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  1. Bigmike's Minor Football League Hey guys, after completing my NFL concept series, I had inspiration strike to recreate a former “Fantasy Football” league that @raysox created back in 2008. From here on out, I'm going to list a few different things that I will put in spoilers. I want this project to be very in-depth but in order to explain all of the stuff that went behind it requires a lot of writing. At some point I am going to make a website that will explain this stuff but for now I am just going to keep here as a directory. There are a lot of different factors going into this so if you wanna read up on all of the history and such I will put here for you to check out but if you aren't interested in reading it all just don't worry about it. After seeing what @Veras was able to do with his fictional football league, I wanted to do something similar with this league and really give the entire backstory and create this as a fictional universe of football. I have created logos for 7 of the teams used while the other 9 logos I have carried over from our previous league. I will do my best to give the people who created them credit when I get to each team. I know that @elliott, @Firefly, @HarperK, @BJBerthiaume, raysox and Neil Lommel (formally known on here as TC, I'm pretty sure he was banned though) all created these logos and possibly some uniforms as well. Concept Backstory/Summary Concept Information…how this thing will work. Before I dive into the spoiler tag, let me just start off by saying this. For this project, I am turning the old fantasy league into a alternate reality league. So the more we get into it, it will basically serve as a league that would be (in my mind) going along side the NFL each year as the NFL's own farm system development league. League's Fictional Timeline The timeline will go like this...see in spoilers. So there are a couple of ways I could present this. At the moment, I am just planning on releasing Information Sheets for each of the 16 teams that would be playing in the 2016 season. There are probably some logos that could use some work but I am just going to go with what I have for now. I have uniforms completed for 12 out of 16 teams so far but I would like to give the original teams info sheets out and then talk about the league's previous history by each season in which I will also show the former uniforms of each team. I will have to figure out a way to put together a full roster for each team for the 2016 season although I'm not sure I am going to go super in depth with it. My plan would be to show you guys the big name players for each team which will lead to a overall grade for each team which I will use to "simulate" games that they would play in the Fall instead of running an actual video game simulation. Depending on how well this takes off though, I may go more in depth or do some type of video game simulation for Championship games, etc. So that is about it. I will get into uniform guidelines, the alignment with the NFL and all that stuff when I get there but for now here is a presentation slide I made with the new logo and all of the old photoshops I did for our league in the background.
  2. With several rumors out there about an eventual return of an NFL developmental league, thought I'd take a stab at a concept. I have a plan to have eight teams in eight cities: San Antonio, TexasPortland, OregonLos Angeles, CaliforniaHavana, CubaWindsor, CanadaMexico City, MexicoBrooklyn, New YorkLincoln, Nebraska I'll post San Antonio later today.