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  1. Hey guys! I've had a bit of downtime on my hands as of late and decided to try my hands at some NHL Re-Designs. First up, the Los Angeles Kings A team I don't like. A team I really, really don't like. But I figured, if I could be unbiased to them, I could be unbiased to any team. Up first, the Homes: I decided to move back to their old school colors. I've never been a fan of Black & White color schemes, even with a bit of silver. Same goes for the Raiders, so I had to bring back those royal LA colors. Despite the colors, I do like the current designs, so I kept it pretty much the same. I added a stripe to the bottom of the torso to match the ones on the sleeves, much like the current away jerseys have. The option to add the silver inner stripe came pretty early, as just plain purple and yellow could also seem a bit bland. Plus, its in the new front crest. The Crown Logo was taken from the LA Banner logo, which has now been moved to the shoulders. Works rather well there imo. I wanted the jersey to scream loyalty, not just Los Angeles, so the Royalty colors mixed with the crown seemed like the right choice. Next the official Aways: More of an honest recoloring of the current white jerseys, just changed black to purple, and white to yellow. I opted for yellow to callback to the old school era of Kings hockey, where obviously the yellows were home and purples (Royal Blue, w.e) were aways. Silver stays pretty much the same, and dropped the outer stripe on the sleeves and torso. Not too much to say that hasn't been said in the Homes. AAAAAND Alternates: What could just be seen as the same unis as the current away whites, I decided to opt for the Crown Crest yet again, with just a touch more black than before. Why white? Well they gotta play the Predators in Nashville at some point right? The bottom black stripes on the sleeves and torsos extend down to the ends just to separate it from the ones already around. Real unoriginal, I know, but it was needed. Next up, The Capitals: Homes: Keeping the Homes red, as the Rock the Red campaign is still alive and well. Their uniforms always seemed bland to me... Almost like practice jerseys in a way. In my opinion they were one of the biggest teams in need of a change, and change them I did. I actually had the aways in mind while creating these ones, which you'll see in the next pic. I wanted Red, White, & Blue to stand out. They're in the Nation's capital, after-all. Went with a simple three stripe pattern, maybe a sandwich design if you will: Two thick stripes surrounding a third, smaller stripe. This stripe pattern is on the sleeves and torso, and is mimicked on the shoulders. The Captaincy patches now include a star in the background, inspired by the patches Team USA wore on their away jerseys for the 2016 WCH. IDK if the star is on every jersey or just the captaincy patches, I'll let you peeps discuss. There are also stars on each sleeve aligned with with the numbers, towards the bottom. The three stars (Sleeves/Captaincy Patch) make up the three stars in the Capitals main logo. Socks are two toned, separated by the thin white stripe. Aways: Maybe my favorite design so far, the stripes showcase the Red, White, & Blue theme I mentioned above. Same sandwich style stripes, but this time the top stripe is red. This is again mimicked on the shoulders. Stripes also appear on the socks this time. White Helmets too, along with red pants this time around to keep that Rock The Red theme alive as well. Alternates: Taking influence from both the above the designs as well as their Stadium Series design from the 2018 season. The red stripes on the SS was way too thick, and just seemed awkward. A much shorter red stripe appears, this time with the thin white stripe at the bottom. With the blue jersey re-appearing after the white stripe, it still keeps with the Red, White, & Blue theme as well. In a "Houston Texans Color Rush" move, the name and numbers are colored with a white outline to pop. The Main crest has been changed to the Eagle logo they have. I've always liked it, and thought it could make for a good main logo, but didn't want to overuse it, so I went with it strictly on the alternates. Same red pants from the white unis. Let me know what you guys think!
  2. So it seems that it's all but official that the NHL is coming to Seattle. I came up with a couple of ideas for how I would like to see them take the ice. The first is the Seattle Totems and the second is the Seattle Kraken. I decided to use the t-bird totem to link to current junior team since they are not considering Thunderbirds as a name, and I went subtle on the Kraken as opposed to going full on octopus for them. Hope you all like them.
  3. Inspired by @Bpoe96's series, I'm back at it again, with a new series: NHL Identity Swap. In this set of concepts, I'll be taking the logo and jersey style of one team and implementing it on others. I'm really not much of a logo designer, so this series should be a fun challenge for me. First off: the EDMONTON OILERS with the style of the NEW JERSEY DEVILS. The Devils' home jersey has basic striping, where a thick stripe in their secondary colour of black is outlined by two stripes of white. It's repeated on the away sweater, only the white and black are swapped, creating an unbalance between the two sweaters, which I've implicated with the Edmonton colour scheme. It's not a far shot from Edmonton's current set. New Jersey's logo consists of a red devil's tail with the initials NJ sticking out, balanced out by a black circle. For Edmonton, I trimmed an E into the shape of the Oilers' biggest symbol, an oil drop, and put it on a blue circle. C&C Appreciated!
  4. In the Major 4 sports -- for the most part when there is a logo change the team colors stay the same -- or don't vary much from the base color. I know there are a few teams that have traded in red, blue, white for green, black and white (as an example). But, there aren't many ... I was trying to make a list of teams in the NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL, I know I didn't catch them all, so I'd love the boards help.
  5. It's been 25 years, and the Ducks have still never hosted an All Star Game. As I patiently await the day it is announced, I decided to design a jersey concept in the meantime. The Western Conference teams use the same orange/black/gold color scheme as the Ducks do currently. I've noticed that in the past few years, the host division's team wears the same primary color as the host team, so I decided to continue this pattern. To contrast this, the Eastern Conference gets to wear the Ducks' throwback eggplant/jade combination. The All Star Logo itself is based off Anaheim's most iconic building: Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle. I thought the concept of a shooting star fit perfectly here, acting as a connection between the All-Star Game, and "When You Wish Upon a Star".
  6. I've always struggled with trying to make a logo for this team that I don't end up not hating. I like this one better than my previous attempts, y'all will have to let me know what you think.
  7. I had started a thread in the sports logos section a few months back in regards to this design. I recently made contact with someone from LSUA who advised me they did not choose any of the entries they received for their contest. So with that being said I can now go ahead and post my work. The idea behind this concept was to use a TIGER to create a link between LSUA and LSU while introducing a fresh interpretation that would connect to the Generals nickname. Secondary and tertairy marks were added to further tie in to the Generals home and location while also making it a complete set. Check em out and let me know what you all think. Appreciate everyone's C&C. Thanks for stopping by!
  8. Welcome to my new series, the New Look NHL! In this series, My goal is to give each NHL team a new look (compared to what they unveiled with Adidas) based on many things, such as one-off jerseys, the team's mascot in real life, or just ideas that come into my head. This is not a tweaking series or an Ideal look series. Some jerseys in this series could be on a 90's level of craziness, and others a simple, timeless look. Due to my lack of logo-making skills, I will be using some teams' primary or alternate logos, or I might mashup some of a teams' logos. Teams: Anaheim Ducks Arizona Coyotes Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres Calgary Flames Carolina Hurricanes Chicago Blackhawks (Rainbowhawks) Colorado Avalanche Columbus Blue Jackets Dallas Stars Detroit Red Wings Edmonton Oilers Florida Panthers Los Angeles Kings Minnesota Wild Montreal Canadiens Nashville Predators New Jersey Devils New York Islanders New York Rangers Ottawa Senators Philadelphia Flyers Pittsburgh Penguins San Jose Sharks St. Louis Blues Tampa Bay Lightning Toronto Maple Leafs Vancouver Canucks Vegas Golden Knights Washington Capitals Winnipeg Jets Let's kick this off! I always thought that the Ducks were a green/jade team, so I used Jade as the base colour for the set. The striping isn't exactly 'new' but think it'll pass. The stripes are not slanted, and feature three stripes and then a cuff the colour of the middle stripe. This pattern is also used on the hem and socks. I used a rounded font for the numbers and names to tie it all together. The equipment is purple aside from the helmets. C&C is appreciated! I am not doing this is any particular order, so if you want to see a certain team done, or a set done in a certain way, feel free to post any idea you have.
  9. UPDATE: Thanks for all the support, guys! This was a fun series to do. Get hyped. 31 teams, 4 all star teams, and 66 jerseys. NHL by Adidas. Here are the Eastern Conference logos and All Star jerseys. They're designed with the red Eastern Conference color, and a classic design based off the past, and prepared to withstand the future. Eastern Conference teams are up first, and will start coming in tomorrow. TEAMS: EASTERN CONFERENCE: Eastern Conference All Stars Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres Carolina Hurricanes Columbus Blue Jackets Detroit Red Wings Florida Panthers Montreal Canadiens New Jersey Devils New York Islanders New York Rangers Ottawa Senators Philadelphia Flyers Pittsburgh Penguins Tampa Bay Lightning Toronto Maple Leafs Washington Capitals WESTERN CONFERENCE: Western Conference All Stars Anaheim Ducks Arizona Coyotes Calgary Flames Chicago Blackhawks Colorado Avalanche Dallas Stars Edmonton Oilers Los Angeles Kings Minnesota Wild Nashville Predators San Jose Sharks St. Louis Blues Vancouver Canucks Vegas Golden Knights Winnipeg Jets Thanks!
  10. What throwbacks from the big four major sports(NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) that hasn't been seen before do you want to see in a game, a season, or for now on? Here's my first pick: The NFL's Tennessee Titans going with wearing the mid to late '60s Houston Oilers uniforms for a game would be cool to see, but that's me.
  11. This is still in the early stages, but I've put together a look for a Seattle NHL franchise based on one of the names listed as a possibility; the Seattle Sea Lions (or Sealions, SeaLions?). For the logo I'm taking inspiration from the AAU SeaWolves work I just did, I'm trying to work an "S" into the shape. and still use northwest coast tribal shapes. I've also been referencing photos of dominant male sea lions and using their distinguishing features (high forehead, prominent whiskers, thick neck/chest). This is just the first sketch, but let me know what you think of the look I have going so far.
  12. This is Where I will post my concepts for potential Outdoor Games that I think the NHL should consider, and will even write mini proposals We start off with a crazy idea I has for a Florida outdoor game, a stadium series probably. First off, it would take place in Raymond James Stadium (the Bucs home), which in the winter can go down to as low as 40 F, perfect to sustain ice for a perfect amount of time. With some nice planning, this would not be much of a hassle. As to why to do this you ask? These two teams are very unknown and do not have any attention going to them. A NBCSN game and outdoor game in Florida would attract much press attention. Also although I do not agree with most southern market NHL teams, I feel that Tampa Bay has a very passionate fan base and does deserve this. Now for the aesthetics of it, the Florida Panthers whole theming would be around the sun and heat, as they do represent most of Florida and many of their logos do indeed. For this I made the Panthers uniforms have the rays of the sun on the bottom stripe as well as more red and yellow then usual. The Lightnings uniform have the grey color of storm clouds, using all 4 of their colors rather then just 2. For the actual presentation of the arena the arena would be set up with palm trees all around the outskirts similar Minnesota's pine tree display. There would be a small picture above the arena of a sun facing off against a storm, pushing against one another. This would be between the logos. When the Bolts come out lightning coils will activate as they walk in. When the Panthers walk in fire will erupt followed by gold-ish smoke. Worst case scenario it all melts. Also I feel its only appropriate to have both team goal horns go off. Any Ideas for the next one?
  13. Hello and welcome to the third installment of my "Yet Another" Series of concepts! Previously, I tackled the NFL and an MLB-to-Football Crossover series. Today, I bring to you "Yet Another Crossover Series" (YACS, for short), this time being an NHL-to-Football crossover. Credit to Conrad for the fonts and several others as references for the template. One thing I do ask from you as the community is some honest comments, criticism, etc. One-liners such as "kewl concepts do Team X next" will not be replied to and, quite frankly, are not helpful. Before anyone asks, I will post alternate uniforms after all the main jerseys have been posted, just like with the MLB Crossover thread. Without further ado, here are the first four teams in alphabetical order, starting with the... ANAHEIM DUCKS: Not too much to say about the Ducks. The reason for the logo change was because I felt the bronze/gold muddied up the look, so I cleaned it up by putting white in its place and limiting the bronze/gold to just being a trim color. The jersey striping is loosely based on the team's orange alternate. Potential alternate: Definitely a Mighty Ducks throwback, though expect the MD logo to be used and not the duck mask logo. ARIZONA COYOTES: For the longest time, I couldn't for the life of me figure out what I was going to do with this team. I thought about using the state flag as inspiration but I already did that with my Arizona Cardinals concept in my NFL thread. So, I looked at the team's uniform history. The answer lied within the team's inaugural set. So, I used the striping as inspiration in this fauxback-style package. The home uniform didn't look good with the maroon or white pants, but the road did, so I limited those pants options to the road jersey. Potential alternate: Throwback to the 90's alternate w/ the desert scene. BOSTON BRUINS: I almost went with brown over black and I still might by going back and changing out the two. Nonetheless, I'm happy with how this came out. The numbers looked better with only one outline rather than two like the actual uniforms, so I ran with it. The logo on the jersey is placed similarly to how the Steelers place their logos, being off to the side rather than the center of the chest. Not much else to say as this is one of the cleaner sets in the series. Potential alternate: Either a 30's throwback or a brown version of this set. BUFFALO SABRES: Man, if the Sabres were a football team, Buffaslug wouldn't have been received so harshly... okay, maybe it would have. BUT, it would've looked much better on a football helmet. For this set, classic meets modern. With the lack of white in the set, the buffalo had to be either gold or silver. As you can see, I chose gold. The jersey striping is a mishmash of the royal alternate and the current home. The crossed swords worked extremely well as a chest logo. I'm not sold on the buffalo and I'm considering recoloring the old black-and-red buffalo Potential alternate: A Royal blue version of the updated set shown below. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Up next: Flames, Hurricanes, Blackhawks, and Avalanche. .As always, C+C is always appreciated. This has been a long time coming and I'm so happy I can finally share it with you all!
  14. Hello everyone. So around about February 2016 i began working on a NHL Uniform Redesign series of concepts i planed to post on here by March 2016. I had about 17 of the then 30 teams done at the time but long story short life got in the way and they sat on this computer that i hadn't used since, so i decide why not post them now and see if anyone would enjoy what i had so far. As you could imagine all of these were done on the old Reebok template on ms paint. I planned on every team having a Home, Road, and at least one Alternate uniform. Hope you enjoy what i had already! First team up (in no particular order) are the Chicago Blackhawks : As you can tell i didn't change much except made the sleeve stripes on the home jersey match the waist stripes. As for the Alternate, i basically brought back the 91-92 black jersey that i personally like a lot with minor tweaks.
  15. Felt like making a Preds concept, so I worked on this alternate. The striping is inspired by the flag of the city, with the yellow and white separate. Included in the white stripe are the 6 guitar strings usually found on the jersey numbers. I added a yoke and outline to mimic the arms. The shoulder patch is the three stars and circle from the guitar pick logo. C&C welcome.
  16. I decided to do a Ducks-Sharks Stadium Series concept, since I've always thought it would be cool to see the Ducks play outdoors at Angels Stadium. The other two California teams have hosted Stadium Series games, so while it's unlikely, it only feels logical that the Ducks would eventually do the same. As you can tell, both of the jerseys combine aspects from the teams' past and present uniforms. For the Ducks, I went with the original Mighty Duck logo, as well as very similar striping pattern as their original uniforms. With the Sharks, I combined their current logo together with their original jerseys, while swapping out the grey stripes with orange. The Stadium Series logo itself obviously is based on the "Big A" that is located just outside of Angels Stadium, while also borrowing from the Angels' color scheme itself. The home plate shape also continues the baseball motif. This is my first post here, so I would appreciate some feedback.
  17. Hey folks! So this will be my first series here in about six months. I haven't been creating concepts as much during the summer, but now that hockey's back, I figured it was time to continue. This series is focused on the 2023-24 NHL season, the year after Adidas' jersey contract expires. With Adidas not willing to extend their contract, Nike becomes the official NHL uniform supplier. Along with the switch, the NHL decides to lose the traditional home/away jerseys and replace them with a new system that mimics the NBA's new 4-jersey system. Each team will now have four jerseys to choose from for each game: FREEZE: The team's white jersey. CLASH: The team's colored jersey that closely resembles the FREEZE uniform. STORM: This will be the team's alternate jersey, using a dark color, and completely lacking white. PRIDE: This jersey can be any color. It reflects both the history of the city and of the team itself. The home team will choose the jersey they want to wear, and the away team will select one that doesn't closely match that of the home team. With that in mind, here is the first team! **************** CALGARY FLAMES FREEZE/CLASH: These uniforms bear a striping pattern similar to their alternate jersey from 2013-16 seasons, while the logo remains the same. The number font is also changed. ALTERNATE: The striping is similar to Calgary's early uniforms. For the first time since 2006, the team will have a black jersey. PRIDE: The overall design is based of of the WHA Calgary Cowboys' uniform, though it doesn't match completely. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Leave it below!
  18. I recently entered a contest held by the Post2Post YouTube channel about redesigning the logo of current NHL teams. It was possible to send a entry for every team but I only entered with three. I chose the teams I already had an idea for which were the Coyotes, Oilers and Islanders. I could have done also the Kings logo but I ran short of time. I'm pretty happy with the overall result as all my logos made the top 63 and the Isles logo arrived 4th (it was 5th but then second logo got disqualified). Still, I was a bit disappointed for the other entries as I felt that in the previous contest they had way better entries in the top10 while in this one some were a tad weak. I'd like to hear some comment on my work as I mainly tried them out just because I really enjoy contests and events even if in the end my works are just average. Here you have the link if you want to have a look to the other entries. Here you have my entries I decided to redo the Coyotes logo just because I've always felt like their logo was nice but a bit too busy near the coyote's eyes and that the only animal head was a bit odd just like that. As a second I went with the Oilers also if I like their current logo (they are my favourite team) but I see that it is a bit outdated and in my opinion not old enough to be an historical one, like the Canadiens logo, so it should be updated. While I quite like the overall result of the drop on the gear wheel in the end I'm not completely ok with the helmet. It looked like a good idea to incorporate it but maybe the logo could have looked better without it. With the Islanders I had the easiest task as their logo is pretty awful. I know they won 4 Stanley Cups in a row with it, but the same I've said for the Oilers applies here. I know that the fisherman logo was higly hated but I think that it was a bold move out of the comfort zone they should repeat in the near future (without the teal please...).
  19. So this is the series I mentioned about in my new look NHL, which now will be going on alongside this series, the AFL-NHL crossover! Australian Rules Football is an amazing sport that I wish had more of a global presence, especially here in Canada. For you folks who don't know what this sport is, here you go. I discovered it two years ago, and am now a proud supporter of the Western Australian teams. This idea came to mind when the folks at HJC started the AIHL (Australian Ice Hockey League) redesign. I'd been wanting to do another crossover series, and everything just clicked. Adelaide Crows (alt) Brisbane Lions Carlton Blues Collingwood Magpies Essendon Bombers Fremantle Dockers (alt) Geelong Cats (alt) Gold Coast Suns GWS Giants (alt) Hawthorn Hawks Melbourne Demons North Melbourne Kangaroos Port Adelaide Power Richmond Tigers St Kilda Saints Sydney Swans West Coast Eagles (update) Western Bulldogs I will be starting off with the two recent grand finalists, Richmond and Adelaide, then going down the ladder (standings). So without further ado, here we go! First off are the newly crowned premiers after 37 years, the Richmond Tigers. The team's jumpers (uniforms) are black with a yellow sash, so I turned it into a chest stripe to fit in with other hockey jerseys. The aways are yellow as a tribute to the jumpers the tigers won the premiership in. The sock stripes are inspired by the team's past home jumpers. The numbers are white like they are on the club's jumpers. C&C appreciated!
  20. After reading about the Sens on the 2017-18 NHL thread, It got me thinking of an new idea that isn't too far from their barberpole alts from last year. The superior side-view logo is now the primary, and the Peace Tower logo is the shoulder patch. The main difference on this set here is gold with the laurel pattern between the red and white stripes, which gives them a unique color scheme without straying too far from the barberpole design. C&C appreciated.
  21. This is my first time submitting a concept here so cc is appreciated! For this concept I was originally inspired to do a front facing predator logo when the seahawks unveiled their front facing logo earlier this season. I really wanted to make a home uniform that was still strong on the yellow but didn't look like a practice jersey. Hopefully you enjoy it!
  22. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, Thats right. Last year I made ugly christmas sweater themed wallpapers for various sports teams. I'm opening it again. If you have and requests please let me know. I will also post all the ones from last year so there won't be any duplicates.
  23. The recent Adidas reveal inspired me to start up a new series. Its been some time since I last did a concept. So, knocking off some ring rust in the first few. Edmonton Oilers Promoted the previous third while making some minor changes. Kept the current colors. Added third that is something I can see the team bringing in the near future.
  24. This is the night you love to hate. For this series, I am going to create a new set of uniforms for the teams playing on NBCSN's "Wednesday Night Rivalry" (stupid name, I know). Similar to how the NFL has their color rush games on Thursday nights, the NBA has their "statement" jerseys, and how many different "rivalry" uniforms are worn in college football, this would be the ideal time for Adidas and the NHL to showcase new designs on a national stage. There will be color vs color! There will be all new uniforms! There will be throwbacks, too! Stay tuned to see how this series unfolds. 11/1/17 - Philadelphia Flyers at Chicago Blackhawks
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