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  1. Good evening everyone! Just a quick Mets concept for 2015. I like this black uniform as a Friday or Saturday alternate. Pretty much the same uniform they had worn in the early 2000's up until a few years ago. Enjoy!
  2. I found a baseball template on these boards, so I threw together a Mets concept. It's a very easy template to use, I might add. The Mets have a nice look, but with a couple tweeks it could become one of the league's best. The home is pretty good, but cream doesn't make sense. The Mets have used 4 road wordmarks over their 52 year history. One is a match for a wordmark they used for a couple years (with the underline, ICYDK), one that is basically a recoloring of the Yankees road wordmark, the current one that matches the Red Sox wordmark font, and one that matches the current home wordmark, which is what I used. I also made the one and only cap orange-billed, but with the regular cap logo, and all unnecessary gray is removed. This is also my first baseball concept in Inkscape, so I'm not sure how well it came out, but I decided I would go ahead and come out with it. Enjoy!
  3. As a Giants fan, I have only a few gripes with our uniform set: the lack of white, TV numbers not being on the sleeves for the home jersey, and the lack of a throwback. Credit for the templates goes to Darth Brooks and Davidson.
  4. Alright. WIth these I combined a few ideas I saw into one. Tell me what you think, specifically on the side art. I'm working on alternates now and I was wondering if the side art would look better on them or if it needs to be more simple altogether. S/O to Funkatron101 for the logo.
  5. There are very few uniforms in the NFL that I can actually say I disapprove of. However, there are a few teams that I think need to do something a little different. So, I will not post full uniforms because some of these teams I post only need to add these helmets to their current uniforms in my perfect world. So without further babbling, I present the first helmet: I find nothing wrong with the current Jerseys and pants of the Jags, but I hate their ugly mediocre helmet. When they wore the helmets last year that changed from black to teal in the light, I was happy as could be. I love those helmets, so I thought I would create a design for one that turns to a brighter teal when in the light but it features their new logo. Simple but a great design.
  6. Heres my attempt at updating the Islanders for their move to the barclays center. They may be a storied franchise and tradition is very important but their logo is godawful. Full project available HERE. Logos Home Uni (Uni template basically unchanged) Away Uni Alt Uni Let me know what you think.
  7. I draw up this logo in my notebook when I was a sophomore in high school and i was really proud of it. Now i want to make it better i anyway possible. Give me some ideas on what should I improve.
  8. The idea behind this concept is pretty simple, it's just a simple rework of the current Jets shoulder stripes. This is basically a combination of the recently released UNC uniforms and the new Ole Miss and LSU shoulder stripe technology. It's something that I think would be possible based on what we've seen done so far, but it would be great to hear from someone with a greater understanding of the current Nike uniform cuts.