pass, I'd still like to see the Big XII get back to 12. So my question to everyone is: would you like to see the Big XII expand back to 12, who should they go get, and why? My personal opinion: As much as I'd love to steal other Power 5 teams such as Iowa, Arkansas, or Northwestern, I don't think that any of those schools would leave their conferences for a less-prosperous Big XII. So, I would have to go with Cincinnati and Memphis for the following reasons: The markets in those cities is large and ready for the taking. You can steal the recruiting market from Ohio State with Cincy and from Tennessee and Vandy in Memphis. Breaking into Big 10 and SEC territory with each pickup respectively. Geographical hole-filler between West Virginia and the rest of the conference. Both schools have strong up-and-coming football programs. Incredible basketball history, especially in recent years. The ability to fill the old divisions: North--Iowa State, Kansas, K-State, West Virginia, Memphis, Cincy South--Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, TCU, Baylor, Texas Tech Any other thoughts? Anyone agree? Let me hear your opinions!
  6. So I can't 100% confirm, but today at the Rebel Locker Room (official school store for athletic stuff, game jerseys, helmets, etc.) I came across this hat displayed behind the front desk. When I asked, the worker told me it was the new baseball hat. So take that as what you will, but obviously I had to have it haha. Don't know when or where they would wear it, or what it would be paired with, but I think it's actually a great concept, especially if they are trying to make money. Powder Blue is a cash machine in Oxford. What do yall think?
  7. Cheerleaders don't get a lot of attention on this site so I thought I'd make a thread dedicated to pro and college cheerleading squad logos. After doing some research on this, I stumbled upon many logos I've never seen before and many of them are great examples of the graphic design styles that were popular the year they were designed. "Pro" mostly means NFL, NBA, and NHL cheerleaders, as well as any additional dance teams, but if you find any logos for WFL, USFL, XFL, CBA, WNBA, WHA, modern day hockey minor leagues, etc, cheerleading squads by all means post them too. "College" means the cheerleading squads and dance teams that perform at NCAA football and basketball games. One thing that is common with cheerleading squads is they tend to have goofy names, often a pun off the pro or college team they are cheering for. I will make sure to point out the best examples below. In my opinion what makes these logos interesting is more often than not they borrow the colors and certain design elements from the team the cheerleaders are cheering for. So even if you didn't know the name of the squad you could still guess what team they belong to based on the colors and design of their logo. Feel free to add pics of cheerleading squad logos to this thread as you find them! I'm starting with the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders because I found 10 different variations of their logo since the 70's and 10 pics is the limit for posts. Here we go: 1966–1977 Dolphin Dolls1978–1983 Dolphins Starbrites1984–present Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders And last butt not least: what looks like a Victoria's Secret model wearing some kind of outfit featuring their logo:
  8. Hey guys! I've seen a lot of college football uniform re-do's and decided to do my own, except this is Division II! A lot of you might have no clue who any of these teams are, heck I don't either, but here it is. I'm currently only doing the MIAA (Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association), but if people like this topic and if I have time on my hands, I might do some other conferences. But, here's the first team, Central Missouri Mules: Central Missouri Mules Central Oklahoma Bronchos Emporia State Hornets Fort Hays State Tigers
  9. Starting my first ever thread. NCAA Football "Elements" Uniform Concepts. @alksports on instagram First up: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Please leave feedback and requests!
  10. First concept post on CCSLC, so take it easy on me. This project came out of an unused spartan logo and I altered it for this rebrand concept. I wanted to create a more definitive helmet here while still maintaining the feather connectors. See more of the project here on my behance page. Overall, it was a fun project to practice on, got a lot of photoshop work in there. Let me know what you think!
  11. Hey guys, I've been a long time lurker here but I've never really gotten around to posting for myself until now. In honor of Oklahoma State's 125th anniversary, I recently ran a project where, week by week, I would recreate a football uniform from the school's past using the modern Mach Speed template and do a (sometimes brief, sometimes not) writeup on the period that uniform was from. After I'd finished the series, a friend of mine suggested that I share the project here as well since you all might enjoy it, and since then I've been contemplating the best way to go about that. I didn't want to just dump the whole thing in a single post here as it'd definitely come out as a mess, but it also didn't make sense to hold them week in and week out when you can just view the entire finished series elsewhere, so I think the best middle ground I found was to just post them one by one in this thread every couple of days with the original writeups included. So, with that, here's my original first entry: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- My first pick is one that I don't see brought up often for any reason other than the helmet: the 1967-1968 home set, featuring the Bronc Rider in all its glory. (click for fullsize) The '67 and '68 squads weren't particularly notable in terms of performance, chalking up 4-5-1 and 3-7 seasons along with an upset of #3 ranked Colorado, but this set is significant for featuring a number of firsts for Oklahoma State. Although the Bronc Rider was likely in use at the university as early as 1942 and was used by various other sports and organizations on campus, these two seasons mark the only time that the logo has ever appeared anywhere on an OSU football uniform (the sole exception being a fauxback helmet in 2014). The Bronc Rider was also the first logo or brand to ever be used on an Oklahoma State helmet, with past years (and even the first games of the '67 season) simply featuring helmet numbers and/or striping. Finally, this uniform marks the first time that Oklahoma State wore an orange helmet since their days as OA&M; they would promptly return to white beginning in the 1969 season, dropping the Bronc Rider for a diagonal OSU design. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to spoil yourself on the full series, you can either view it here on or find the series on my Twitter account. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to posting the next entry soon!
  12. My alma-matter, graduating class of 2014. I'm particularly a Mason basketball fan; my freshmen year witnessed the Men's basketball Cinderella-story trip to the Final Four, in 2006. Unforgettable. The current look, adopted in 2004, is passable for now, but as an ever-growing university presence in America, Mason Nation is certainly due for a refreshed athletic aesthetic. See the link to a PDF below for a full presentation of the rebrand and its elements: On Behance:
  13. NCAA FOOTBALL FIELD EXPERIMENT: Guidelines -Will cover all teams from the P5 Conferences -Midfield Logo must be between 15-20 yards in size -3 teams (Including Boise) will receive colored turf. -Colors on field must be school official colors. EX: No Black if it is not an OFFICIAL color! -Conference Logo is not needed on the field, but if used, must be 5 Yards in size and will be placed on the 25 yard line. -Any School slogan used on the field must be centered on the 15 yard line and must be Between 20-25 yards in length. Pac 12: Arizona Oregon Sate Utah -Didn't change much with the Cats field, moved the Bear Down from the ghost Lettering to the sides like how they used to have it.
  14. Arizona State Sun Devils Home // Road Arizona Wildcats Home // Road // Alternate California Golden Bears Home // Home 2 // Road // Road 2 // Alternate Colorado Buffaloes Home // Home 2 // Home 3 // Home 4 // Road // Road 2 // Road 3 // Whiteout // Alternate // Alternate 2 // All Gray Oregon Ducks Home // Home 2 // Home 3 // Road // Road 2 // Road 3 // Alternate // Alternate 2 // Alternate 3 // Blackout Oregon State Beavers Home // Home 2 // Home 3 // Road // Road 2 // Alternate // Alternate 2 Stanford Cardinal Home // Road UCLA Bruins Home // Road // Whiteout USC Trojans Home // Road Utah Utes Home // Home 2 // Home 3 // Road // Road 2 // Road 3 // Alternate // Alternate 2 // Alternate 3 Washington Huskies Home // Road // Road 2 // Whiteout Washington State Cougars Home / Home 2 // Road // Road 2 // Alternate // Alternate 2
  15. Hey guys! I've taken a long break from making concepts, but I'm back! I've got three concepts made: Colorado, Washington, and Arizona. Starting with Arizona. The Wildcats are pretty much ruined by Nike. They had a nice, double stripe look going when Nike invaded. My main goal was to return it. I applied it to the helmet, shoulders, and pants, and also restored the Tuscon Bold font (courtesy of Conrad). It was pretty simple overall here. Nike did okay with Colorado, but I still love the Northwestern-style striping they used. Combining the two sets was my main goal here. Simple, classic look for the Huskies. Just the way it should be (good riddance, Nike). I may do more concepts, but I just started with this. Hit me up! Table of Contents Arizona Colorado, Update Washington, V1.2 Ohio State, Update TCU, Update
  16. As you may have already guessed from the title, this thread will have my attempts at making over some of the NCAA's worst logos. Think of this as "Extreme Makeover: Collegiate Logo Edition" and that's exactly what this thread will be. For each college or university of my choosing, I will design up to four logos. This will be on a weekly basis, and for this inaugural post, I will be making over the logos for the Savage Storm of Southeastern Oklahoma State University. First, here is a little info on the university: Name of College/University: Southeastern Oklahoma State University Nickname: Savage Storm Colors: Blue and Gold NCAA Division: II Conference: Great American Conference Location: Durant, Oklahoma Established: 1909 as Southeastern State Normal School Famous Alumni: Reba McEntire, Dennis Rodman, Brett Butler (the baseball player, not the comedic actress) Current Logo: Looking at this logo, it's obvious that the first thing that stood out was that it's a NFL ripoff, which is upsetting. Besides that, the blue and the black are close to each other, making for a cruddy logo. I originally was going to do another Oklahoma school, Oklahoma Panhandle State, for this first post, but I just couldn't figure out how to best execute my plan of attack for that school. I may come back to that school at some point in the future, but for now, let's look at what I did for the Savage Storm: The main mission with these logos was that I wanted this school to stand out so I took out the black and used their current color scheme of Pantone 2748 C (the blue) and Pantone 109 C (the gold) and made four logos. The logo in the upper-left is the primary logo, and it's a gold-outlined blue outline map of the state of Oklahoma which is then tilted, along with "SE" (as the school is sometimes known as in Oklahoma) written in gold lightning. The lower left logo is the secondary logo and consists of two tilted rectangles, one blue and one gold, with "SAVAGE" written in gold on the blue rectangle and "STORM" written in blue on the gold rectangle. The four lightning bolts (two gold with blue outlines on top, two blue with gold outlines on bottom) complete the logo design. The logo on the upper-right is a tertiary logo and consists of a blue tilted rectangle with "SOUTHEASTERN" written in gold, a thinner gold tilted rectangle with "OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY" written in blue, and six lightning bolts; three on top in gold with blue outlines, and three on bottom in blue with gold outlines. The last logo is extra and is meant for the football team's helmet (not exclusively). It is simply a tilted "SOSU" written in gold with blue outlines, along with a blue counter space in the "O" and a gold lightning bolt in the middle. How do you all think I did with this makeover? C&C is more than appreciated, not only with the logos, but with this thread idea. Also, you can submit the name of a NCAA school you think has a bad logo and I just might do that school in the coming weeks.
  17. So I have been working on this logo for a while now, and I think that I am ready to share. The inspiration behind the idea is actually the new Georgia Bulldogs logo with the front facing bulldog head. Took a trip to Athens for a game with my girlfriend and saw it on merchandise and loved it. The rest is history. Let me know what y'all think. It is blurry and has my name in it right now because that is my attempt to keep it from getting snagged my some random t-shirt guy. I have a high quality image made, just wanted to throw that out there before it was questioned.
  18. What are the worst all-time games you can think of, uniform-wise? I can't imagine any worse than this, if you count preseason:
  19. After watching our team get stepped on the last two weeks (once in chrome, the next in the regular away uni with gradient numbers) I decided that I'm sick of the uniforms. Terrible font, design, and inspiration. The Home set that I have finished, is reminiscent of the Teddy Bruschi era, mixed with the Nick Foles/Matt Scott era. I thought this brought a nice sense of unity to the cats uniform. Away set coming soon!! And here are the Alternate Red Jersey and Pants. No red helmet! And the White Jersey!! For this concept, The Red pants can only be worn with red jerseys. Cleaner look IMO.
  20. Some uniform changes are the best thing ever, changing or fixing all the worst mistakes from before and make the team look amazing and professional, and then there's those changes just absolutely destroy the look of the team before and look completely unnecessary. Here's a couple examples The St. Louis Blues Good change To To bad change Back to good
  21. Anyone else see the new TCU Football uniforms for next season?? I think that NIKE did not do a great job with the "frog skin" sublimation and could've utilized it in a much more appealing way, disappointment in my eyes. If anyone else can find better pictures of the uniforms please add them to this!
  22. Like mgdmhl's Sports Font Database, this thread will host all team colors for major leagues, and other select minor leagues. The codes will go like this. Winnipeg Jets: Navy HEX 002E62 RGB 0, 46, 98 CMYK 100, 53 ,0 ,1 PMS 295 Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading! ECUFan25 MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks: Red HEX A71930 RGB 167, 25, 48 CMYK: 0, 85, 71, 34 PMS: 187 Black HEX 000000 RGB 0, 0, 0 PMS 30 Gold HEX DBCEAC RGB 219, 206, 172 CMYK 0, 5, 21, 14 PMS 5797 Atlanta Braves: Blue HEX 002F5F RGB 0, 97, 45 CMYK 100, 50, 0, 62 PMS 540 Red HEX B71234 RGB 183, 18, 52 CMYK 0, 90, 71, 28 PMS 193 Baltimore Orioles: Orange HEX ED4C09 RGB 237, 76, 9 CMYK 0, 67, 96, 9 PMS 172 Black HEX 000000 RGB 0, 0, 0 PMS 30 More to come soon!
  23. A few years ago, I posted a concept design for a fictional team I called the Eliot Brigade. Since, this team has become a sort of pet project of mine, and I've spent time off and on crafting different identities for the team (it even made an appearance in the American Soccer Federation). I'm back now with an updated name, Maine State, and identity, featuring a deeper history, and updated logos and uniforms. The project can be found at the link below (due to the size of the image itself and my lack of photobucket bandwidth, I just decided to host it on behance). The main idea of the identity was to combine aspects of numerous other college football teams and their design evolution. I was specifically inspired by TCU, Ohio State's alternates, and the service academy pro combat uniforms. I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to your C+C!
  24. This is my first concept thread in a while, and my last college football thread kinda fell flat on its face, plus I became overwhelmed with work and school. But that's enough of that. This is also more of a challenge for me. Can I get through all of the Top 25 before the season starts in 23 days? Lets find out. 25. Tennessee I was a fan of what Nike did for the Vols. I think the new look is very good. That being said I felt the jerseys could use stripes, so that's the biggest change to the home/road looks that remain largely unchanged aside from the double stripes that were worn in the 80's, plus the checkerboard pattern was added to the back of the collar. On the alternate, I changed things up a little. I went with the Steelers Batman looking jersey, and made it black. I was looking to go a little outside the box from their normal set, but didn't want to go too far. With that in mind, the black uniform would not be interchangeable with the normal home/road. C and C welcome as always.
  25. A few examples: ---1990s teal: Original Grizzlies ---MLB light-blue road unis: Phillies or Expos (I actually like how that trend looked in general) ---NFL side panels: Broncos ---NFL piping: It all sucks. lol ---MLB/NBA roundel logo: Does the Celtics logo count? ---NCAAF BFBS: Washington Huskies ---NCAAF GFGS: Tennessee Volunteers (still prefer the orange) ---NCAABB BFBS: The vast majority suck so not sure. ---NCAABB GFGS: Maybe West Virginia ---NBA multicolored or gradient jersey: Kings half-and-half. Sorry, but the Raptors front-and-back annoyed the heck out of me and I was never enamored with the Hawks' mid-1990s look (though it has grown on me somewhat). ---NFL Nike rebrand: Seahawks