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  1. This is my second NHL concept in the last 2 days. This time I went to a place that is very unlikely to get an NHL team. I recently took a trip to the Yukon this summer and I decided to create a team based out of Whitehorse, but representing all of the Yukon. Therefore, I created the Yukon Explorers. The name comes from all the hiking trails and nature within the Yukon, as well as its connection to the gold rush, with explorers coming out to search for gold. The primary is pretty simple with mountains representing the mountains, of course. The pickaxes represent the gold rush, and the star represents its location in Canada's north. If you look closely in the mountains, the middle snow patch is actually the shape of the Yukon. Pretty clever eh? The alternate is simple the Yukon outline with a pickaxe, and a star giving the location of Whitehorse, Yukon's capital. The colour scheme doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the Yukon, but I thought it looked really good. C&C is appreciated. Without further ado:
  2. My newest NHL Expansion concept is a truly unique name, at least to the best of my knowledge it is. I wanted to make a Portland team and upon researching Portland, I saw that some of the first inhabitants of the area were the Cascade Indians. So was created the Portland Cascades. The primary logo is a C with waterfalls, or cascades, streaming down. I know it may be a little busy, but I freehanded the waterfalls, so it won't be perfect. I wanted to incorporate the native part of the name so with the alternate, I created an arrowhead with rivers running through it. The rivers form the shape of a rose, to represent Portland as the Rose City. The team colours are based from the Portland flag. The green and yellow are primary, while the blue is kind of an accent colour, plus, the water is blue. Good C&C is appreciated. Just saying, this is my first completely original concepts. I freehanded the waterfalls and rivers and arrowhead, so if its not perfect, its because I'm not the best at drawing. Also, just in case TRoyConcepts, I think is his username, shows up, this concept isn't for real use. It's purely for myself and whoever wants to look at it.
  3. I don't think people realize just how far the NHL's come since the utter destruction that was the Reebok (then RBK) Edge change-over, so let's get together the worst matchups seen in the league, and if there has been a truly profound change, show the comparison
  4. I have been hearing this so much lately especially since the Blackhawks have turned themselves around and become a force in the NHL. Which I love seeing and I wish my dad could have seen but he passed in 2003. Numerous times, I have heard and seen people talking in real life, posting on Facebook, Twitter, in chat rooms, talking during videos games that the Chicago Wolves should not put Chicago in their name because they are not playing in Chicago but Rosemont, Illinois. Most of which seem to be Blackhawks fans new or old fans I am not sure. Some may have even been Wolves fans when they were winning Turner Cups and Calder Cups and jumped off when the Hawks began their Dynasty in 2010. IT"S THE CHICAGOLAND AREA!!! IT"S CHICAGO!!!! I saw someone post on under the Wolves section "fun fact: they play in Rosemont which is NOT Chicago" I wont name his name. It's minor league hockey, yes, IHL when they began and AHL when they merged. But since the Thrashers took off to the Peg we have had the Canucks and now the Blues. I dont recall anyone having issues with this when we had the Thrashers prospects. Only now becuase we have had rival prospects on the team,it's the nature of the beast. Minor league hockey has this from time to time. The Canucks lost the Moose and we lost the Thrashers. The Jets owners also owned the Manitoba Moose and moved them to St. John's, Newfoundland making the Ice Caps and not the Wolves their AHL club and you need to have an affiliation to compete in the AHL. When the Blues lost the Rivermen, the Canucks bought the Rivermen and moved the team to Utica. Only team available was the Blues for an NHL parent team. HAPPENS! You gotta deal with the cards you were dealt. There are various reasons why teams play in another town or neighboring area. More than likely its just where the team needed to build their stadium or it was the only viable or suitable stadium for the team. With the Wolves it's Allstate arena formerly the Rosemont Horizon which at one point was home to the Chicago Rush the Chicago Sting, the Chicago Bruisers and is right now home to the Chicago Sky. The Wolves could have played at UIC Pavilion but I dont think they have an ice rink there anymore since they dropped the hockey program in the late 80's early 90's. Plus its a small arena for the University of Illinois at Chicago Flames. Allstate can have nearly 17,000 at the arena compared to UIC which is nearly 10,000. Average attendance for the Wolves is under 8,000 but have numerous times 12, 13, 14, 15, thousand people at a game throughout a season. Mostly Saturday nights which is a good amount of games. I don't know if there are other pro sports teams major, minor, European, baseball, hockey, soccer, football, basketball that have this same issue with people fans or not stating that a particular team should not call itself the "Such and Such Whatevers" because they don't play directly in "Such and Such" My question to others is this. Does it matter if the team doesnt play directly in the city limits of their namesake, for me it doesnt. You have the Bills, Cowboys, Jets, Giants, Redskins, Detroit Pistons all do 'not play in their city namesake. 2 don't even play in the same state for the city they represent. But, they ARE that city's team it is for the area and the fans in that area and across the country. I finally had to get this off of my chest and ask what others thought? I have been hearing this for 2 to 3 years now. And the guy who posted that the Wolves don't play in Chicago who has a Chicago Fire logo for his picture FUN FACT: the Fire play in Bridgeview, Illinois and not in Chicago. But they are a Chicago team and that is all that matters! Same for ANY TEAM that calls the Chicago area home!
  5. Pretty simple translation of current NHL team looks onto soccer templates. I'll be attempting to do all 30 teams with a view additional concepts along the way. Before we get started here are a couple of notes... All 30 teams will wear jerseys manufactured by Adidas (note this decision was made prior to the recent Adidas deal with the NHL). All 30 teams will wear at least two separate jerseys. One primary uniform and one clash uniform with the option of 3rd jersey. All 30 teams will be sponsored by the company which sponsors their home arenas. All jersey concepts will be accompanied by a scarf which will display a team nickname and motto.Now with that out of the way lets begin with the Anaheim Ducks.
  6. Hey guys, I thought I would share with you some concepts I have been doing for a concept page on Instagram known as World of Jersey Concepts. Myself and 3 other artists are currently hard at work finishing up our first series where we are attempting to design alternate jerseys for each team in the league. I'll be posting each jersey I created for the series and maybe a handful that won't end up in the final series. To see each team go to @worldofjerseyconcepts on instagram and give us a like and some feedback. Anyways on to the concepts. First up is the Chicago Blackhawks. For this concepts I wanted to create a modern incarnation of the classic Hawks look and avoid throwbacks. What I came up with is a two-toned alternate featuring bent striping, a first for the club.Let me know what you guys think.
  7. ESPN recently posted their 2015 rankings of the cities with the best looking uniforms. Most cities fall roughly where they should, but the way the jerseys rank seems a bit arbitrary. The Blues are only a 6.5 with the Penguins and Ducks? And how are the Kings only a 3.5?! Sorry, biased opinion. There's also a separate list for cities with only 2 teams.
  8. Practice jerseys with ads on chest will be worn by NHL teams during practice and pre-game warm-ups **NO ADS ON GAME JERSEYS** Team logos on practice jerseys are insignificant to me, its still a jersey without a logo, and wearing a game jersey isn't that important, although it would be nice I think this would be a good compromise to keep ads off of game jerseys PS If you've never had or even heard of Wawa, I feel bad for you
  9. In light of Adidas gaining the NHL's jersey rights starting in 2017 I got thinking about how the NHL will start implementing ads to the jerseys. After a little thought I had an idea. What if each NHL team was sponsored by someone who's logo makes sense to their name. I moved the teams' "primary" logo to their shoulders. These are my results.... Please leave comments, criticism, and discussion about ads on jerseys in general. First up: Anaheim Ducks
  10. Before HJC announced its Avs redesign contest, I began working on a "fix" for the Avs alleged new third sweater (the one leaked by Icethetics) So this is what I came up with... Once HJC the redesign contest was announced, I figured it would be a good opportunity to use this concept and make a matching road to go along with it. C&C is always welcome, enjoy! Edit: I also decided to enter my Avs concept from my NHL Redux thread...
  11. As everybody on here probably knows, is holding a contest to see who has the best redesign for the Colorado Avalanche's 20th anniversary in Denver. They're allowing two entries per person, so here are my two entries. Set 1: Set 2 (Update 1.0!): Let me know what you think and what improvements I can make!
  12. Pittsburgh Penguins: Fixing Up The Iconic 92-02 Logo So I know there's probably tons of Penguins fans on this site, so this is definitely something you guys should be excited about. My personal favorite of all their logos was always the 1992-2002 geometric looking penguin. It stood out in the league, it was artistic but at the same time ready for competition, always stayed modern, and to me resembled a unique kind of shield with the triangle shape. That being said, I wanted to clean the head of the penguin up and give it a more modern aggressive edge. It's a sleeker and more fearless penguin to represent a great franchise. Majority of the logo set is done so here's a few samples to really give you an idea.
  13. I had a thought, while looking at a few teams, there are some teams that I found have alternates that are much better than the main jerseys they use. I also thought it might be an interesting topic on here.
  14. For my first concept, I decided to fix-up the NHL-AHL-ECHL Affiliation program. I got a little carried away, but there is 36 teams per league. All NHL Teams are the same (besides jerseys) besides: Arizona Coyotes-Moved to Las Vegas, Las Vegas Coyotes. Expansion: Quebec Nordiques, Oakland Seals, Hartford Whalers, Cleveland Barons, Seattle Metropolitans,and the Kansas City Scouts. For my first 3 jerseys, I have the Anaheim Ducks, for these jerseys, I kept the first 2 simple, without striping, and the 3rd has a stripe in there (excuse me if the numbers or letters aren't aligned, I mightn't messed up). 72freebie really helped me on these, so thanks! C&C appreicated. Here they are: I found out that the numbers on Anaheim's Alternate are too low, sorry.
  15. Las Vegas Announced 6 possible team names that they will let fans vote on. Silver BUllets was not included so I had to create a new concept for the team. I chose scorpions. Here it is: Jerseys will come soon after I get some feedback
  16. My newest NHL expansion is probably an unlikely place to ever get an NHL team. I created the Halifax Schooners. While it may seem like a strange name, it's completely original (to my knowledge). The name is based off of the Bluenose, the schooner (ship) that appears on the Canadian dime. I was looking to have a nautical theme for this concept and I was pleased to discover that the Bluenose was built and sailed in Nova Scotia. What luck! All 3 logos are pretty self explanatory, the bluenose as the primary, an anchor for the alternate, and a compass as the shoulder logo. I should explain a few things though. In the anchor logo, I tried to create an H in the anchor, as well as an S in the rope. With the uniforms, the home and away were created with a generic ship captain uniform. I thought it looked great and it's unique. As for the colours, I'm thinking people will compare it to the Milwaukee Admirals of the AHL, and I can see why. I didn't realize the colours were so close until I was creating the alternate uniform, but I think the concept is unique enough to distance from the Admirals. There's not too many completely unique colour schemes that look good for a professional team. That should be all for my explanation. C&C is appreciated.
  17. The general consensus about the NHL ASG uniforms that were unveiled recently is that they are pretty horrible. There are plenty of ways both the NHL and Reebok could have avoided the monstrosities that they released, but I guess that is why we have these boards to come up with better solutions. For this concept, I came up with a solid solution (in my humble opinion), and fixed Reebok's mess. For starters, there are actually two sets of uniforms that I have proposed. One for the skills competition, and one for the actual All Star Game itself. My reasoning for this is that the skills comp is extremely gimmicky, which is a great chance for the NHL to showcase a "gimmicky" uniform. And while the actual ASG isn't much better, it is a long-lasting traditional game (albeit not competitive) that deserves more than a one-off gimmicky jersey that's tacky. When you look at an NHL All Star jersey, you should be able to identify it immediately as an ASG jersey, not a motocross jumpsuit. Since both the league and Reebok seem so fixated on chrome logos/neon piping/colors that stand out, there are some aspects that I kept around here. Have a look.... For the Skills Competition: And, for the actual All Star Game C&C is always appreciated! I think what I am going to do is just post my hockey concepts here in this thread from now on since I don't plan on starting any series or projects any time soon.
  18. I know the 2016 Winter Classic hasn't even happened yet, but as a student from Ohio State, I always thought it would be a cool idea to host a Winter Classic in the future. The two teams playing are the Blue Jackets and Red Wings (Ohio State - Michigan). I drew up a logo and two jerseys to go with it. Let me know what you think!
  19. With my newest NHL Expansion concept, I remade the Quebec Nordiques. I feel if Quebec is awarded an NHL team, the name Nordiques should return. With that, I don't think the logo should change much either. It's already a good looking logo. So, I decided the best way to not anger Nordiques fans, but still change the logo a bit, I simply put it in a roundel and added a darker blue to the colour scheme. I attempted to add an updated husky as an alternate but it just doesn't work, plus the fleur de lis works well as a shoulder logo. The alternate jersey is basically the old Nordiques uniform with a shoulder yoke (I think thats what its called). The logo on the alternate is also the regular logo, just with my darker blue added in. I feel that there isn't much to change with the Nordiques besides the plain uniforms, and maybe adding a bit to the logo. Hope Quebec fans like my concept. C&C appreciated.
  20. Hey guys, I'd love to get your feedback on this simple throwback I made for the Pittsburgh Penguins to wear. It dons the crest of NHL team the Pittsburgh Pirates of the late 20's and early 30's. I think I may want to add more to this jersey to make it more unique. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!
  21. After Reebok destroyed one of the best uniforms in the NHL in 2007, Avalanche fans everywhere have voiced their displeasure of the RBK edge jerseys. The majority of NHL fans who noticed the changes to their teams didn't care much for the designs either, Since then most of the teams have changed their uniforms into something more traditional or at least tasteful. The Colorado Avalanche unfortunately, seemed to have no interest in repairing their own uniforms (rightly deemed some of the ugliest in the league). That is until a few weeks ago when the fans heard the rumblings of change. Reports were spread that the Avs were going to make changes to the sweaters! The home and away were predicted to receive minor changes and the alternate jersey was expected to be redone completely in honor of the team's 20th anniversary. When the draft rolled around we got our first look at the new road sweater...and it was abysmal. They managed to make a bad jersey even worse. The anniversary patch looked sub-par at best, everything about the jersey that the fans found distasteful was still there, and to make matters worse the Bigfoot shoulder patch was gone and replaced with the most boring logo the team had seen yet in the form of a version of the state flag! The Yeti foot logo may not have been the best, but at least it had some pizazz to it. As a lifelong fan I was disappointed, but felt that as boring as it was, I could look past the new ''C'' logo and hope for the best in the yet to be released alternates and stadium series jersey. Fans seemed to like the ''C'' crest as it hearkened to the state flag and state pride and all that. I do love this state, but I never cared for the flag much, finding it unoriginal and boring. However I decided to come up with my own design for the Avs new uniforms. I made some tweaks to my past designs and came up with this. Seeing as how the new ''C'' logo contained navy blue, I wanted to try something new. As much as I support the Avs retaining black in their color scheme I thought I'd see how navy looked taking the place of both black and the steel blue. I was surprised at how good it looked. However the burgundy needed to be made brighter in order not to look like a dark mess and I took inspiration from the original jerseys the team wore when they arrived in Denver. Back then the burgundy was brighter and the blue was darker. Since most fans loved the nod to the state, I decided to take a little inspiration from Colorado's first NHL team, the Colorado Rockies. Fans clearly wanted at least a nod to the old franchise, but seeing as how the Rockies and the Avs have no ties whatsoever besides playing in the same state, I was reluctant. However, I think I came up with a good classic looking alternate that acknowledges it's state hockey history without ripping off the old Rockies design. Recently a rendering was made of the new alternate and I found it extremely disappointing as well. However, this only makes me want to get the Avalanche organization to wake up and make some good uniforms for a change. I plan on trying to send some of my ideas to them if possible whether it would make a difference of not, but thought I'd get some more opinions on the set first. Anyhow what do you think of the concept?
  22. Idea I thought about the other day. Mixing some old designs with the present designs and adding the "Long Live The Note" in the color, Creating a Blues version of the STL inspired from the Cards. Made a lighter shade of blue for the Bues plus dropping the yellow to match the name. Just toying around with ideas for the HJC. C&C welcome negative or positive help me make better designs
  23. With the possibility of Las vegas receiving an NHL franchise I came up with a few possible team logos depending on whatever they are gonna call this team. Black Knights doesn't seem like a great name in my opinion, and the NHL might no like a team with a name that is based off of gambling so even though "The Aces" may be the best option, I decided to avoid it and other gambling related names, also because many concepts for Aces have been done already. The "Bighorns" was also an option as the Bighorn sheep is the Nevada state animal but a minor league basketball team in Reno already has the name and a few concepts for that have been done as well. Here are the names of teams that I thought could be a possibility and didn't sound too terribly cliche. 1. The Nukes The Nukes pays homage to the nuclear testing that occurred north of Las Vegas during the 40s-60s Sometimes the mushroom clouds could be scene from downtown. Black Knight color scheme of black gold and silver. 2. The Silver Rattlers/Sidewinders This could be either two teams "The Sidewinders" which is a snake native to the las vegas desert, or "Silver Rattlers" as a nod to the silver mining industry. 3. The Sidewinders Another version for the Sidewinders name. 4. The Neons Nothing says Las Vegas like the flashing neon lights of the strip. Three hockey pucks line the bottom. 5. The Silver Bullets This one could carry some controversy to it due to "bullets" what do you think? 5. The Mustangs A personal favorite of mine. Nevada is home to more than half of North Americas wild horse population and can be found from southern to northern Nevada. I'll probably make more logos for other possible names and other versions in the future but for now feedback on these is much appreciated. Also let me know if you'd like to see Jerseys of these.
  24. Back again guys. This time working with the Tampa Bay Lightning. I could never tell if I liked the TB jerseys. I was always on the fence. I love the incorporation of black into their color schemes so I tried to combine some of my favorite elements of past Tampa jerseys. I also wanted to try to make something different and kind of unique (hence the yoke design) Let me know what you think!
  25. Hey Guys! I'm pretty new to this forum as to designing logos for clubs. Also I'm not really good with the programs but I hope you could give me some criticism about my project: I started designing logos for eventual future hockey franchises (as others did as well). I'm a fan of easy and clear structures so here are my two first designs: The city of Seattle also named the Emerald city deserves a hockey team in my opinion so I took the emerald and the city's colour. If the team is called Metropolitans or not in their history is still changeable, but I wanted to do something different than another designer did here (Totems). If there's a team given to Quebec every name but Nordiques wouldn't be accepted as I think, so here is my suggestion: the rose of the compass and the fleur de lis! Thank you for every comment on my work!