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  1. I'm working on a complete redesign of the Phoenix Suns and looking for feedback on this logo. I have a complete uniform set nearly done that I will share soon, but wanted to start here. I also have this in a non-gradient version with the ball solid orange. The colors are new, slightly different from past hues of purple, orange and red the team has used before. I really want to give the team a bold, new look that is inspired by the past and has a retro vibe without simply refreshing designs of the past. I've been guilty of doing that myself as a uniform designer and I have a Suns redesign contest in the works that will require entrants to bring new ideas to the table, which inspired me to try some new things with this set I'm working on. Would love to get your thoughts on what works, what doesn't, etc. I've shared this with some trusted friends and mentors, including Brandon Moore, and everyone seems to love it so far but I'm open to suggestions because I really want this to be perfect. Look forward to hearing from the community and sharing the rest of this project. My previous Suns concepts have done pretty well within the Suns community so I expect this will get some decent buzz when I release the whole thing.
  2. Hey there, I have developed a new concept for the Phoenix Suns identity. It's clearly just a concept so not even close to an entire identity scheme, but the primary logo is pretty much developed. It's a clear tribute to a couple of my loves: Modernism as a style of graphic design (even if with a contemporary twist) and the Seattle Supersonic (yes, the design take the lead from the same structure of the Sonics classic logo). To maintain the connection with the present, I kept the two primary colours the franchise is using right now, black and orange. However, this is something I would like to experiment more in the next few days. Let me know what you guys think, any feedback appreciated. Cheers,
  3. A few months ago I did a Phoenix Suns rebrand concept. Over the course of the last twelve or so hours I refined the concept, created some new logos and uniforms and built a template to go with any logo design I do moving forward. So onward to my rebrand proposal for the Phoenix Suns As with last time the Primary logo is a basketball on sunburst. The sun is a giant ball of nuclear energy. That cannot be contained so putting it in a box like Phoenix's current primary seems ridiculous. Purple was a requested add from the last thread and it finds itself on the basketball and lettering to add weight. The orange used is more red than previous to help distinguish from the gold. The last go around the secondary and partial logos were just the primary more and more stripped down. This go round we actually have different marks. The S-Sun will go on the short legs of the uniforms while the PHX-Sun goes on the back of the waistband. The new Script logo I think is my biggest improvement from the previous mark. It was originally much more simple (just Phoenix as written with Suns in Orange with no outline with the Sunball over the O in Phoenix) but I happened on the idea for a thicker outline and spoked edges while designing the jersey wordmarks and carried it back over to the script logo. Uniform designs and wordmarks will go up later but here's the main logo sets for my Suns redesign? How do we feel?
  4. I was planning to do an all roundel NBA concept thread since that's where we're headed anyways. With that in mind I lead trying to roundel the Phoenix Suns. I quickly ran into issues trying to keep the sunburst and roundel without making it look spiky and silly. So I abandoned the full roundel and went with an implied one and from there we have: The sunburst extending longer on the P X and Ss is a carry from when this whole thing fit inside a purple circle but I didn't like any of the contrasts I was getting. Above is a full logosheet that 100% stole from the Clippers leaks. As you can see Purple hasn't been eliminated, it's just not not featured in the Primary logos. Thoughts? Comments? Need higher resolution images?
  5. It's been awhile, but I'm back with a concept! This is actually a revision of a previous Suns concept I did, which can be seen here. Looking back at that concept, I don't really like the style of the sun. I was going for a southwestern blanket vibe, but it looks too much like a CD to me now (ha). I also wanted to go back and change up the uniforms and make the colors a little brighter. For the primary logo, I went with more of a classic, triangular look inside the sun, and incorporated a basketball in the center of it. The secondary is the same, but with "PHX" replacing "Phoenix Suns", and the tertiary is a ball/sun combo. As for the uniforms, I arched the wordmarks, centered the numbers, and put the sun on the shorts. The court features a "SUNS" ambigram at center court (as they have now) and half-suns at mid court along each sideline.
  6. Like most Suns fans I was disappointed by the new uniforms unveiled on Thursday. There are some stylish elements of the new set but I feel they came off sloppy and inconsistent. So, last night I was bored and a little drunk and slapped these together, I'm still working on the shorts but heres what I got so far.
  7. Made them a year ago and now, just before they go for the new jersey, I'd like to share them. The primary logo is basically a mix between the original one (1968-1992) and the latest one (2000-2013). I kept the grey but used it in a much clever way than the Suns did for more than a decade (especially keeping it out the uniforms). Jersey are based on Barkley's era (1992-2000) but simplified taking out the basketball sun. Hope you like them.