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  1. finished another concept today, team name taken from fantasy nhl teams over at icethetics... C&C welcome also considering secondary logo, right now im thinking like an old artillery gun but would welcome suggestions
  2. a fantasy concept i put together for the icehl league over at icethetics... found out about it a little late but none the less thought id have a go more teams to follow.. c&c always welcome
  3. As we get closer to the start of another (and thankfully full) NHL season hockey nerds like me are excited for another year of fantasy hockey. My 10 team league had our draft on Sunday and I'm pretty happy with how my squad is looking. I ended up with the 6th pick and was able to get Tavares in the first round. Right now my goalies are Niemi, Halak, and Lehtonen but I'm thinking about trading Lehtonen to improve at another position, then picking Brian Elliot up off waivers to get both Blues' goalies. A few people in the league only have 2 goalies so I could probably get pretty good return for Lehtonen. I think I might wait a bit though, in case Jake Allen manages to win the backup job.
  4. *welp* It's been a while since I've done a concept here! I think it's fair to say a lot of people would love to see an alternate for the Winnipeg Jets. I know as a Jets fan that I would at least. Of course a lot of people when thinking of what an alternate could look like, commonly refer to either an old Jets uniform from the '79 - '96 NHL team or the '72 - '79 WHA team. Also a baby blue uniform is a popular idea as well. When sitting down and sketching logos one time, I referred back to the primary logo the team had at first. It was never put on any uniform from my knowledge and is a fairly solid logo. So with a few tweaks, modernization and a few touches of my own that reflect of the current team and a bit of the past, here's what I came up with... I wanted to do a red jersey really badly as I always see all the shades of blue and white used commonly. I also wanted to keep the colours very simple and clean. Most notably I have an all 'baby blue' crest which some might find odd but I felt was appropriate in attempting that faux-vintage look which was of course my goal here. The logo is of course an update of the first logo that the WHA Winnipeg Jets franchise used. I tried cleaning up a lot of the more dated or messier elements of the logo and felt successful with the result. The white outline is rather thick but I felt helped make the logo pop much better and would also be balanced with the striping on the uniform. Though some might find it odd, I felt the use of 'Midnight Blue' was the best choice for the rest of the blue used in the uniform as it wouldn't really overtake the amount of 'Baby Blue' used. Would love to hear what you guys have to say of course. Thanks for viewing and any C&C is appreciated.
  5. Hey all. Some of you may remember a Ducks rebrand I put together three years ago. Started off crappy but got better as I got more feedback. There were things I liked and things I would have done differently now, but anyway, I've moved on. More recently I started my own NHL series. My original aim for that was to make an "ideal" NHL. Looking back at it now, like a number of NHL series on these boards with the same premise in mind, it started to feel very samey very quickly, and this is despite the effort I put in to make new logos for almost every team I'd done. I really only stuck to teams' existing colour schemes and didn't give myself much room for creativity. Not to mention I didn't get around to updating it as often as I would have liked. But, it was an interesting learning experience and my logo making skills have improved since. With that said, I have now discontinued that series so I can get on with other things. And since I've improved my technique, I've revisited my favourite team one more time for a full-on rebrand. This has been a work in progress for the last few weeks, although I likely won't turn this thread into a series. If anything, it'll end up becoming a mini series with a few select teams and then I'll be done with it. If you want the wall of text that is my rambling thoughts and the design process, it's under the spoiler tag below. Anyway, here it is: No third jersey yet but I plan on throwing one together soon. Also, I made a new personal logo so feel free to comment on that too. C&C welcome and appreciated.
  6. Seems appropriate with the draft lottery having been conducted tonight, and, thus, setting the wheels in motion for off-season activity.
  7. The classic skating penguin logo undergoes slight modifications, while a new typeface is used throughout the identity. The new jerseys feature many different elements from the team's history. The striping pattern reflects that of the 80's and 90's jerseys, as does the color scheme. The updated logo adorns the front of the jersey while numbers inspired by the 2011 alternate and 1992-1997 black jersey adorn the back and sleeves. A sublimated igloo pattern is featured on the underarm area. The alternate jersey is inspired heavily by the 1971-1974 road jerseys, as well as the 2008-2011 Winter Classic/alternate jersey. Key points for this concept included consistency and color balance, though my main goal was creating a look the Penguins could truly own. -Bmac
  8. Dunno if I am going to do a series on these or not just trying out my new Nike template I'm working on. It's based off the new U.S.A jerseys and Russian Jerseys (and I'm guessing the rest of the teams too). I'm calling it the Nike 60 template (due to all the pics having the number 60 printed in side them). Will this be the look the NHL goes when the RBK contract is over? with Printed Logos and numbers to lighten it up like San Jose is doing with it's new jersey? Here's my take on the Sens based on the new template.
  9. Okay, after putting my review for the Sharks I spent the last hour or so creating a mockup of what I would have done with Sharks if they gave me the opportunity. I know they wanted to listen to their fans while retaining some burnt orange, but the one stripe looks silly. If they are going to keep the orange anywhere on the sweater this would be a better way to go: But if it was me, here's what I would do if if the players didn't want helm striping. I took the orange, threw it up and sent it to Ducks Okay that really didn't make any sense. Anyway, got rid of the orange. Replaced it with a gray/silver. I also made the teal more teal-ish and lightened it. Used the diamond fin logo but with the lighter teal one-color wave with white cap and gray sky.
  10. These is all my Nhl tweaks, concepts and nhl 14 cover, i wanna know what you think, criticism i have an idea for ea. every year ea sports should create a rare limited edition nhl cover, both of the players on the cover should be captains of each of the two teams in the upcoming winter classic but only release so many covers of it, they will still have the cover vote for player on the original cover, example release the martin brodeur cover and release this cover^ as a special edition cover [rare] it will be hard to find
  11. Evil G

    Evil G's NHL

    I decided to do a concept series. First up, the Anaheim Ducks: Went back to the classic Mighty Ducks look (minus the shoulder patch), with the current colors of the Ducks. I would love C+C.
  12. Firstly the concept. The New Jersey Devils entered the NHL with a beautiful and original set of jerseys. Those jerseys inspired this concept. I tried to avoid just putting the old design on an edge template. Tell me what you think, criticism is appreciated. Secondly a question about presentation. I've been fooling around with this template making it fancy. Sort of in the middle between a 3D realistic template and a digital template. Please tell me what you guys prefer, clean or fancy? Thanks! -KJP
  13. Hey all, I figured since I am starting to get more time to do concepts now, I would just start a new thread and post them all in here instead of cluttering up the boards with multiple topics. I have a good amount of concepts to post, so I'll start with these few. For HJC's untouchables contest, here is my Chicago Blackhawks concept I will be submitting: Chicago Blackhawks And....a 2015 Winter Classic concept! Now, Columbus was snubbed of an All Star Game this season, and it is unknown if/when the city will be rewarded another midseason classic. But to make up for it, they will also get the Winter Classic to be played at the Horseshoe (Ohio Stadium)! Columbus Blue Jackets vs Boston Bruins If you missed my latest concept/project I worked on, here is my redesign of the Columbus Blue Jackets. (link to the thread). Columbus Blue Jackets
  14. The NHL unveiled the official 2014 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series logo earlier today at a press conference at Yankee Stadium. Official Primary version: Here's the New York version: What are your thoughts on the logo? PS- If anyone has better quality versions of the logo(s) I would really appreciate it if you post it/them in this tread.
  15. OK, I've decided not to continue officially my redesign, instead I'll just post concepts of random teams here. I will try, however, to do the 12 teams that were left in my redesign. Here's concept #1 of the new topic. Ottawa Senators: This is actually the first [completed] concept of my hometown and favourite team. I decided to leave out white on the home jersey and leave the sleeves black on the away, due to my love of the original jerseys. I added in a lighter shade of gold than they used in the 90's, albeit significantly darker than what they use now. I also altered the O logo to include gold, C&C? Edit 1: Lightened gold, made gold base colour on black surfaces for numbers. I couldn't find a shade of red that I liked otherwise though. Edit 2: Used the red on the current alternate, I tried the IRL home and road's red, but the concept hurt my eyes.
  16. My concept of the new Sabres alternate: BTW you can vote for it (Austin) in the HJC Open here: Comments? Criticism? Shoot em at me
  17. I am new here so if im creating a topic wrong let me know. these are some of the concepts i made on paint, a couple years ago, i havent made one for years. Please give me suggestions and good criticism on how i can make them better looking other than adding names and numbers. thank you.
  18. Fellas, check out this article I wrote for ChicagoSide pitting the 2010 Blackhawks' championship hat against 2013. Thoughts?
  19. hey i opened a new NHL/CHL blog that will feature a weekly "Beyond The Crest" special , which will basically talk and analyze current , former and possible logos of the future! Wondering if anyone would want to help or maybe send some logos for the site Thanks @W1lly09
  20. dey

    Concept to China

    I saw this concept on the internet for the Flyers 2012 Winter Classic Jersey Then i saw jerseys selling that looked like the concept, but it wasn't the Flyers actual jersey during the Winter Classic game. Did China turn a concept into sales? Is this the new goal? Found this pretty cool. Lmk what you guys think. PS This might be old news I have no idea. Just found it interesting
  21. Hey guys I created a 2015 Winter Classic logo for San Francisco (AT&T Park) to feature the San Jose Sharks and the Colorado Avalanche. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks! I designed the logo to feature the scoreboard in the stadium.
  22. The first hockey concept I had ever completed and sent into HockeyJerseyConcepts was a Dallas Stars jersey set. I took Ryan's suggestions and updated my concept. I kept everything about the Home and Away jersey the same, with the exception of changing the shoulder patch to the Texas logo and putting the Dallas back on the Away jersey. As for the Alternate, I completely changed it up. I modeled it after the old North Stars jerseys and kept only the Star logo. Here are the links for closer looks at each individual jersey. Stars Home Jersey Stars Away Jersey Stars Alternate Jersey __________________________ Stars - Above Blackhawks - Alternate, Update, Home/Away, Alternates, Throwbacks Kings - Full Set Hurricanes - Full Set, Alternate Update, Update/Rebrand Fix Coyotes - Full Set Sabres - Full Set, Alternate Update Maple Leafs - Full Set, Update, Winter Classic Ideas Thrashers - Full Set Panthers - 2 Alternate Jerseys Islanders - Full Set, Update (12/29/12) Wild - Preview, Full Set, Winter Classic Ideas Ducks - Full Sets Canadiens - Full Sets
  23. The NHL All-Star Game is useless. Nobody watches, nobody cares. The NHL is clearly willing to mess with things considering the new fantasy draft format. Now with four conferences and no requirement for East/West play, things should be changed. How do you make things interesting? Make the game matter, and not in the annoying way the MLB does. I'm talking a tournament. But nobody would watch a bunch of All-Star Games. So we have a series of 30-minute games, two 15-minute periods with a 5 minute commercial break in between. Winner moves on. Games are 20 minutes apart for a break, some analysis, and commercials, leading to 90 minutes of hockey and 55 minutes of down time for all of the fanfare. If that's too much, I'm sure it could be reduced to two 10-minute periods with a break for ads and make it like a normal game's time frame. Teams made up of 2 centers, 2 left wings, 2 right wings, 4 defensemen, and 1 goalie and a coach from that conference only. Brackets are set up to match the playoff format for that year. Each conference has a color scheme and a generic jersey. These can switch up every few years, different pattern for each to encourage sales. However, these were picked specifically that no color scheme or jersey pattern would reflect one of the teams within that conference. Without further ado:
  24. OK - I'm starting a new topic because I've decided on my blog to present sRGB-optimized graphics as a whole rather than a season at a time. And since I'm finding myself jumping from team to league to sport all of the time, instead of posting an entire league for a particular season, I'll just pick a franchise and post everything I have for them. Of course for a lot of these teams, I won't have every logo or mark they've ever used, but I might have a significant collection of them to show. First up in this sort-of-new concept is the Minnesota Wild: I've got the Oklahoma City Thunder and Dallas Mavericks pretty much ready to go...let me know what other franchises you'd like to see and I'll try to prioritize them.