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  1. Several weeks ago, a "polar vortex" drifted down from the north and froze our nuts off for a week or so. The upside to the freeze was that we scored a couple of days of outside shinny on the pond behind us, before warmer temps returned to melt our rink. Man, there's nothing like strappin' on the blades and playing some pond-hockey. Now the NHL has scored big on its outdoor "Winter Classic". It's HUGELY popular. It's become a New Year's Day event and destination. The players appear to enjoy it also. Is it appealing to puck-heads because it's become a "ritual" of sorts to celebrate hockey's roots? Anyway, the few days of shinny urged me to finish an old project. This isn't a concept, per's actually something I put together for my kids. I fleshed-out the idea using mostly images lifted off the net...but the words are all original and all mine. I hope you enjoy it. Have a great New Year's everyone, and enjoy the Winter Classic... The End.
  2. As evidenced by the Whale thread, there are a lot of old jerseys we'd like to buy, but aren't available to purchase, or if you can buy them, it's only in heavy bidding wars on eBay. So, the question I ask is this; which jersey or jerseys would you like to see be made as a Hardwood Classic, Cooperstown Collection piece, NFL Throwback, NHL Vintage sweater, or Mitchell and Ness throwback? You can also post a jersey if it's already been reproduced if the reproduction isn't of the player you want (for example, even though there's a Earl Campbell Oilers jersey, you want a Warren Moon). I remember there being a thread like this before, but I'm pretty sure it was back when the Sonics were still in Seattle and nobody knew what a 2 Chainz was. For me, I'd have to go with a 90's Bullets jersey, a Blue Lakers Elgin Baylor, a 60s-70s Senators, a 2003 Tracy McGrady, a 91-02 Trail Blazers, and finally, a Tune Squad jersey, because all the kids I grew up with are getting engaged and I'm still wondering why aliens would have the pick of the NBA in 1996 and decide to take Shawn Bradley's talent.
  3. So I was recently looking around the NHL Shop and saw some hoodies. They looked alright and I wondered what they would look like as jerseys. So I did that. Some teams didn't have the Heavyweight hoodies, they will be marked. I also didn't do the St. Patrick's hoodies they had as well as the defunct teams. These aren't much as concepts, but whatever. Anaheim Ducks Home Arizona Coyotes Away Boston Bruins Home Buffalo Sabres Home Calgary Flames None Carolina Hurricanes Home Chicago Blackhawks Home Colorado Avalanche Home - Away - Third Columbus Blue Jackets Away Dallas Stars Home - Third Detroit Red Wings Home Edmonton Oilers Home Florida Panthers Home - Away Los Angeles Kings Home - Away Minnesota Wild Home Montreal Canadiens None Nashville Predators Home New Jersey Devils Home - Third New York Islanders None New York Rangers Home Ottawa Senators None Philadelphia Flyers Home - Away - Third Pittsburgh Penguins Home - Winter Classic - Vintage San Jose Sharks Away - Third St. Louis Blues Home - Away Tampa Bay Lightning Home Toronto Maple Leafs Away Vancouver Canucks Home - Vintage Washington Capitals Home - Winter Classic Winnipeg Jets None
  4. If one was to go to the New Jersey Devils link on the website you will see an unused logo. So I figured that I would make a concept for this. Home: Away:
  5. I know that the official guidelines state that the numbers should be 3" tall while the numbers are 12" tall, but there are a few cases where those are not the exact sizes. (I know that the Ducks used only 10" numbers on their jerseys from 2006-2014 and the Red Wings apparently use 3.5" tall numbers. And looking at the jerseys of the Islanders and Wild, they are definitely using taller letters or shorter numbers. If anyone knows what the exact heights are of the letters and numbers on any or all NHL teams jerseys, it would be greatly appreciated. It's best to measure from an authentic or game-worn jersey if you have one as some replica jerseys don't even use the correct font. (Biggest culprit: the Boston Bruins). Or at least a jersey that wasn't personalized by the NHL's cheap one layer sublimated fake-stitch method.
  6. Here are a few examples I made myself of football uniforms designed around old logos. I've never designed the whole uniform in PhotoShop; I find TeamBuilder so easy to use. Note: make sure you check the box on the page that says "Display Custom Logos," or you won't be able to view these. C&C welcome; also, does anyone else have anything similar? While it is a bit constraining in limiting one to pre-designed uniform styles, I love the ease of use that this tool provides. Most of the generic logos came from the Wayback Machine's archive of Another note: I have two separate accounts because I made so many teams, so these aren't all from the same account. NFL logos: (old Eagles logo) (old Falcons logo recolored) (old Jets logo) (old Broncos logo, but not much changed) (Packers logo recolored) (Bears roaring-bear face) (old Seahawks alt) (Saints recolor into a team of wimpy French Canadians) (Oilers, nothing much changed) (old Rams logo) (Lions, recolored to look like 1990s Falcons) Other pro-sports leagues' team logos: (logo of long-defunct NHL club Montreal Maroons) (recolor of even-longer-defunct NHL club Montreal Wanderers) (edits and [and slight recolor in one case] of turn-of-century Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds logos) (recolor and reshaping of Denver Nuggets alternate logo) (kind of forget where this logo came from, but I know I recolored it) (San Diego Padres' "friar" logo) (Atlanta Braves' script logo and old "Indian head" logo) (always wanted to see a uniform set designed around the Spurs' 1990s "fiesta" color scheme; here it is) (1990s Houston Rockets alternate) (Denver Nuggets' famous "rainbow skyline") (Houston Astros' 1990s logo) (Brooklyn Nets, with some dark blue added) (Tampa Bay Devil Rays' early logo) College and high school logos: (Western Washington University logo) (Rice Owls alternate logo) (Northeastern "N" logo recolored to original colors of "Buccaneer Bruce") (fictional Minnesota State Screaming Eagles from "Coach") (I think this Cardinal comes from some school, somewhere) (Chillicothe High School, Chillicothe, OH, my alma mater; reasonable fascimile of their current and past football uniforms) Corporate logo: (Boise College Big Red, featuring the logo of the pop brand) Generic/new logos but kinda cool: (Maine-based school, the Lobsters, with "Lobstahs" written on their jerseys) (recolor of logo that looks Purdue-ish) (Great Southwest Sidewinders) (Eastern Virginia Panthers) (in Kirtland, Ohio, and nearby towns, there's an old urban legend about "Melonheads"; this uses an illustration from one of the sites talking about them)
  7. Hi guys. I've been working on a "Hockey Gods" series. It's going pretty slow. I was trying to get the creative juices flowing one evening by chanting in my mind, the thread topic... "Hockey Gods Hockey Gods Hockey Gods Hockey Cods Hockey Gods..." When...hang on... back it up one...Did I just say "Hockey Cods"? So, the imagination started kicking in, and I put together a quick little "Hockey Cods" presentation. It's kind of a Hockey-Finding Nemo theme. Raise a Glass to the Hockey Cods The HC logo is colourful and simple. I tried to keep the Cod as basic as possible. Hockey Cods colours are blue, black and yellow...(very Bahamian)...
  8. This is just a simple alternate jersey concept for the Montreal Canadians. My decision to make it the based off the Home jersey is because it works the best with. Montreal Alternate:
  9. Since the New York Islanders are moving to Brooklyn, New York many believe including myself that the Islanders will change their jerseys. This is what I would do(Pay no attention to the Stadium series logo on the 3rd jersey): Home: Away: Alternate:
  10. Hello, I've always been interested by the little scoreboards at the bottom of sports broadcasts. I decided to have a go at trying to recreate some of these scoreboards. Please leave C&C below P.S: Yes I know they're not all perfect, and they were made with paint Images Below
  11. Hey all, It's been a while since I have had some time to make some concepts. I've had this idea floating around in my mind for a while now (since the Capitals unveiled their uniforms for the winter classic), and I finally had some time to put this together. For the Capitals, I really do like what they're wearing for the WC, but I think that the barber pole striping on the yoke is a little overkill. Because of this, I changed the yoke design a little so that it both honors the original intentions of their design (homage to past teams), and also speaks to the District of Columbia. I also like what the Blackhawks are wearing, but don't necessarily see it sticking around because it is wayyyy to similar to their current road uniforms. What I put together is a little mashup fauxback combining elements from different eras in Blackhawks history. C&C always appreciated. Enjoy! edit....I also have a full set based off of this WC concept for the Caps that I will post soon!
  12. I came up with this idea for a Seattle based NHL team named the Stealth. The name ties into their history of aviation (like the Seattle Pilots and Supersonics) and also incorporates some green since Seattle is nicknamed the Emerald City. I also found out after I had finished this concept that there was a Washington Stealth Lacrosse team, but the colors are way different and it doesn't have any similarities style wise. The logo is an F117 stealth fighter. I took a photo of one and outlined the angles and lines in green, making the outline and the cockpit window thicker than the rest. I chose this color green since it reminds me of the green of nightvision goggles and it goes well with the Stealth name. I kept the stripes on the jersey thin, basically making them outlines of stripes so that they are visible but not too much, playing into the stealth name.
  13. Hello All, Here is a concept for the Vancouver Canucks. I expect a polarized response to this, it may be a bit out there for some. I like their current logo as it reflects the local cultural history well. But I'm not too keen on the Orca breaking out of the C so I did a totem version. Any comments appreciated.
  14. Hey Folks, Here is a logo redesign concept I did for the Calgary Flames. I always liked the idea of the flaming C but I wanted to give it more meaning, hence the branding iron. This picks up on the Flames as well as the pronounced western horse culture of the area. I also made the C into a horseshoe shape, I'm undecided if this is confusing, too much or if it works?? Any C & C is much appreciated.
  15. I always loved the set the Lightning had from 1992 til 2007, even though it's not a popular opinion. I wanted to come up with something that kind of evoked it, but I wanted to add more silver...for a reason. The main gimmick of the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniforms is the apparent "reflective" number set. My idea is to have all the silver in the crests and numbers be made of this reflective material, so it would pop more on the ice. Especially when you shine a spotlight directly on the player after a goal perhaps. It would be the most appropriate team to try it out on. Here is my concept: . Comments welcome.
  16. This concept is one of the few little practice projects I've started and decidedto finish. I've always hated the Penguins vegas gold. It's just nasty. Athletic gold is better suited, IMO. It always looked good. Here I decided to go with a pretty simple design that pays homage to some of their older sets. The most obvious inspiration comes from the Pens sets from the '80s. The gold sleeves aren't exactly my favorite on the white jersey, but I've always loved the black jersey (their current throwback). I switched up the striping a little bit to make the white jersey a little bit less gold-heavy. I think the color distribution is a bit more appealing in this case. I've tried out a pointed shoulder yoke seam, which accentuates the alternate logo, as well as very subtly paying homage to my favorite set (pointed yokes from the '92-'02 set). The alternate logo is just an idea I was messing around with. I wanted to use a triangular logo on the shoulder, but they've always lacked secondary logos. I wanted to stay far away from using a roundel logo. C&C Please
  17. I will do as many of these as I want to. Goal is to eliminate Reebok piping and reduce stock stripes (may keep when it's a traditional look). I will start with Dallas. The uniforms are not unique enough for a newer team IMO. I thought it needed to tie in to Texas more since they might as well stay awhile. My designs were meant to resemble the iconic Texas flag and remotely remind hometown fans of the Cowboys that play in town. I will take suggestions for who to take on next. C&C is needed because I want to keep getting better. Help from the boards has taken me a long way and I would like to go further.
  18. I have a few of these planned with different logos, striping, ect. The first one here is the road jersey inspired by these throwbacks they wore in the late 90's. The stripes are based on the sock stripes they had for many years.
  19. It's Gary Bettman. He has caused nothing but problems to the league. He forced the players association into three lockouts. Including one the wiped out the whole 2004-05 season. Which is the main reason why the NHL sucks today. He has added a salary cap to each team, removed ties, changed Stanley Cup Presentations, added teams which have poor fan base, and changed up the rules after the 2004-05 season that should have not been changed. I understand that the owners wanted salary caps after teams went into bankruptcy, but's it's unnecessary to include one. He's so bad, that i have to agree with everything that Frank "Tank" Fleming (NJTANK) from Sports E-Cyclopedia said about him. He is the worst commissioner in sports history, and the dumbest man on the planet. The league should have kept John Ziegler until he decides to retire, then find a good commissioner. I don't care what the owners think after the 1992 players strike, they should have not forced John Ziegler to step down. The owners should have regreted on letting Ziegler go from the position. He was the greatest commissioner in NHL history. The NHL governors should have regreted on having Bettman as a commissioner. He should be gone by now after three lockouts that destroyed the league. Better yet, he should have been gone instantly after the third lockout. The NHL will never succeed until he steps down. But, history is history. Do you agree with me? Who do you think is the worst commissioner in sports history?
  20. Recently, I've been playing around with different NHL logos and trying to see what elements can be combined. The first few of these take the logos of teams from the same state: CA, FL, and NY (and NJ). Most of these are still rough drafts and will need to be cleaned up at some point. Leave a comment as to what changes I should make to these or what other combinations I should try.
  21. The Washington Capitals revealed the jerseys for the 2015 Winter Classic when they play against the Chicago Blackhawks The jerseys are putrid! I can't even describe how bad it is.
  22. I'm a huge Stars fan and would love to see the boys under flood lights at an NHL Stadium Series game. Now I'm sure Jerry Jones could fork over enough money to get a game in his beloved stadium, but I've always assumed they'd be the visiting team in an outdoor affair. A game in Minnesota would be perfect for everyone, but you know the NHL. On to the concept. I've read many times that the star pattern jersey is\n't compatible with the Reebok template, but I did it anyhow. Its our most memorable look. There must be some way they could oblige. Its basically an updated version of that look. The socks look kind of funky, but other than that I think the new brand translates pretty well to the vintage look. Also I didn't know how to apply a chrome look to the logo, but if they insist on doing that it wouldn't look too bad on our logo.
  23. With MLS coming out with it's new logo and developing one for every teams jersey...I kinda took the idea and ran with it for the NHL.
  24. BBBDDD

    NHL 90's Remix

    Well been playing with this idea for a while and I desided to do the whole NHL in those lovely 90's wild 3rd. With all of its gradient stripes, Printed patterns, and oversided logos and wild fonts. First one in the series I've done is the Blue Jackets with the classic bee logo
  25. I wanted to try a new sport for concepts, but the only sport I intensely follow is hockey. So I'm going to try a series. Please note I've never made a baseball concept in my life, so if there are things i should know, please tell me. (I'm not going to include a grey uniform for every team, mainly because i don't think they will work for certain teams) Here is anaheim. Here is Arizona