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  1. So i was on instagram and found a photo of a Preds fan showing off his new Rinne jersey. At first glance it looks legit. It has the same basic design and fonts that they use, but after looking at it for a few more seconds I noticed that something wasn't right. The numbers are way off centered, the stitching is terrible, it looks as if in some parts where it should be rounded off, it's squared off, the Reebok logo is a complete mess, and if I had to guess the front is probably just as bad. It is terrible that people get scammed into getting illegally made counterfeit jerseys and brag about how good they are, when they are a pile of crap. If you want a jersey, just spend the extra money on one instead of buying these cheap $25 jerseys off of sketchy sites. I really hope this guy realizes what a bad deal he got.
  2. Since I finished my MLB to NFL crossover, I decided to start an NHL version. Using a different template this time and I'll be posting home and away at the same time. Up first, the Anaheim Ducks: The stripe on the pants is the same as the helmet, but for some reason when I resized the image, it made it hard to see the orange stripe on the right side. Trust me, it's there
  3. I am still kind of new to concept making. I've done a few before but I am not the best. However practice makes slightly better. So here is my first team, Anaheim. I drew inspiration from their original EDGE jerseys but edited it to look better. **UPDATED VERSION ON POST #4** C&C more than welcome
  4. I don't know if many people agree with me but I think that the Stadium Series jerseys had a lot of missed potential this year, especially for the LA side of things. I think their more muted colour pallet bodes well with a half / half design, and tried to show that here. Gone are the gimmicky chrome or whatever designs on the logo and white pants, instead, a gimmicky logo altogether. Straight from the 1990s, INTRODUCING!!! the Sunglasses Lion logo!! This logo is lifted from the shield that fans either seem to have a love or hate relationship with. Why the Sunglasses Lion? Well the game is outside of course. You need sunglasses to keep that California sun out of your eyes. So without further ado the concept! Anyway... If you have any comments, or criticisms go for it. I am all ears. But not really... A person who was 100% ears would have a hard time typing this out since they wouldn't have fingers.
  5. Our story begins in 2025. Hockey is stagnant in the landscape of sports. With winters becoming shorter due to global warming, and piss poor management by some of the leaders of the sport, morale is low and a change is needed. The NHL had a cataclysmic change in the early 2020s. The 2013 collective bargaining agreement came to an end in 2023, causing more missed games. The season was shortened to 44 games that year, causing many players to moonlight across the pond. European hockey was growing stronger, so more players remained in their country of origin. The NHL play was more physical, and sick Datsyukian mitts were a thing of the past. 2023 marked a low point in the league’s history. The fans just weren’t showing up. The Panthers moved to Kansas City, and the Coyotes moved to Quebec City following that season. Toronto and Montreal continued to have expensive tickets despite putting sub par players on the ice every night, causing low attendance and support. In an interview, a reporter asked Gary Bettman(now 72) what he thought about the financial troubles in Montreal, to which he jokingly replied “I hear that new arena they built in New Orleans is nice”. This was ultimately the last straw. The 8 Canadian team owners secretly got together and proposed breaking away from the NHL. For the next year, the battle went on in the court. Ultimately, the Canadian teams split and formed the Canadian Dominion Cup effective for the 2026 season. Bettman came away with pride, claiming that they lost the battle but won the war, keeping the trademark Stanley Cup. But little did he know, a mutiny took place, and he was impeached by the owners from the position of commissioner. The CDC played with 8 teams for 2 years before expanding to 12 for 2028-29 season. They retained the rights to CHL junior players, absorbed the Canadian AHL teams, and the NHL lost a chunk of their talent. More Canadian players would stay in the great white north as a result of the new Canadian league. The NHL expanded to 24 with Las Vegas and Seattle both getting teams. The NHL did what they could and put the league on firm footing for the near future. Everything wasn’t just great for the European teams either. The KHL was recruiting the best teams in Europe, emerging as a rival to the North American leagues. That was until the 2024 season was cancelled do to political unrest and an overthrowing of Vladimir Putin. The European teams that had abandoned their leagues went back to their countries. Russia missed out on a year of hockey, and the talent level dropped, and is being built back. The Champions Hockey League was formed in 2014, a hockey version of Champions League soccer. In the next 10 years, the gap between the good leagues and bad leagues grew and grew. Swedish teams wouldn’t want to play if they had to show up and hand a team from Italy an 8-0 loss. Eventually, the CHL folded and would be remembered as a good idea, but had poor execution. On the international front, things were just as bad. The Olympics were the only real cornerstone event of international hockey. The best of the best played every 4 years, and then 2 weeks after it started, the teams were blown apart and sent to their respective leagues. In 2016, the Hockey World Cup happened once, and then they didn’t hold it again. The IIHF had their World Championships. Year after year, the summer World Championships got overlooked in the eyes of the players. The majority of players were tired of almost an entire year of hockey, and chose to go on vacation than play a depleted roster of international teams in exotic places like Belarus. In 2021 the IIHF recorded a record loss in profit. They decided not to hold the World Championship yearly, but instead make it a 4 year tournament starting in 2024. That tournament was alright, but the IIHF didn’t do nearly as well as they would’ve liked. The leagues of the world were running away with the power, instead of being ran by a parent federation. in 2027 the IIHF recorded a record loss for the 6th year in a row. That was enough for the governing body, and they declared for bankruptcy. The federation would cancel their 2028 world championship as they worked on the plan for the future. That’s when 2 smart and handsome men from the US spoke up, and changed the world of hockey as we know it. Michael Taylor, and Dylan Alexander began working on the layout of a new hockey federation. This included a global player market, a way every team would be connected, rather than separated by leagues and borders. Players from Canada could be traded to Finland for example, like how FIFA has been running their federation for years. The idea was that the top tier of hockey was as even as it has ever been. The best in the world deserve to play against the best. The duo put together a plan of action. A 6 month regular season with the occasional international breaks. Then the best teams in each league would play in their respective playoffs. After that, the 9 champions of the 9 best leagues, plus the defending champion would play in a high profile tournament for the best team in the world. The idea was first posted on a sports logo message board, and then gained popularity among hockey fans. The fans liked the idea because they could finally prove to everyone else that their club was the best in the world. Taylor and Alexander traveled to Switzerland to pitch the idea to the IIHF. They loved it, but were worried about the leagues and owners approving it. The duo hosted the leaders of the 9 best leagues in Zurich in a meeting the summer of 2028. Here is their proposal. The leagues of the world would be broken up into tiers, based on the skill level in their league. Tier 1 would have the 9 best leagues in the world. Tier 2 would have 20 leagues. The leagues in Tier 2 would be various minor leagues, relegation leagues for Tier 1, and other leagues that’s play level isn’t good enough for Tier 1. The champions of Tier 1 leagues play in a tournament called the Super 10 in a rotating host city. The 20 champions from Tier 2 would play in their version of the Super 10 in a selected European city. The leagues must have between 12-24 teams to be eligible. After a month of preseason, each team would play a 60 game regular season schedule over 6 months. The season would run from October to March 31st, 40 days for the playoffs, then the Tier championships begin on May 19th. The qualified teams would be placed in randomized groups of 5 with the group winners moving to a knockout tournament. The international teams would have a more important in the hockey world. Almost every 6 weeks from the start of hockey season, the international teams would play exhibition games. A new point system would be used for rankings, based off the international rugby point exchange system. Those rankings would determine the teams that qualify for the Olympics and World Championship when apply. Those tournaments would replace international breaks when they’re going on. The idea of a pumped up international system really sparked some interest to continue with the “proving you’re the best in the world” idea. Several other changes were made to make the rules of the game universal. They proposed the adoption of the NHL sized rinks and the trapezoid behind the goal, and a unified points system based off the NHL system(2 for win, 1 for OTL, 0 for a loss) You know what? Here are some pretty graphics that will explain it better. The plan went over better than expected. The leaders agreed that the 2029-30 season would be the first year under this format. Players could be traded in the world market starting July 1st, and the first international games would start in August. Taylor and Alexander were announced as the new leaders of the IIHF, but rebranded as the World Ice Hockey Federation, in order to usher in the new era of a global game. -------------------- Dylan and I branded a lot of stuff, and will go through the leagues, and the season with everyone showing off what we made, ultimately ending with the Super 10 tournament, and Tier 2 Cup. The winter Olympics would take place in 2030, so the jerseys for that will also be posted. LeaguesMapsWorld Juniors Outdoor GamesOlympics Super 10Tier 2 Cup
  6. Hey Guys! I have another Home/Away jersey concept, the Anaheim Ducks! Its a nice clean look and of course, simple. Hope you guys like this one! C&C Welcome!
  7. Hey Guys! Im sure this has been done but here is my take on concept home an away jerseys for the Calgary Flames. I love simplicity, less is more. Hope you guys like this one! C&C Welcome!
  8. HJC is holding a Stadium Series themed competition right now where entrants are to design uniforms for a hypothetical Stadium Series game. I chose Washington and Tampa Bay as it would be an interesting game. Star power between Ovechkin and Stamkos, and the two teams don't always get along. They've had some heated playoff series in the past so I believe both fanbases could get behind this. Plus it introduces a new team to the outdoor scene. All we have to create uniforms so all I'll be doing is adding the pants, helmets, etc. I won't be getting as in depth as some will. (Stadiums, Patches, Bleh, etc.) I may just use this years SS patch without a number as a placeholder. However, I imagine that the game would take place in DC, probably FedEx Field where the Redskins play as I'm not sure Florida can get or consistently stay cold enough to host an outdoor game. Raysox tells me it had been in the 40's that past week or so in Florida, but I feel like that was a fluke and he's a liar. The set on the left, the way I see it, is a combo between 1) Arm length yoke with enlarged arm striping and 2) Vertical hem striping playing off of the yoke. The set on the right features a large vertical stripe going down the torso. I also created a new collar for these jerseys. It's basically an Edmonton style collar but more square
  9. Hey Guys! This was a fun one for me. First, the logo. The logo is a keystone "crest" with the wings of the original Flyers logo going through it. Second, the jerseys. I wanted it to look somewhat similar to the jerseys they have now, but keeping it simple at the same time. (And yes, their jersey now is kind of simple). This is just a concept, the logo they have now will forever be their logo, I just wanted to get creative with it. Hope you like this one! C&C Welcome!
  10. Hey Guys! I have been messing with the Wilkes Barre-Scranton Penguins logo and trying to make it more simplified. The logo on the left is the Main Logo and the one on the right is my attempt at making it more simple. Any ideas other than this? Hope you like it! C&C Welcome!
  11. Hey guys, I got bored last night and started making a Team Canada Hockey concept . I liked that they used gold on their jerseys so i kept that element and used it as a small stripe. I did a white shoulder yoke because I hate phantom yokes, black would seem too unbalanced, and gold shouldn't be that big of a color. I also wanted a stripe pattern that isn't overly used (I don't even know if a team uses this pattern). This is probably my cleanest and favorite concept I have made and am really happy with how it turned out (especially the fact that I used Logo: Found on Google Images (Added gold outline and 'CANADA' text) Number Font: Washington Capitals Winter Classic/Third jersey font (Recolored) Letter Font: Impact Template: NHL shop template found on Software: Creator: Dolphins91 ENJOY! As always C&C welcome!
  12. dkc

    The Mixup In Motown

    This is a concept I developed for a humorous mixup that would likely never happen. I realize that it is unlikely that Detroit would get another outdoor game so soon, but I loved the logo and wanted to use it. Comments, criticism, and general belly-aching is accepted. ENJOY!
  13. Hey Guys! It's been a long time since I've posting something, so I hope you like this one.C&C More than welcome!
  14. Here I go, attempting to make a new series. Now that school is finally over - albeit only for a month - I have finally felt comfortable enough to direct my attention to designing stuff again. I have seen a couple NHL Soccer crossover threads but I have felt that a lot of them lacked a real identity refresh - although I'm not saying they were bad, many were good - not saying I'm that good either. I really wanted to take my time with each of the 30 NHL teams by thinking outside of the box. Instead of just slapping an NHL roundel logo on a basic template, why not change the team name, history (only a little), the basic logo, even the mascot name. For this crossover, I really wanted to make a legitimate looking Soccer league that felt like it has been a real league for quite some time. Some rules I have set up for myself are as follows; however I have only completed about 5 of them so I may bend some rules: There must be some common ground between the 2 teams. It must be recognizable which NHL team the Soccer team is representing. 1. 3 jerseys only, exceptions are Throwbacks. Throwbacks can be the Thirds (Home/Clash/TB) or can be Fourths (H/C/T/TB) 2. No hockey related imagery on any of the logos. 3. Stanley Cup Stars must be present on the front crest, however shorts don't have to. 4. At least one kit must have current NHL counterpart team's colours. 5. Home jersey doesn't have to be solid colour and Home and Clash don't need to be mirrored cuts. 6. Main sponsor is the current arena sponsor. I will start off with Anaheim Ducks. I won't be going in any particular order because I only want to post those that I am at least 80% comfortable with. I will hopefully be posting a concept every 2 days, maybe less depending on how many I make. Anaheim Football Club nicknamed the Ducks, take many design ques from the original Anaheim Mighty Ducks logo. I really liked that unique triangle and circle so I messed around with that and the duck mask. Now I realize the possibility of me violating rule #3 with this so I may remove the holes in the duck mask/face. I felt the holes being removed made it unrecognizable, but you guys let me know. The jerseys weren't originally meant to be mirrored, but due to that awesome new white jersey the Ducks just released, I couldn't pass up on the opportunity. I went with a more crazy cut template to use the secondary colours to their full potential as well as mimicking the side stripping of the actual Hockey jerseys. The third kit has a similar slanted striping but is now at the chest. Nothing more to explain here, if you have any questions, feel free to ask
  15. Texturized is the only word I can think to use for this. In jordyhazy's NBA Urban thread, he used photos from the cities in the backgrounds for the logos. I took this idea, and used it for the 4 major league logos (NHL, NBA, MLB, and NHL) but instead of photos of cities, I used different photos of elements from the sports, or textures, to replace the colors of the logo.
  16. HI guys, I am new to concepts so a lot of help, ideas, suggestions, criticism, and feedback would be much appreciated. I would like to thank athleticknit for letting me use their concepts for this series Ok as you know the NHL just announced the World cup of Hockey so I think I am going to try making a concept series to show you what I think the uniforms for this event will look like. First up team Canada. Team Canada will have a home set, an away set, and an alternate set. this is the home uniform this is the away uniform this is the alternate uniform. I chose to use the nickname for this uniform so this uniform says Team Canada. Please comment your thoughts and suggestions soon so I can continue to get better.
  17. Although I first posted the Boson/New England Hybrid logos it all started off the with my hometown, Toronto. I needed/still needed to tweak of the logos but here they are anyway. Toronto Raptors (Blue Jays) Hybrid Logo. I red did the font and use the Blue Jays logos clean line for inspiration but still can't not totally happy with it. I kept the original Raptors colours but this logo also looks good with the Blue Jays colours (below). This one is still a work in progress. I've been having a hard time getting this one jusssst right. Thoughts? Here's the logo in the Blue Jays colours with a different mouth. Which colour way do you like best? Toronto Blue Jays (Raptors) Hybrid Logo. \ This is my personal favourite. Using the original Raptors logo as inspiration by keeping font, layout, the legs and head position and making The Blue Jay hold a baseball and wear a baseball uniform. I kept the Jay's colours minus the red. Toronto Maple Leafs (Argonauts) Hybrid Logo. As dull as the Argos and Leafs logos are I did have to do something. Here I used the current Argo's logo, changed the "A" to a "L" and added maples leaves to the border of the shield. Toronto Argos (Maple Leafs) Hybrid Logo. I didn't have much to work with the Leafs logo. I re-did the entire font since its not available anywhere to download. I turned the Leaf into a "A" and kept the side of the leaf design so it didn't just look like a boring "A". Toronto Maple Leafs (Argos Classic Logo) I prefer the old Argos logo to the current one so I had to do another Maple Leafs Hybrid Logo based on the old one. Instead of the Argo I replaced it with a hockey player holding a hockey stick and a shield (couldn't think of anything hockey-ish to replace the shield). The helmet is changed to a hockey helmet with a leaf branded on it. Stuck with the old Argo colours. The line work needs to be cleaned up a bit. Thoughts, praise and criticism is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  18. The newly unvieled 2015 NHL ASG jerseys. (pic via @3rdManIn) Close up of the jersey crest applique. The name and number fonts
  19. I introduced the Hybrid Logos in a pervious post. Here's the Boston/New England Hybrid Logos Boston Bruins (inspired by New England Patriots) Hybrid Logo. This logo uses the design elements of the current Patriots logo. The Patriots face is replaced by a black Bruin Bear and the red wave stripes are replace with yellow wave stripes. Boston Red Sox (inspired by Boston Bruins) Hybrid Logo. The Red Sox "B" replaces the Bruins "B" and the colours of the spokes and circles are replaced from the Bruins black and yellow to the Red Sox's red, white and blue. Boston Celtics (inspired by Red Sox) Hybrid Logo. This logo uses the simplicity of the Red Sox Logo to create the Celtics Hybrid Logo. Kept is the circles and font of the Red Sox logo. Replaced is the socks to a shamrock, baseball to a basketball the Red Sox colours to the Celtic green, white and black. New England Patriots (inspired by Celtics) Hybrid Logo. This was the most difficult of the bunch to create. The logo uses the winking Celtic man and the old Patriots logo as inspiration. The stance of the man are the same as the Celtics. The outfit is the same as the old Patriots logo (minus the cross chest straps). Instead of a wooded cane I used a sabre and instead of the baseball I used a football. The font of the name is change to the Patriots current jersey font. View more on my website
  20. I have trolling forums here and in general a my luck and have thought long and hard about this one. Its simple design and to be honest a little lazy with number because my luck I would screw up. Either way I like how it came out. The colors are red black and green yes those are the old colors for the Devils but they can also represent the desert that surrounds Las Vegas. I decided to you a symbol of the desert and what I though was a Scorpion. So with out further a due I present to you the Las Vegas Scorpions(Note: I will be editing the ice with ads soon): Home: Away: Home Ice(Note I decided to not put advertisement on the ice because I am doing some ad research for it):
  21. My opinion on this year's NHL All Star jerseys is a pretty common one. They're bad. One reason a lot of people dislike them is the use of the neon green... I mean "Elite Green". I don't mind the neon....."Elite Green", I think it could be done. Set 1 Dark Jersey Light Jersey Set 2 Dark Jersey Light Jersey Set 3 Dark Jersey Light Jersey Set 4 Dark Jersey Light Jersey
  22. What teams do you think need a rebrand? (College has its own thread, so try to stick to pro teams)
  23. As I'm sure many of you have heard, the 2016 Winter Classic will be hosted at Gillette Stadium featuring the Bruins and Canadiens. A great rivalry finally taken outside. For this game, I'd love to see the Canadiens in these 1911-12 throwbacks.
  24. I've always had a fascination with sports and logos. As a kid, I would sketch re-imagine logos for teams from the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL. I always appreciate a good sport logos and strived to improve ones that were not so great (ie. Blue Jays T-Bird logo). I recently decided to go back to my logo loving roots. I thought, what it would look like if the Toronto Raptors logo looked like the Toronto Blue Jays logo and vice-vera? This is the birth of The Hybrid Logo Series. Check out more on my website
  25. I wanted to play around with the new MLS logo, but use non-MLS teams. I started out with my 5 favorite teams. Trailblazers- Using the iconic "Rip City" with red and black variations. Oregon State- Probably my favorite ones (although I am in the minority of really liking their new logo). Seahawks- I played around a lot with these ones. The first one I incorporated the Space Needle and the "12th Man". The second one I took the Seahawks logo and brought it over the slash going through the crest and it turned out well I think. Red Sox- Very simple but I like how both of them turned out. Blackhawks- I messed around with these ones a lot and I couldn't really come up with something that I liked. I wanted to incorporate the two black stripes from the uniforms but I couldn't figure out how to get them just right. Suggestions?