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  1. A couple years ago in the "Unpopular Opinions" thread, I mentioned that this is my favorite Sonics logo: I don't know what it is about it that I love so much. I like the fact that it actually represents the team's namesake (Supersonic jets developed by Boeing), the 60's simplicity of the design, and its sweeping motion of the jetstream. Of course, it has its problems, like the lack of yellow, the non-matching lettering font, and the over-simplicity of the jet and Space Needle (itself a landmark of the "Zeerust" aesthetic). So, I have updated it. I've shortened the jet stream to give the logo a more manageable size, switched the font to better reflect the two-color system, replaced all of the white with yellow, modified the Seattle Sounders' Space Needle graphic to provide better perspective to the building and give it more overall weight in the composition, and switched the dark green to kelly green (the color scheme used during the Sonics' most successful period of the late 70's through the 90's). The jet is based on the conceptual Boeing 2707. Here it is, in comparison to an SRGB-enhanced version of the original logo. It's only meant as a proof-of-concept, as it has yet to be properly polished. Also, I have updated the classic skyline logo to fit in with the new primary and reflect some of the buildings built after the original's debut: C+C is appreciated.
  2. Jordy_shore

    NY Knicks There is the knicks alternate logo and the new logo
  3. saws this on Twitter just now by @PhilHecken "@PhilHecken: RT @Maida904 Looks like FSU's new (tweaked) logo may have leaked on a department store t-shirt." follow Phil for great new on everything sports logos and uniforms. If this is their new logo, thank God. I love it, its a nice modern update, and keeps the logo with it's history. I know many of you may think FSU should just keep their logo, and that's your opinion. Not a bad one, i just think it looks good with the update. And also, this may not be the updated logo,as it is from a department store, so it could just be the brand's recreation of the logo to get away with not using FSU's actual logo. But if it is, someone hire whoever made it!
  4. These were unveiled in January but I hadn't seen anything posted about it so here they are... Logo Style Guide PDF: (Above: New on left, Old on right)
  5. Hi all. This is my first concept so c/c is very welcome. I went for a classic, clean looking jersey because I love the old fashioned kind of look. However I used the newer "Vegas Gold" to try to modernize it and keep the Penguin identity unique.
  6. Since I've been working on this project in pieces, I'll just share what I do bit by bit instead of trying to get everything done first. 1/32 - Indianapolis Colts 2/32 - Dallas Cowboys 3/32 - Tennessee Titans 4/32 - Houston Texans 5/32 - Atlanta Falcons 6/32 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers So, just a quick reminder of the new uniform rules and guidelines with my re-design/overhaul. All teams MUST have a throwback uniform.Each team is allowed to have a fourth uniform as an alternate to the base home and road uniforms.Teams may only wear their throwbacks/alternates a maximum of three times during the season.Every team is required to wear their throwback in a game during November, now titled NFL Heritage Month.All throwbacks must be as historically accurate as possible. (Adjustments due to sleeve length for example are permitted)Each team is limited to three different pants outside of the throwback.I have gotten rid of the Nike speed machine template/cut and went with a more traditional cut, same with the pants. However, I've kept the mesh insert for the pants as it keeps the stripe on the pants the same width regardless of the size of the individual wearing them. Indianapolis Colts Elements I created a more modern horseshoe for the logo.I got rid of the royal/dark blue and replace it with a lighter blue. (This shade is lighter than the Lions honolulu blue, but darker than the Panthers carolina blue)I added navy and silver to the color scheme. The gray is just a non-metallic silver.I promoted their 'unofficial' alternate logo to an official mark. (This logo is not used on the uniform anywhere and isn't intended to be)I changed the helmet stripe to a triple stripe pattern, instead of the single since there are more colors now.I got rid of the half sleeve loop design and modified the full loop to the new jersey cut.I've added a pair of both colt blue and silver (the pants are shiny metallic silver, not a flat gray) pants to the set.I've added a navy alternate jersey.I added a striped pair of socks that match the helmet & white pants.The throwback is from 1982-86.Any of the pants may be worn with any of the jerseys, excluding the throwback combination.
  7. With the recent talk about the Browns receiving a uniform update in the next few years, I decided to take a swing at the Cleveland uniform tweak myself.
  8. It seems that every new hockey concept, with a few exceptions, has used the new Nike hockey template being used in these Olympics, even when the concepts are for non-Olympic, and non-Nike teams. I'm wondering, why? The pattern is awful, with the fake laceups, giant shoulders, weird under-arm panels that don't let sleeves stripes connect the whole way around...why has it caught on around here so much?
  9. So I didn't see a thread for this, but this past Monday, 9/16, the TODAY show unveiled a new logo. They decided to break from their colorful past and focus on orange. New: Old: Older:
  10. http://the700level.c...-jersey-colors/ I love the decision personally. I hope we go for a whole new alternate as well! Go Nuggets/Rockets style and bring back a retro like 1994-1996 or 2001.
  11. Team Name: Cut Knife Condors Team Colours: Black, Yellow, Green, Orange The logo consists of a Condor with a volleyball etched on it's head. Kept the school colours *black, yellow, green, orange* Tell me what you think, and what I could improve on.
  12. Hello everyone, I often use this site in my logo design for sports teams, and I saw that there is a section Roller Hockey International Logos. I realized the logo of a roller hockey in France and I would like to know if this logo could be added to your site? Here is the facebook logo and team: http://www.behance.n...ey-team/6884577 https://www.facebook.../Tigresdegarges And if you have some criticism to give? thank you
  13. What do y'all think? Kind of went for a blend of the old uniforms they had up until '09 with a little bit of modernization. I used more black and less teal because that's what Khan said we would go for. Also tried to use the new Nike type collar. Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions, please just let me know.
  14. I have been working on concepts for over 2 years now and I have always been baffled with how to handle the Jaguars. With the release of the new logo yesterday and the growth in my skills of working my paint program, I decided I would try again. The news release said that the team would be using more gold in their new scheme, so I incorporated that. I don't know how many people like the helmet finish that the Jags have used over the past few years, but I did like them. All I did with the helmet was change the speckle from teal to gold. The rest of the uniform is pretty self explanatory. Let me know what you think. I'm only going to post the Homes for now and I'm open for constructive criticism and modifying the concept a bit. Here it is
  15. ok, if you've been on the mothership you know what happened. its gonna take some getting used to. some, i mean a lot!