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  1. Here's a redesign I made a while back for the Avs. I think it's better than their current set, and feedback is appreciated. Home: Away: Alternate 1 (Vote!): Alternate 2 (Vote!): Vote for which alternate looks better in the poll above!
  2. Rebrand, Overhaul, Redesign, you name it. The Colorado Avalanche are in need of it...badly. For those who aren't familiar with what they wear now, let me show you what needs fixing. Since 2007 the Avs have had to wear these abominations. Ever since switching over to the Reebok EDGE design, Colorado's team has worn some of the most boring, uninspired, and frankly ugly uniforms in all of professional sports. Look at that white jersey and tell me you don't see an apron. Almost universally depised by the passionate fans it is pretty clear that a change is needed - and soon. Before that, the Avs wore some of the most creatively unique jerseys in the league. The mountains on the hem and sleeves helped create the Avalanche identity. The Avalanche really need to go back to something like this. So I came up with a way to solve the situation. As you can see it is a redux of sorts but introduces something familiar in a classic, but modern way. Things are a little simpler without loosing the uniqueness that screams Colorado. In past uniforms, the home and away haven't completely matched up in terms of color. The white sweaters used grey/silver, but the dark uniforms did not and instead utilized white and black (although there was grey in the socks, but they didn't quite match the piping in the rest of the jersey). I wanted to sync things up by making the set more uniform in their color scheme. I thought of eliminating black, but having the gloves, pants, and helmets any other color looks weird. Instead, I managed to incorporate the white, black, and grey in both primary uniforms without making too big of a change. As for the alternates, they obviously take inspiration from the past uniforms of the Quebec Nordiques. I think it's important for teams to pay tribute to their roots without going overboard with it. The Avs are no longer the Nordiques, but I think that a subtle nod to the previous organization would be a good thing. However, in doing so they don't change their identity. This is an Avalanche sweater plain and simple. The highlighting of blue, white, and grey reminds one of the chilly snow capped rockies, but does so in such a way that it creates a certain continuity if you will. As much as I love those glorious burgundy thirds, I decided to go in a different creative direction that heralds to a little bit of history of the Avalanche club. Anyhow, what do you guys think?
  3. When I think about sports in Ohio, I think of tradition. Ohio State, the Browns, the Indians, and the Cavs (not too recently) have all had some of the most timeless uniforms of all time. However, one team stands out - the Blue Jackets. Granted the Blue Jackets are a 2000 expansion team, but I just think they can do so much more with their uniforms and identity. This is a team named after the Civil War, so why not have some neo-traditional uniforms? The primary logo is taken from their alternate jersey. Personally I think its one of the best logos in the NHL. The secondary is the current secondary, recolored. The third is a play of the Cleveland Barons logo. Shows respect to the only other NHL team from Ohio.
  4. I made some word marks for the Canadian NHL teams (and the Nordiques) C+C Appreciated.
  5. It's something that fantasies, what-ifs, and dreams are made of throughout the wide world of sports. It's seen on video games, tv networks, and websites everywhere. What if the top sports leagues like the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and others had all of their greatest teams clash for one season? Now, it can happen. What if in the NFL, the 1985 Chicago Bears clashed with the 1972 "Perfect Season" Miami Dolphins? What if in MLB, the Brooklyn Dodgers of 1955 faced off against the 1969 New York Mets? What if in the NBA, Air Jordan's Bulls of the '90s played against Bill Russell's Boston Celtics of the '60s? These questions and many more will be answered here once upon a dream season. Here are the rules: 1. The best iteration of all the teams in each league will be in the season. Repeat champs can be combined into one team. (Here's an example; the 1977 & 1978 Montreal Canadiens can be combined into one. If you doing MLB, all of the great Montreal Expos teams and all of the great Washington Nationals/Senators teams will be available to choose for the Washington Nationals team in the MLB Dream Season.) 2. All teams will play will current era rules & playoff format to their league to be fair to all. 3. All teams can play in their iconic stadiums or arenas to that team's city (ex. 1969 Kansas City Chiefs can play in Arrowhead Stadium) 4. Schedules will be assigned this way; let's say you're doing the NFL Dream Season and you're the 1969 Chiefs in the American Football Conference and in the AFC West with Denver, Oakland/L.A., and San Diego/L.A., you will have to play the Broncos, Raiders, and Chargers twice due to all of them being in the same division as the Chiefs. They will have to play some teams in the same conference as the other teams like the '72 Dolphins or the '00 Ravens, while playing teams in the NFC like the '85 Bears or '99 Rams in a standard 16-game schedule. (Hope this makes sense.)
  6. dkc

    St. John's Ice Caps

    Here are my concepts for the most recent HockeyJerseyConcepts Contest to design jerseys for the St. John's IceCaps for their new parent team the Montréal Canadiens. I took some inspiration from the current Montréal jerseys and twisted them slightly to make them unique. Here they are. Let me know what you think! It is pretty clear where the first two came from, by changing the angle of the horizontal stripe on the Habs jerseys it gives them a completely different feel and look, and still (in my opinion) looks classy and not out of place on a hockey jersey. The third jersey takes advantage of the grey which is in the IceCaps colour scheme, and the very popular alternate logo and makes a bit of a clash kit. The colour is light, so it would probably have to be used in replacement of the white jersey, not the red one.
  7. DTConcepts

    Zeus' NHL

    This is a project I've been wanting to do for a while, so here are the teams and the jerseys I'd want to see in the NHL. Completed: Anaheim Ducks Arizona Coyotes Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres Calgary Flames Chicago Blackhawks Colorado Avalanche Columbus Blue Jackets Detroit Red Wings Dallas Stars Edmonton Oilers Hartford Whalers Los Angeles Kings Minnesota Wild Coming Soon: Montreal Canadiens Nashville Predators New Jersey Devils New York Islanders New York Rangers Ottawa Senators Philadelphia Flyers Pittsburgh Penguins Quebec Nordiques Seattle Totems St. Louis Blues San Jose Sharks Tampa Bay Lightning Toronto Maple Leafs Utah Rattlers Vancouver Canucks Washington Capitals Winnipeg Jets All-Star Team WESTERN CONFERENCE: Desert Division Anaheim Ducks: Main Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey Arizona Coyotes: Main Logo/Secondary Logo/Tertiary Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey Los Angeles Kings: Main Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey San Jose Sharks: Coming Soon Mountain Division Colorado Avalanche: Main Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey/Alternate Jersey Seattle Totems: Coming Soon Utah Rattlers: Coming Soon Vancouver Canucks: Coming Soon Northwest Division Calgary Flames: Main Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey Edmonton Oilers: Main Logo/Secondary Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey Minnesota Wild: Main Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey Winnipeg Jets: Coming Soon Central Division Chicago Blackhawks: Main Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey Dallas Stars: Main Logo/Secondary Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey Nashville Predators: Coming Soon St. Louis Blues: Coming Soon EASTERN CONFERENCE Metropolitan Division Boston Bruins: Main Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey New Jersey Devils: Coming Soon New York Islanders: Coming Soon New York Rangers: Coming Soon Great Lakes Division: Columbus Blue Jackets: Main Logo/Secondary Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey Detroit Red Wings: Main Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey Pittsburgh Penguins: Coming Soon Toronto Maple Leafs: Coming Soon Niagra Division: Buffalo Sabres: Main Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey Montreal Canadiens: Coming Soon Ottawa Senators: Coming Soon Quebec Nordiques: Coming Soon Atlantic Division: Hartford Whalers:Main Logo/Home Jersey/Away Jersey/Alternate Jersey Philadelphia Flyers: Coming Soon Tampa Bay Lightning: Coming Soon Washington Capitals: Coming Soon
  8. So now that my nordiques logo is pretty much finished, I started a new project. The hurricanes have one of the worst logo and uniform in the league. So I gave them a fresh look. Alternate is a CH with flag warning logo. Anyways, thoughts?
  9. Hi guys! Back in late 2005 / early 2006 (I can't remember exactly when) I sketched out an idea for what the Hartford Whalers logo would look like if it was updated at the time. Here is the sketch: Now, I was really proud of it when I finished because I thought it looked really cool and badass and aggressive (making the logo more aggressive actually being one of the goals of the 1992 redesign) but for some reason I threw the sketch in a box and pretty much forgot about it for almost 10 years. I recently found the sketch and decided to make a finished vector art version of it. Here it is, with embellishments inspired by the 1992 redesign: Now, since I did the original sketch in late 2005 / early 2006, I figured the year this logo would have debuted on team jerseys and merchandise would have been 2007, especially since design officially looks vintage 15 years after it was created, and the last time the Whalers logo was redesigned was 1992, so 2007 is pretty much the sweet spot time period for when the Whalers could have gotten a logo and uniform overhaul if the team still existed. Anyway, let me know what you guys think about this redesigned logo. See if you can guess what my influences were / what I had in mind when I sketched it out. I'd also love to hear what the sketch and finished logos remind you of. It would be really cool to know if my stylistic choices for this redesign came through or not. Maybe they are too obvious? My designs are definitely NOT known for their subtlety so I'd be shocked if nobody guesses correctly, lol.
  10. Hey Guys! I am designing what I think the NHL should look like! As some of you know, I love simplicity. I am doing all 30 teams but started with the Metropolitan Division. Next is the Pacific Division. Hope you like this one! C&C Welcome! First up, the New York Rangers. Second, the New York Islanders. The Pittsburgh Penguins. Washington Capitals.
  11. For me, the archetype of this would be "normal" green. You know, something similar to the color of a Crayola crayon labeled simply "green." The Philadelphia Eagles, the New York Jets, the Oakland Athletics, and (among other schools) Michigan State University all used to wear variations of this color. Now they've all greatly darkened their shades of green, with the Eagles donning what's actually dark teal, and Sparty wearing something not too far off, while the Jets' shade of green looks almost black. Who's still wearing "normal" green? Off the top of my head, all I could think of in the Big 4+well-known colleges and universities were the Boston Celtics (primary color), Marshall University (primary color), Florida Gulf Coast University (secondary color), and the Vancouver Canucks (secondary color). Anybody else got more? Another is a *bright* metallic gold. The Saints used to have this, as did the Colorado Buffaloes. UCLA football still wears it, but many of the others have either darkened or dulled (or both) their shades of gold, for whatever reason. Anybody else have more examples of teams that used to (or still do) wear these colors? Any other colors that have faded from the spotlight? It definitely seems that there's more standardization of colors, especially in college---probably due to more manufacturer-sharing, although I don't know that for sure. Anyway, feel free to weigh in!
  12. I know I'm a little late on this, but this a topic for general discussion about this year's awards. I'll get it started by talking about the Jack Adams award. I completely agree with Bob Hartley (CGY) and Peter Laviolette (NSH) being selected. But the Alain Vigneault (NYR) selection really bothered me. I know the finalists were determined before the playoffs (at least I think so, correct me if I'm wrong), so this current series where the Rangers currently trail 3-1 was not taken into account. And honestly, this award has turned into "the coach that turned a team around the most," whether you like it or not. And by that standard, Barry Trotz (WSH) needed to be nominated. From the other teams, it doesn't seem that special - new coach comes in and leads a perennial playoff participant who missed them last year back into it. But the change has been much more than that. Trotz has completely changed the culture of the Caps. He's gotten the best out of Ovechkin that I've ever seen a Caps coach do (I've been following them since 2010-11). Vigneault has merely taken a team that was second in the division last year and went to the Stanley cup Final to the president's trophy, not that big of a difference. I know the bias factor comes in a little bit here, but I honestly think that Trotz needed to get some love. And don't even get me started on Nick Backstrom and the Selke.
  13. So... regardless of where Phoenix ends up, even if they remain in Phoenix, I've been trying to come up with a idea for a Seattle NHL team for a few months now and I still haven't finalized a lot of the designs, but I want some help from the people of the CCSLC. I have colors in mind and I'm struggling between two nicknames, so I want some input from the members here. Sorry about the size of the image, I didn't realize its size until now. Anyway, the 1st shield uses, a light green, green, navy, silver and white, and the second shield has no navy and the retains the other colors. The 2 nicknames I'm on the border between are the Metropolitans and the Emeralds (name is taken from "The Emerald City") Once I have a nickname and color scheme, logo and jersey design will begin.
  14. I've always hated two things about the NHL: the Reebok jersey templates and the over-use of color schemes. So I thought, "What would the NHL look like if every team was completely individualized?" and came to this idea. I want to make the teams more individual. This would mean to change their color schemes and jersey designs. Then I thought about what if this was a project set in the future. With Reebok's deal with the NHL ending in 2016, the chances for a new manufacturer of jerseys is very likely so I thought about potential manufacturers. There's still Reebok in play with Nike, Bauer, and Under Amour. This idea would be pointless if I chose Reebok again, so no Reebok. Nike would be the most likely, but I think their current jersey for the IIHF wouldn't fit with the NHL, so no Nike. That just leaves Bauer and Under Amour. Bauer is more of a equipment manufacturer while Under Amour is more of a clothing manufacturer. One of these would be the perfect fit. I chose Under Amour. I think they with their "technology" it would be possible for a jersey that could be as light as a Nike jersey while maintaining the bulkiness of a CCM/Reebok jersey. Plus, Under Amour isn't a frequently used brand in the hockey scene other than for their, well, Under Amour. Back to the designs and re-coloring. My idea was for no team to have the same or obliviously similar design or color schemes. With the color schemes, it would be difficult to have completely different color schemes for each team, so I decided that if a team has normally two of the same colors (primary & secondary), they would simply have different primary colors. Trust me, you'll understand this as this goes on.This means a lot of untouchables well be touched. Classic color schemes and designs will be changed with much dislike among fans, but Under Amour believes that the fans will grow to love them. I have color schemes set with changes most likely to come although I will be taking suggestions, but if they are too similar to another teams colors, I will simply disregard it. The first set I decided to do was the... Montreal Canadiens (Pretty bold choice for first concept, eh) I wanted to have relatively the same design they already have and have had for a very long time. I've always thought about Montreal being Canada's team (screw you Toronto). I wanted to keep the red, blue and white color scheme, but I also wanted to change it. Going more of a vintage route, Canada's flag back in the hay days of British rule was Red, Blue, White and Gold. So I added gold.
  15. Hey all. I've been browsing the forums for quite a while, but I haven't posted any concepts until now. While I do have a plan for a larger series of concepts in the works, I figured that it'd be beneficial for me to sort of get my feet wet, so to speak. With all that out of the way, allow me get to the concept itself. The Tampa Bay Lightning are interesting case to be certain. They've had all of two identities in their short tenure in the NHL. Most people on here aren't huge fans of their current look, calling it a cross between the Maple Leafs and Red Wings. With all the negativity, I thought to myself, "Why haven't more people taken a crack at making a new Lightning identity?" I quickly found out the answer to this question - it ain't easy to do. I myself think that their current look is decent, but it could certainly be improved. However, I'm not a big fan of their past look either, so that's out of the question as well. So, what I did was a pseudo-combination of the two identities with some extra touches here and there. What's in from the old set? Mostly the colors. Hawaiian blue is back, and black is too - well, somewhat. I substituted the black with a very dark navy color (I haven't thought of a "name" for it yet but I'll look further into it). What's in from the new look? The shape of the crest mostly. I originally tried to make something that was a bit of a cross between the current logo and what the Canes use currently, but that didn't go over so well. So I took inspiration from the current shoulder patch and modeled it closer to that. And what's new? Plenty. For starters, a new lightning bolt takes center stage, more simplified than the other ones. I took a little inspiration from the Flash logo (this one) and the Screw Attack (see here). Also added is a new color, electric blue. This would be used as a highlight color only, as I don't think you'd want to see a team go out on the ice in that color. My thought process was that if you have a team named the Lightning, you should have a little something that pops, and electric blue looked good in my head. It's worth noting that the colors were the first thing I came up with for this concept. Beyond that, there's not much to say. I put it in a roundel and gave it colors. If anything, this is more of an independent idea than a combination of eras. I do plan on tweaking this many more times in the following couple days (though not this weekend, as my family will be visiting), as it is still very much a work in progress. That being said, I would LOVE to get your thoughts on this. Good? Bad? Step in the right/wrong direction? Marketing name for the dark navy? Please, fire away. One thing that I do want to know is the official Pantone color for the Hawaiian blue, but I plan on contacting Colorwerx about that one sometime soon. If you know by chance, let me know and I'll adjust it. As of now, I'm not sure if I'm going to create all the bells and whistles for this yet - alternate logos, uniforms, marketing shenanigans, et al. I do have some ideas for an alternate logo that would most likely be the shoulder patch, but that's a ways down the road. Just post some C&C and I will absolutely listen to all of it and take it into consideration. Thanks for taking a look!
  16. I've had this image in my head of a Sockeye Salmon swimming through an S for awhile now. Thought I'd get it hammerd out to make it a realization. Needs some help though so give some C&C please.
  17. I have seen plenty of threads where people redesign a league using an new jersey manufacturer. In short, that's what I will be doing. However, instead of going out and designing the best looking jerseys I can for each team, I'm channeling my inner Nike designer and creating jerseys that I BELIEVE Nike would actually make for each NHL team. Which clearly means, some of these uniforms will suck. Some will look amazing. Some teams will fix their brands, others will destroy them. And of course, some teams will remain completely unchanged as they have for the past number of decades. For the sake of this series, I will be treating everything hypothetically, starting with the instructions given to Nike by the NHL: 1. Every team was given a home, away, and alternate jersey. The alternate can be an entirely new design or a throwback jersey. 2. Every team's uniform (MUCH to the disappointment of fans) featured the Nike flywire collar. 3. Nike was to put their swoosh logo on the back of the jerseys to leave room on the front for potential advertisers down the road. (Also disappointing to fans...) and finally, 4. Nike was to not redesign a teams logo or logo set, however, they were given the go ahead to change colours for a handful of teams as well as bring back some retired logos or promote alternate logos to primary marks for a handful of teams as well. To kick off our journey, we start with the Vancouver Canucks. No strangers to redesigning uniforms, the Canucks finally decided it was time to create a lasting brand image. Their Johnny Canuck logo was promoted to the primary crest of the team, and the orca whale was retired. The team made slight modifications to both their home and away jerseys, and retained their popular Vancouver Millionares throwbacks as the alternate, minus a few stripes on the sleeves. Overall the city of Vancouver is ecstatic! The Sedin twins and Kevin Bieksa modeled the new Nike looks in front a crowd at Rogers Arena, and jerseys began flying off the shelves at the team store. The Canucks had finally gotten it right. Our next visit is across the continent in Sunrise Florida. Aaron Ekblad, fresh off winning the Calder (yes, that's my prediction), modeled the new look for the Panthers. What fans were expecting was a return to the traditional, sharp uniforms worn through the 90s and early 2000s, but what fans got was Nike's version of Reebok's already lame template coupled with the resurrection of the logos from Florida's failed third jersey in the early 2010s. Gone is the full bodied Panther, and in is the modernized Panther head. Nike unveiled their first gimmick on these Panther's jerseys: sleeve logos beneath the TV number, a move welcomed by some and cringed at by others. The alternate jersey was instantly nicknamed the "BLA" as many can see why. Overall, the look was welcomed by young Panthers fan poised for a prosperous future, but hated by long time supporters who wanted the team to bring back the "glory day" uniforms. The rest of the league, however, doesn't seem to care what the Panthers are wearing as many anticipate the team relocating in the near future. Our last stop for the day takes us to Pittsburgh. The Penguins took the Nike redesign in stride and once again returned to the city's famous colour scheme of black and yellow (Sport Gold for those of you who think "yellow" isn't an athletic enough name for a colour). A video was released on the team's social media pages of captain Sidney Crosby wearing the new threads. Gone is the templated black and vegas gold, for good. The black jerseys received phenomenal reviews, however the fans were skeptical about the road whites, saying the jersey looked unbalanced. However, on the ice, the Penguins looked sharp, except that is in their yellow alternate jersey. Despised by fans, the team retired it and the end of the season and gave fans (you guys!!!!) the chance to design and submit a new one for the team going forward. Please, let me know what you think of the series so far, and let me know what teams you would like to see next! And feel free to submit some new Pens alternate jerseys as well.
  18. I've noticed that they have made Playoff Logos for each team, what do you guys think?
  19. Hey guys I'm back with another concept. This time I wanted to redo the Wild how I want to see them. I wanted to keep wheat as a color, but it just doesn't work because the away jersey is normal white. My solution was to add another color to the stripes. I made a colored yoke with an outline on the home, and added a red outline to the away yoke. I chose a new font because, why not. I also extended the stripes to the end of the jersey. As always give me some C&C! Enjoy! Also, it was made in
  20. What, in your opinion, is the most 1990s uniform of all time? A few nominations from me: ---Mighty Ducks' "Wild Wing" alternate: ---Villanova men's hoops 1994-95 road jerseys: ---Kentucky's "claw mark" road jerseys: ---Kentucky's "denim" jerseys: ---Toronto Raptors' first few seasons ---New England Patriots' 1993 home ---New England Patriots' 1996 home or road ---Any of MLB's "Turn Ahead the Clock" sets ---New York Islanders' infamous "Fisherman" jerseys ---Carolina Panthers' whole set from inaugural season until logo change ---Something else altogether? If it helps, you can go sport-by-sport, and even separate between professional and amateur. I'd also be interested to see people's opinions of the "most 80s" and "most 70s" uniforms out there, though I myself was just born in '84. As far as wordmarks go, I don't think anything can challenge the Panthers' pre-logo-change script:'>
  21. Hi everyone, in this topic I will be creating an alternate jersey for every NHL team. I try and make them bright but clean. Of course credit to Nick Burton for the awesome template! First up is the Edmonton Oilers. I wanted to give them an orange jersey, with lots of blue. I also couldn't find a logo I like, so I decided to create a word mark! Continuing the west coast teams is the Calgary Flames, this alt. has a throwback feel, but still offers fans something they've never seen before. More teams will be up shortly
  22. Hello all, Today I have for you an NCAA and NHL as well as USA High School Hockey rink templates. There is very few hockey rink templates on the internet, and even fewer that are compatible with Inkscspe. So without any further delay, here is my Inkscape Hockey Rink Templates. C&C is appreciated as I will be making updates. NCAA/ US HS Rink: MediaFire Link: NHL Hockey Rink: MediaFire Link:
  23. When a team changes the logo and/or uniform, it can go either way- fans love/hate the change and it either does very well in sales/popularity or not. What are some examples of this you recall? For me, some NBA ones stand out. Positive #1- 1992 Suns. Some forget that Barkley wore the old uni in the preseason, so it's not like we knew what was coming. Literally. The new logo and uniform were unveiled on opening night. The famous staburst logo/uni. It became a hot seller and it was good timing- with the Lakers in decline, Phoenix became the chic Western Conference team. Positive #2- 2001-02 Mavericks. Some forget that the Cuban era and the 50 win playoff streak actually started in the last year of the old unis. This, like the Suns, made the team come off a lot cooler. Didn't hurt that Nash/Nowitzki were thriving, giving these new duds hot-selling names for jersey sales. Negative #1- 1995 Cavaliers. Like the Suns/Mavs, new arena = new look. But this one wasn't seen quite the same. It didn't help that they lacked a big-name to sell the jerseys like Barkley, or even Malone/Stockton with the Jazz mountain unis. Negative #2- 1999 Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks previous unis were ones that most remember- the PacMan logo, the mid-90s one, and the bird uni. Again- new arena, new look. But it just fell flat IMO. And the lack of success makes it more startling- With the PacMan logo uni- made the playoffs all but twice from 1983-1992. With the other uni and then the bird one- 7 straight playoff appearances. With the 1999 uni: never made the playoffs. Switched from yellow/red to red/blue- seven straight playoff appearances. Is it a coincidence that an era of bland jerseys had the least success compared to others?
  24. In your opinion, what are the worst offenders of all time in the still-ongoing "black for black's sake" trend, or the newer "gray for gray's sake" trend? Current? Past? A few that get on my nerves: BFBS: West Virginia men's basketball, black alternate: They wore these in the 2010 NCAA Tournament, making it all the way to the Final Four, so I'm sure many of you remember them. With dark blue being their primary color, there simply wasn't enough contrast with the numbers. I don't know whether they still have them; I read about a GFGS alternate they were getting a couple of years ago. Temple men's basketball, late 1990s: They still have a BFBS alternate, but this one wasn't an alternate---it was their only road uniform, replacing the gorgeous and iconic cherry red they had worn for years. Kansas City Royals road/alternate, Toronto Blue Jays entire uniform set, Cincinnati Reds road, mid 2000s: All three teams have a color as their nickname, or at least in their nickname, so why would they replace it with black? The Royals' was probably the most atrocious of the three; it was dated even before its introduction and wouldn't have looked good to my eyes even when it was in style (black-heavy late 90s). The Reds' black caps should've been killed off a lot sooner than they were---honestly, I don't see why they even need it as an accent color. I actually thought the Jays' GFGS home cap from 2004 looked decent, but overall they underutilized blue in that set. I was glad to see them go back to a more traditional design. Golden State Warriors alternate, present: Would this be BFBS or GFGS? Either way, it's unnecessary. Detroit Lions, former alternate: It didn't look altogether terrible, had it been for an expansion team or something. But it was for the Lions, who have a tradition-rich (and generally very tasteful) uniform history, with an excellent one-two punch of Honolulu blue and silver. They don't need black at all, much less as a jersey color. Best BFBS: Washington Huskies football and men's basketball alternate, late-2000s to present: Like with West Virginia's, these render the numerals hard to read; unlike West Virginia's, they look cool to me, in a modern "techy" sort of way. Arizona Cardinals: Their BFBS jersey isn't amazing, but it looks much better than their awful red jersey. I do find it slightly annoying, though, because Cardinals aren't black, they're red. This team's whole set (minus perhaps the logo and helmet) is due for a redesign, but they should maintain a black alternate jersey when that happens. Butler Bulldogs men's basketball: They actually look cool. I think navy blue uniforms would also look cool, though. I'd like to see them alternate between the two. Personal pet peeve: As briefly mentioned above, teams that have colors as (or in) their nicknames but wear another color (most commonly black, but not always) instead: Duke Blue Devils men's basketball and (more recently) football: Luckily they use the black as an alternate rather than eliminating the blue altogether. It doesn't look awful, but their blue looks much better. Stanford Cardinal men's basketball and football: Looks terrible, and cardinal is a color that they wear well in addition to being their nickname. You'd think people at such a prestigious school would see the incongruity here. Harvard Crimson men's basketball: Ditto, and they actually don't wear crimson now because of it. Boo. Niagara Purple/Purple Eagles: They sported black unis a few years back when they made the NCAAs. A real head-scratcher. North Texas Mean Green: Same thing. They're not the "Mean Black," they're the "Mean Green." Best and worst GFGS: Tennessee Volunteers football alternate: Best because the gray is a unique shade, it actually looks pretty good (esp. with orange numbers), and it makes me think of Tennessee's legendary Smoky Mountains. Worst because their orange is also a unique shade and it looks great, so any chance they pass up to wear it is a mistake. Next-worst GFGS: Wichita State Shockers men's basketball: Because it denies them a chance to ever wear yellow, the main color of their logo. Anyone else's thoughts are welcome!