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  1. The wait is over. Rivalry Classics resumes with a city I have something of a conceptual history with, of course I speak of the home of Rocky, stomping grounds of some odd green creature, the land of rough hockey and football players released for borderline inexplicable reasons. Before all of those, though, it was the home of one Connie Mack and his Philadelphia Athletics... The A's tended to have a pretty consistent look for the bulk of their run in Philly, usually donning a blackletter A on the left chest, with royal blue as their main color. The now-familiar Athletics script, indeed, didn't make its first appearance until the team's Philly swan song. The club's other enduring symbol, the white elephant, was famously adopted in defiance of derisive barbs from Mack's friend and rival John McGraw, and though the A's never wore a shirt pocket like the Browns and a few other teams did, I decided to go in that direction for the whites (if you want a straight reporduction, Dressed to the Nines knida already exists ). The road set is something of a peek to the future (I decided to push the time frame up from the 40s to the early 50s), as the A's would wear vests in Kansas City and Oakland, with the past in there for good measure, as they'd occasionally worn pinstripes off and on. When Boston and St. Louis went from having teams in each league to becoming one-team towns, the less-successful of the two had been the ones to ultimately bolt for greener pastures. In Philadelphia, however, it was the chronically underachieving Phillies who stayed in town, and the A's' issues had as much to do with this as the Phils' newfound success. In any event, here go the Phillies... A good amount of the Phillies' sartorial history has seen them with a P on the chest, so here it goes with the Whiz Kids P. The shortened city name, PHILA, is far more associated with the Sixers, but the Phillies wore Phila grays early in the 1900s. Decided to have a collar on the grays for good measure. I'd considered reviving the old William Penn logo as a sleeve patch, before deciding I hadn't given myself enough time to put forth the necessary effort. I'll let you know one thing: the two remaining sets are done. I simply plan to wait a few days before releasing Boston, and then a bit after that the NYC Three-way.