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  1. I will be attempting (and probably failing) at my first ever posted concept! I will be making college football helmets, and I will be taking requests! C & C appreciated! Thank you everybody! UNC Tennessee Please don't tell me how bad they are, I already know by looking at you all's concepts
  2. So I'm not great at graphic design (By the way if anyone is and would like to digitalize this for me that would be fantastic) so I just drew this out by hand. Gators, concept. Also first blog post, what do you guys think?
  3. I've never really payed much attention to the WCHA in any way, so I decided, "Hey, why not check out their jerseys." I wasn't necessarily impressed or disheartened, so I decided to take this project upon myself. I've done 5 teams up to this point, but I want to take this steadily. So I wont be posting the next set until I think the one before has gotten enough appreciation/dislike. If this series gets enough attention I might move on to the other Div 1 leagues. Alabama-Huntsville Chargers Alaska Nanooks Alaska Anchorage Seawolves Bemidji State Beavers Bowling Green Falcons Ferris State Bulldogs Lake Superior State Lakers Michigan Tech Huskies Minnesota State Mavericks Northern Michigan Wildcats Alaska Anchorage Seawolves
  4. The new Miami Beach Bowl Trophy. On Monday Dec 22, Memphis defeated BYU 55 -48 to win the first ever Miami Bowl Championship. Like or Dislike?
  5. As evidenced by the Whale thread, there are a lot of old jerseys we'd like to buy, but aren't available to purchase, or if you can buy them, it's only in heavy bidding wars on eBay. So, the question I ask is this; which jersey or jerseys would you like to see be made as a Hardwood Classic, Cooperstown Collection piece, NFL Throwback, NHL Vintage sweater, or Mitchell and Ness throwback? You can also post a jersey if it's already been reproduced if the reproduction isn't of the player you want (for example, even though there's a Earl Campbell Oilers jersey, you want a Warren Moon). I remember there being a thread like this before, but I'm pretty sure it was back when the Sonics were still in Seattle and nobody knew what a 2 Chainz was. For me, I'd have to go with a 90's Bullets jersey, a Blue Lakers Elgin Baylor, a 60s-70s Senators, a 2003 Tracy McGrady, a 91-02 Trail Blazers, and finally, a Tune Squad jersey, because all the kids I grew up with are getting engaged and I'm still wondering why aliens would have the pick of the NBA in 1996 and decide to take Shawn Bradley's talent.
  6. What rivalry in ANY level of college football looks the best? I.e.: colors, logos, uniforms. This has nothing to do with team history or fan bases or atmosphere. Just which rivalry looks the best
  7. So, I am a CSU student. And I know we are partnered with Under Armour. And I know that CSU's bowl game would never get this kind of attention. However, I started thinking about a world where Nike decided to design a special uniform for the CSU Rams when they take on Utah in the Royal Purple Las Vegas bowl. I also have always loved the idea of the Rams wearing gold helmets and jerseys. So I put myself into the shoes of a Nike designer and created a concept. First off, the helmet has to have a nice shine to it. A matte would never work, but a chrome helmet wouldn't work either so I created something in between. Second off, Nike is known for doing over the top things and putting sublimated deigns onto uniforms (i.e. Oregon's wings on the shoulders of every uniform) so I took that approach. The triangular pattern is supposed to represent the mountains and trees that surround us here in Fort Collins/ the mountain and trees up behind our stadium. Going with an actual mountain range image seemed very anti-nike design so I thought that the idea of a representational pattern seemed better. Finally, I kept the idea of how their current uniform shoulders already look but I added the TV numbers to match the front and back. I also decided that green is a must. I tried the numbers as white with green outline and it felt forced. I also tried white and gold pants and those seemed to clash way too much. I feel as if this way works out the best. Without further adieu...
  8. Alright, so every year, the CSU Rams football team wears an orange uniform on Agriculture Day to commemorate our history of being Colorado's first and biggest Agriculture school. They wear it because back when CSU was known as Colorado A&M Aggies, we were Orange and Green, as opposed to Green and Gold. This year's uniforms were pretty boring and when I was walking through our student center, here at CSU, I saw a picture of what I think said the 1923 CAM Aggies Football team. It inspired me to design this concept based on the "jersey" the team was wearing in the game which was basically a big wool Green Sweater with a big orange A on it. I just took the idea and applied it to a modern template. I don't know if I like the number on the upper left hand of the chest though, so I think I might change that up to a TV Number on the shoulders. But I like what is going on with the rest of it. I will also be making a more realistic version of this on another template at some point once I figure out what all I should change or keep.
  9. I've been taking a break from my soccer concepts, and I've been searching for a concept series I could do that I could put together in the limited time that I currently have. As some of you are likely aware, I like to do concept series that aren't overly conventional, so I was looking for something to do that I don't remember ever seeing on these boards. My inspiration hit a few weeks back while watching a women's volleyball game. I figured that it would be perfect because (1) I love the sport and (2) it's a rather untapped topic. Obviously, because this isn't common, there really aren't many (or any) templates, so I created one myself (as shown with a nike cut) This series will look to cover most of the Top 25 teams in the nation, and will complete every team in the B1G and Pac 12 conferences (since they are the two overwhelmingly dominant conferences). First up, the defending national champion Penn State Nittany Lions.
  10. The NCAA Div 1 Soccer season is only a month away and pre-season preparations are already underway in some universities. This thread will be the one stop place for College Soccer discussion on CCLSC. With that, Top Drawer Soccer sent out an anonymous five-question survey to dozens of Division I coaches. The questions: the best goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, forward, and player in college soccer. Here are the results... Best Goalkeeper Despite losing most of the 2013 season to an injury, Washington goalkeeper Spencer Richey is still regarded as the best keeper in college soccer. The redshirt senior captured nearly 75 percent of the votes. Northwestern junior Tyler Miller, Maryland sophomore Zackary Steffen, and Marquette senior Charlie Lyon were the only other goalkeepers to earn multiple votes from the coaches. Despite a lackluster statistical season in 2013, coaches remained in awe of Miller and his quality in goal for the Wildcats. Steffen’s impressive freshman season was enough to earn the respect of a few coaches across the country. Georgetown’s Thomas Gomez, Syracuse’s Alex Bono, and Army’s Winston Boldt all were mentioned as the best goalkeeper in college soccer as well. Best Defender Georgetown sophomore Joshua Yaro and UMBC senior Oumar Ballo were the only defenders to receive multiple votes from college coaches. Yaro was one of the many bright spots from last year’s impressive freshman class. The Right to Dream graduate stepped into the center back position for the Hoyas and immediately caught the eye of coaches across the country. Ballo earned the admiration of a few coaches after scoring two goals while starting all 20 games for the Retrievers last season. The center back headlined the UMBC defense that had a historic season with a 0.70 GAA and a 16-1-3 record. North Carolina defenders Boyd Okwuonu and Jonathon Campbell each earned a vote from a coach. One coach saying that Campbell makes “everything look easy.” SIUE senior, and ex-PDL Victoria Highlanders FC, Matt Polster was also singled out as the best defender in college soccer. One coach said, “there are very few players in his position that have his combination of technique, passing range, athleticism, and game sense.” Best Midfielder Surprisingly, UCLA senior Leo Stolz was not the lone winner in this category as Virginia senior Eric Bird garnered the same amount of votes. Stolz, the 2013 MAC Hermann Trophy finalist, seemed like the obvious choice as he was one of the top players in college soccer last season. However, multiple coaches pointed to Bird’s performance at the 2013 College Cup as why they selected him as the best midfielder. Notre Dame’s Patrick Hodan was the only other midfielder to be selected by multiple coaches. Hodan was given the moniker as the next great midfielder to come out of the Irish pipeline. One coach referred to Hodan as “elusive, technical, and smart.” Michigan State’s Jay Chapman and Fatai Alashe, Washington’s Cristian Roldan, Connecticut’s Adria Beso, UC Irvine’s Mario Ortiz, Louisville’s Andrew Brody, Wisconsin’s Drew Conner and Maryland’s Michael Sauers all earned a vote each. Best Forward The votes were spread out over a few players in the forward position with Georgetown’s Brandon Allen, Delaware’s Guillermo Delgado, Connecticut’s Cyle Larin, Stanford’s Jordan Morris splitting the majority of the votes. Allen led the pack slightly as the Hoyas striker has high expectations on him with the departure of Stevie Neumann. Delgado, Larin, and Morris all enjoyed impressive freshman seasons last year. None of the coaches expected a sophomore slump from a member of the talented trio. Virginia’s Darius Madison, Washington’s Darwin Jones, UCF’s Romario Williams, and Northwestern’s Joey Calistri each earned a vote from a coach. Clemson recruit Diego Campos and Duke recruit Jeremy Ebobisse Ebolo earned special mention from college coaches with expectations high on the freshmen-to-be. Best Player UCLA’s Leo Stolz slightly edged Stanford’s Jordan Morris for the honor of best player in college soccer. Stolz received one vote more than Morris out of over a dozen who were split between the two Pac-12 stars. UMBC defender Oumar Ballo was the only other player to earn multiple votes from coaches.
  11. If you could come up with an ncaa bowl, what would it be called? And where would it be? Perfect idea: General Mills Cereal Bowl held in Minneapolis (I.e. new vikings stadium)
  12. College football is now upon us, and I feel now is appropriate to start this thread. Same basic idea as usual, post a college team, get praise/criticism, and move on. Washington will kick us off. I personally had no major issues with the new uniforms the Huskies unveiled. That being said, I did prefer the previous set. -Jerseys were inspired by the Sonny Sixkiller era uniforms. -3 helmets, gold, white, black. Each one follows the same pattern of striping. Gold, P/W/P, White,P/G/P, Black, same as white, but chrome -Jerseys have the Northwestern striping. Also different from jersey to jersey. -Pants have same striping as helmet. Husky logo on the hip. C and C welcome. No requests please. I have several teams lined up next.
  13. You'll notice my template looks a bit different...mainly the jersey and pants. Yeah, I decided I wanted to redo my most recent Bears third, and I'll have to check but older concepts from a fellow poster's blog caught my eye, so I traced the template he used, though I decided to keep the socks and collar from the old template sincde they've never wronged me. Since the calendar's changed from 2012 to 2013, it was time for the next chapter in the College to Pro saga. First up in the new year, Matty Ice BC: honestly, I actually like the Falcons' template. It was a bit tricky to make here though, and I'm pretty sure I :cursing:ed it up a bit here. Falcons: yeh, looks like a Walmart jersey, I figure I'll throw that one out there so you can't say it Second up, retired Titans stalwart Eddie George Buckeyes: I considered putting a big buckeye on the helmet and the O on the sleeves, but as you might figure, O would be mistaken for 0 too often. Thus, O on helmet, buckeye on sleeves. Titans: Yes, you freakin canucks, I know this one looks like a slightly different Argos. My reasoning for using powder blue instead of gray, is simply because other than the T and the sword, kthe Titans don't really use silver at all. And red serves the same role on this uniform that black does on anOSU's, a very tertiary color best used sparingly. Speak on em, and say stuff about em too. Even your two rusted Lincolns EDIT: there are way too few posts here to justify a brand new thread, so I addended it to 2013-14.
  14. hey guys with 34 days until the first college football game i decided to start up a concept thread involving a pre-season top 25 concept uniforms!! ill do 1 uniform per day 25) Missouri 24) Ole Miss 23) Texas A&M 22) Florida 21) Texas 20) Michigan 19) Nebraska 18) Wisconsin 17) USC 16) Clemson 15) LSU 14) Arizona State 13) Notre Dame 12) South Carolina 11) Michigan State 10) Baylor 9) Georgia 8) UCLA 7) Stanford 6) Ohio State 5) Auburn 4) Oklahoma 3) Oregon 2) Alabama 1) Florida State ill be starting off missouri tigers: UPDATED went with tiger striped sleeves and shoulders and a sublimated tiger stripes on the helmet tomorrow is ole miss!!!! suggestions are open thanks!
  15. So here's my first football concept! When UConn unveiled their new athletic logos/uniforms last year i was not a fan of their football uniforms. Especially their helmets with the logo in the center stripe.. So I made some slight adjustments.
  16. The Concepts I Have Finished and Included So Far Are: Ole MissLSUArkansasTennesseeAlabamaTexas A&M (Edited)AuburnOregon (Page )Ohio State (Page 3)GeorgiaVirginia TechNotre DamePittFlorida StateMississippi StateRiceTulaneSMUULLCal State FullertonOregon StateUCLAI will continue to update this list on the first page as I go so people who visit can know whats on here without having to look through all of the posts.
  17. Story here: EDIT- won't let me post a pic...
  18. I made a concept for the UCLA Bruins but I can't decide which one is better. Also I can't make any changes to these helmets since I will be out of town this weekend. I would also like feedback on these helmets. That would be great! Vote for gold facemask or blue facemask: Gold facemask: Blue facemask:
  19. Links to each full size template: NFL - paint friendly: !!! Warning !!! I updated the templates for the paint version of the NFL field to correct the number size and hash size. That change has not been reflected in the Photoshop version. I don't have Photoshop, so anyone who wants to update the .PSD file with the current template, send me a PM. NFL - textured .PNG file: NFL - textured .PSD file: see .PSD below. NCAA - paint friendly: NCAA - textured: see .PSD below. High School - paint friendly: High School - textured: see .PSD below. Arena (straight endzones) - paint friendly: http://www.mediafire...Arena_Blank.png Arena (curved endzones) - paint friendly: http://www.mediafire...ena_Rounded.png .PSD files for both arena fields: see .PSD below. .PSD including the NFL, NCAA, High School, and 2 AFL fields all in the same file: I've always had a hard time finding a large paint-friendly NFL field template that was to scale, so I made one. The field is 9376 x 5728 pixels, which is to a scale of 1px=.5inches. So a line width of 4in on an NFL field works out to be 8px on the template. I also added a feature that allows for easy fill around numbers by making the inside white and an outside border rgb 250x250x250 so that from a distance the numbers look all white, but they can have an easy border fill. Also the grass is different colors between each yard line allowing for an easy fill for differently shaded grass. Here is a link to a post with an example of multiple grass shades: There is also a textured version for photoshop (texture provided by DarthBrooks) !!!Warning!!! The current .PSD version is not to scale Credits: NFL - paint friendly: pitt6pack and SFCOM1 NFL - textured .PNG: Texture provided by and implemented by Darth Brooks and mgdmhl NFL - textured .PSD: Texture provided by Darth Brooks, implemented by mgdmhl NCAA - paint friendly: SFCOM1 NCAA - textured: Texture provided by Darth Brooks, implemented by mgdmhl High School - paint friendly: SFCOM1 High School - textured: Texture provided by Darth Brooks, implemented by mgdmhl Arena (straight endzones) - paint friendly: SFCOM1 Arena (curved endzones) - paint friendly: SFCOM1
  20. In the last few weeks I have been playing with Microsoft paint and I wanted to share some of the Helmets I created so I could get some feedback on them. First up is South Florida. I made the inside of the bull logo gradient to go along with the newly added gradient on the basketball uniforms.
  21. COMPLETED COURTS: Air Force Alabama Detroit Purdue Indiana Indiana State North Carolina Texas-San Antonio Harvard Michigan Virginia Southern California American Oregon Long Island Connecticut Illinois UNLV Notre Dame Old Dominion Florida State Northern Arizona Hampton Army Navy Loyola-Chicago Loyola Marymount Davidson Maryland Eastern Shore Arkansas Georgia Auburn West Virginia Dayton Appalachian State North Carolina Central North Dakota State Denver Oral Roberts Tulane
  22. I had this idea for a michigan football concept, and I wanted to work on a nike-like template (because that's the template I've been currently using, and I am, above all else, fairly lazy). My thought was to work with the triple stripe motif of the iconic helmet, and carry that to other parts of the uniform. It wasn't until I was about half way done that I realized this concept has them abandoning Adidas for Nike, but adding in a triple stripe, which is of course, an Adidas trademark. I'm sure a lot of people will have a hard time getting over that. But then I though, what the hell. It isn't like Adidas truly owns the idea of three stripes side by side. A lot of teams use that. Also, the Wolverine helmet has used three stripes forever, and it is at least as iconic as Adidas' logo. But the biggest "what the hell" of all is, its not like this uniform is actually going to happen. Anyway, here it is... (On a side note, as a proud graduate of tOSU, it took a lot not to include a wide yellow stripe down the back! )
  23. All I have is a primary at the moment but will probably do several updates. I don't like our current logo because the size of the V and the big star make it look awkward up next to others. II took many ideas from past logos and got this. This my first attemt at any logo other then a crest or a simple wordmark. C&C desperately needed. find the past logos here
  24. I know we have had a few individual threads started about 2014 college baseball changes, but I figured it was time to get the mega thread going. Adidas is continuing its stupid trend of applying the same template to multiple teams. The tequilla sunrise Astros inspired striping that Adidas provided to Louisville and Mississippi State for the CWS has made its way to Texas A&M. Also, Houston has replaced their grass and dirt field with all field turf. A trend i despise in baseball, but i understand the long term cost savings.
  25. I had started a baseball concept thread a while back, with no response, so I think I deleted it. But since I had a positive response on my football concepts, I thought, what the heck, why not go for baseball again. So here we go. Finished: Ole MissOle Miss Rebels Tried to keep them simple. Baseball looks better simple, and I really love Ole Miss' current Navy jerseys, so these are all kind of built off of it.