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  1. I have been reading this forum for years but have never actually posted anything until now. I am a high school coach in Ohio and i was looking for some advice on our uniforms. I was wondering what you guys think of our current ones (pictures to come below) and if we do upgrade within the next few years what changes would make these uniforms look better! Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone that's my first concept in this board. As a high school student from Asia who just use AI for 2 weeks,I really met some difficulties on making this concept... Luckily I was able to finish this concept Back to the concept,IMO Panthers have a nice look now,but as they removed the outline from their primary logo,I think they can get a more modern look. I changed the stripes to match the notches from their wordmark logo,and I used the Michigan State Spartans' font from Conrad's pack which I think match the stripes well. At last I'm sorry for my bad English... Thanks for reading!!!
  3. While Googling Jonathon Stewart (I was bored), I came across an interesting picture of when the Panthers were with Reebok. The Reebok logo was behind the Panther logo on the sleeve, not on top of it like every other Reebok and Nike jersey. I know the reason for this was because of the way he cut his jersey, which left little room for where the logo was supposed to be. Does anybody know of any player that also did this?
  4. Hi, check out my new logo Thanks for comments and opinions. Regards Kamil Doliwa
  5. When I was a freshman at North Crowley High School, we had a school logo contest (with a $100 cash prize, I might add) and I decided to enter. I had a good feeling, liked my chances and the people I turned it in to really liked it. BUT, the contest was canceled because of "lack of entries". Seriously, there were only 7 entries and 4 of them came from me. I don't know if it was lack of school spirit, complete apathy of it, lack of advertisement, or lack of creative students, but nothing happened. Anyway, this is a re-vamp of what my first and main entry was: Again, not exactly what I sent in (the streak started past the head and the star was white... and the top right corner came in instead of going out) but pretty close. This was 10 years ago and I don't have the original. Anyay, you think I would have won?
  6. Before the '10-'11 season, due to lack of interest, my school cut the football program. I was still in middle school, so I never got to experience HS football. This past year, the school signed a contract with Under Armor for athletic uniforms, this is what I think the team would look like. Enjoy!
  7. Just really a bit of a tweak, overall... trying to add some continuity. I matched the pants stripe to the helmet and got rid of the repetitive logos everywhere. Biggest thing, I guess,is the sleeve/shoulder stripes... they fit the current Nike NFL template pretty specifically. I don't think there's anything else out there exactly like this. Let me know what you think.
  8. I've made this Steelers concept a few months back, but I never got around to posting it. I recently made the Seahawks and Cowboys to go along with it. STEELERS With the Steelers, I really didn't change much. I simplified the shoulder stripe and added a wordmark to the chest. The helmet is matte, and the yellow stripe has a steel pattern in it. Home- Away- ALT- Helmet - SEAHAWKS For the Seahawks, I went with a Seahawks stripe down the shoulder. It isn't clearly illustarted, but it's meant to look MSU/ Texas A&M like. The logo is the same, except for green replacing the gray. Logo- Home- Away- ALT - Helmet- COWBOYS For the Cowboys, I went with a traditional look. I originally planned to have a beveled star, but it didn't look right and I just went with a plain star. The ALT or "Throwback" in this set would be the current road unis. Logo- Blue- White-