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  1. I will be posting desktop backgrounds similar to this and i can do NFL too, im looking for ideas for what else to put on the background....i made the number and letters too big on this one, so it mite now work out so well if u wanna use it...this is my first ever one (Click for full)
  2. Like a lot of other people, I've gotten myself caught up in making minimalism logos. I decided to go with NFL teams. I had some rules for myself on this project. 1) I had to draw each logo myself. Some are based on real logos, but none are the actual logo themselves. They are each my own design. 2) Obviously I had to go with a two color system, one for the logo, one for the background. 3) Logos can consist of no more than 4 separate shapes (I originally planned on two shapes, but Row 4, Box 3 wasn't going to work). I'll admit that this isn't as minimal as the original NHL one, I'm okay with that though, I think I achieved what I set out to do.
  3. This is my first post - excited to get some internet criticism. Plan on completely redesigning or simply tweaking each NFL team, based on my own personal preference and C&C. Starting with the NFC East with the Washington Redskins, far and away the most drastic change I plan on making. It's ridiculous that we still carelessly throw around a racial slur when we talk about football in Washington, so the 'Skins are getting re-branded. Hold onto your skirts, ladies, because here are your Washington Federals: Stay tuned for the rest of the NFC East and (eventually) the entire NFL.
  4. vnardella5

    NFL Courts

    In this thread, ill be posting what i think NFL teams courts would look like if they were in the NBA. First one Seahawks- I love this pattern lol
  5. What do y'all think? Kind of went for a blend of the old uniforms they had up until '09 with a little bit of modernization. I used more black and less teal because that's what Khan said we would go for. Also tried to use the new Nike type collar. Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions, please just let me know.
  6. Hey people this is the Miami Dolphin's New Logo creation I came up with, check it out guys and if you like it Spread The Word via Twitter, Fb whatever social media outlet at hand!!! Enjoy my work. What I did was I took a look at the Overall Teams History and combined the elements from the 1966-'96 Era into a more Modern Look with a touch of Retro!
  7. Saw this, thought it was hysterical. Sorry if it was posted already, but the laughs were too good
  8. Trying to start a fantasy football league called the FFL 8 teams South Key West.... Miami.... Fort Lauderdale .... Palm Beach.... North Jaxsonville..... Orlando.... Tampa.... Daytona..... Someone make logos for them and/or jerseys
  9. New here and I'm pretty much geeking out on all the awesomeness. I've seen some logo redesigns, and was wondering if anyone had ever approached a team with their redesign? anyone go there?
  10. First time using the nike elite 51 template. I decided to make a concept for the dolphins. let me know what you think!
  11. I have been working on concepts for over 2 years now and I have always been baffled with how to handle the Jaguars. With the release of the new logo yesterday and the growth in my skills of working my paint program, I decided I would try again. The news release said that the team would be using more gold in their new scheme, so I incorporated that. I don't know how many people like the helmet finish that the Jags have used over the past few years, but I did like them. All I did with the helmet was change the speckle from teal to gold. The rest of the uniform is pretty self explanatory. Let me know what you think. I'm only going to post the Homes for now and I'm open for constructive criticism and modifying the concept a bit. Here it is
  12. What Super Bowl logo to you think went well on a uniform without it standing out like a sore thumb or clashing colors too much. My vote goes for Super Bowl XXXVI patch on the Patriots uniform. It complimented the Patriots unis so well, its as if it was part of the uniform.
  13. This story's been getting a lot of press ever since Jerry Rice threw his hat in the ring of conspirators. I have no idea if there's any further meat on the bones, since it's been so long since this particular game has crossed anyone's minds. Tim Brown was the first and Jerry followed suit in accusing Callahan of sabotaging the original run-heavy gameplan in favor of an out aerial assault. Both Rice and Brown implied that this sudden change likely led to Barrett Robbins infamously abandoning the squad. Everyone was apparently aware of Robbins' emotional instability. Discuss.
  14. TorinK29

    Sports Tickets

    Ok, so... I'm trying my hand at something new today, after another hiatus of posting concepts. I might get back to my redesign sometime, but I'll probably just start a thread of freelance concepts, I already have a couple lined up. But back to this, I find no interest at this time of posting jerseys, so I'll try to post some tickets of a few teams in a few leagues. I'll try to post a ticket from each of the tagged leagues in my next 4 posts here. I don't expect to start off well, but I'd like to build my craft like I did in jerseys (even if you aren't a fan of my jersey concepts, you'll have to admit they're a heck of a lot better now than they were when I started) http://3.bp.blogspot...tmenjersey1.png (logo credited to Six Zero) So I'll start with my favourite team and a game that I have my sights on going to: I'll let it speak for itself; however, in final editing, I accidentally made all of Kyle Turris vintage white, and I was kind of partial towards it. Should I be? Regular Turris: Semi up turris: C&C?
  15. I do not have a concept but I would love to see yours, I have no clue how to make concepts I would like to know how
  16. crustin

    Saints Concept

    Here is a saints set for you guys! Home Away Home Alt Away Alt Let me know what you think.
  17. As you guys can tell by my profile picture I am a Jets fan. I wanted to make a throwback that I would like to see my team take the field with.
  18. I am new to posting on the board, but have been a long time fan. I am a huge Tennessee Vols fan, and recently 6 former Vols made the Pro Bowl(Peyton Manning, Arian Foster, Eric Berry, Jason Witten, Jerod Mayo, and Dustin Colquitt) and I plan on making designs for all except Dustin Colquitt(Since he is a punter). So without further ado here is the most famous Vol: Peyton Manning Comments and Criticisms are welcome, but I am not sure if ill go back make changes. Just depends on my schedule.
  19. Basically blending old (silver helmet and sleeve logo) with new (new logo chest stripe and wing pattern thingie) the silver helmet of old is now matte grey to match the new nike matte style pants. Changed the twelve pattern things on each leg to sox so that each set of pants has 12 rather than 24. All the pants can be worn with all the jerseys. Let me know what you think
  20. I had a free hour on my hands today, so I put something together that I've always wanted to do. I made a "chart" of what I think every single NFL team's best look is that they've ever had (with a few exceptions). This week I'm going to start with the NFL. Eventually I'll make my way around to the NHL, NBA, and Major League Baseball. I invite you guys to post your own complete league breakdown of your favorite looks for each team. Here are the rules: If the team has moved, you cannot use their prior location (i.e. I included the Titans because I can't make them move back to Houston, although I'd like to) This is only for a team's best overall look. It's not organized by my "favorite player." In fact, I don't care what players are on here. In some cases you'll find a team's icon used as the photo because that would likely be the most abundant photo found on Google. If I put a team's white uniform up, and you prefer the darker version of the same era, that's fine. That's not something I'm going to change on here. The idea is simply to get the best uniform combo that any specific team has worn for at least one season. There are some teams that have, more or less, never changed their uniforms (i.e. Kansas City Chiefs/Oakland Raiders), and in that case, you can put any incarnation of their uniform that you want. They're basically all the same. However, in the case of the Packers, I deliberately chose the year they had more stripes than they do now. I think, overall, you'll find I prefer bright/vibrant colors, a traditional look, and uniforms that stand out. I'm not as worried about how they look if fans were to buy them as fashion accessories. Might I say, the AFC East, NFC North, NFC East, and NFC West look AMAZING like this! Feel free to comment on my list, and make your own lists...AND PLEASE USE PHOTOS!
  21. My first post on here: A New York Jets logo I created a couple years ago, tell me what you guys think. Sorry for the bad quality, I only know how to use paint so far.