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  1. Intro. The year is 2004, and three Southern Ontario record labels hosting 6 local bands have combined to form a soccer league. Mantis Productions in Toronto, Mojo Records in Barrie and Tuesday Morning Records in Ottawa have all joined forces to create the Tuesday Morning Premier League. Concept. I'll be designing logos for each team and jersey (home, away and clash as well as goalkeepers kits for all 6 teams.) Sponsors will be either local or fictional brands tied into each band name, with backstory on each. Map. Teams. All of these teams are based on bands I either previously played in or have friends who played in. I've cleared the names with all band members. Windup Fox and (Norman Ross) Weichel are music projects that still exist. Team Locations. Bad Mojo (Orléans, Ontario) Panic Button FC (East London, Ontario) Slangdoll SC (Toronto) Stereoface SC (North London, Ontario) Weichel FC (Perry Sound, Ontario) Windup Fox FC (Ottawa, Ontario)
  2. Hi everyone, I recently found a few new soccer templates so I wanted to try them out. I am a huge Man U fan and I've been disappointed in their recent kits especially last seasons (except the away kit.) Anyways here are a primary, clash and third kit. Any cc would be appreciated!
  3. Time to start a new thread for the upcoming new season of footy. We can kick things off with the announcement of Premier League fixtures for the season: Also worth noting that Premier League teams are getting a midseason break in February, albeit a short one. From
  4. The tiger was in dire need of an update, so it’s a massive upgrade, although I’m not sure about the darker amber used for the tiger instead of letting it be created by the negative space. Still think the tiger looks dopey and they should go in a different direction with it, but if that’s what fans wanted... Interested in what @Jaffa has to say Here’s what’s it replacing which in turn replaced the previous one just a couple of years ago when the owner was trying to change the name of the club to Hull Tigers
  5. Hey guys, check out my latest project, a concept jersey series featuring Arsenal FC. Please like on Behance if you enjoyed it. Here's the link
  6. Check out my concept jersey series for Chelsea. Please leave like on Behance and comment if you liked it! And check out my portfolio for more projects like this!
  7. Here marks the start of my journey through "the Beautiful Game". I will go one league at a time, I will design based off my own personal preference and historical accuracy, keep the feedback more helpful and less bashful. I will start in the Prem with Arsenal and go on through the league in order. Arsenal Home: For the first kit I went with the traditional red shirt with white sleeves for obvious reasons. I finish up the main look with the standard white shorts and red socks. Away: The second kit is reminiscent of the second kit from the 2014-15 season. This is one my favorite EPL kits so it had to make it in for Arsenal. Clash: The change kit a simple white shirt with red shorts and slightly different red socks.
  8. So I know we're still in the midst of the international break but as the weeks will typically reset on Tuesdays I wanted to get this started today. Hopefully you 7 who said you wanted to do it in the poll were serious . Basically the way it works is this: Liverpool v. Man United You must pick a team to win, no draws (will be explained later). The bolded team is the team you think will win. If you guess correctly, you get 3 points. If the other team wins, you get 0 points. In the event of a draw, you will get 1 point no matter who won. At the end of every week I'll tally up the points total and enter it into a spreadsheet. I know we're 8 weeks into the season, but the season is long enough I thought we could still do it. Have at it! Here are this week's fixtures: Liverpool v. Man United Burnley v. West Ham Crystal Palace v. Chelsea Man City v. Stoke Swansea v. Huddersfield Tottenham v. Bournemouth Watford v. Arsenal Brighton v. Everton Southampton v. Newcastle Leicester v. West Brom
  9. The 2017/18 Premier League season begins this weekend, and it looks to be as competitive as ever with TV money flying left and right during the transfer window. I decided to undertake the task of designing every team's kits for the upcoming season, and will be post a few a day, in reverse order of last season's standings. I hope you enjoy! Promoted (via playoff): Huddersfield Town Promoted (2nd in EFL Champ.): Brighton & Hove Albion Promoted (1st in EFL champ.): Newcastle United 17. Watford 16. Burnley 15. Swansea City 14. Crystal Palace
  10. Hey, everyone. I just started following soccer this year and this "new" sport (to me) inspired me to do a brand new project: NFL Soccer Crossovers. I just finished the last one so I'm excited to see what you all think of it. When I first started this project, I wanted to do more than simply re-create NFL uniforms on a soccer template. I thought, "if these teams actually WERE in, say, Premier League, what would they look like". I tried to meld the soccer look/feel with their NFL counterpart. Elements from the original team exist, but within new boundaries. Some teams will stay traditional; some you may not expect, but I went crazy with them. Most teams I chose a location that fits more within a Premier League style (ex.: Washington Redskins become Washington FC) and all will have main kit sponsors. Most of the sponsors are the same as the stadium sponsor with a few exceptions. Also in this crossover world, Nike still has their full-league deal that they have with the current NFL. So let's get this started. Below is the order I'll unveil these in, updated every two days (for the mods reading this thread). AFC East: Buffalo Miami Town New York City Premier New England NFC East: Dallas New York United Philadelphia Washington FC AFC North: Cincinnati CP Browns Pittsbrough Ravens NFC North: Detroit United FC Chicago Green Bay Twin Cities AFC South: FC Jacksonville Houston Sporting Indianapolis Titans Athletic NFC South: Atlanta Charlotte City New Orleans Tampa Bay AFC West: Alameda County Denver FCLA Chargers Kansas City NFC West: Atletico Los Angeles Emerald City Phoenix San Francisco AC
  11. Hey guys, so I did this last year around September. I ranked all the Premier League kits based on a few categories. I'll be doing the same thing this year. To review, the categories are Aesthetics (how the jersey looks in a vacuum), Sponsor (how well the sponsor logo(s) mesh with the jersey), Tradition (how well the jersey lines up with that club's history), and Misc. (self-explanatory). Each kit gets a score out of 5 for each category, and out of 20 overall. I'll start with the primaries, and later I'll do the secondaries and thirds. At the end I'll average out the scores and see who is the best dressed in the Premier League in my opinion. Feel free to post your kit rankings too. Anyways, here's the primaries:
  12. Hi everybody. As some of you may know, this is my third series. The first one was about baseball, the second one was about soccer, and for this one I deicded to imagine what if the clubs from the (British) Premier League were Baseball teams. Each team will have three uniforms: a white or off-white home, a grey road and an alt one, which I will try to make close to the actual soccer kits. First of all, let's start introducing the clubs' names: -Arsenal FC: London Gunners -AFC Bournemouth: Bournemouth Cherries -Burnley FC: Burnley Clarets -Chelsea FC: Chelsea Blues -Crystal Palace FC: London Eagles -Everton FC: Merseyside Toffees -Hull City AFC: Hull Tigers -Leicester City FC: Leicester City Foxes -Liverpool FC: Liverpool Reds -Manchester City FC: Manchester Citizens -Manchester United FC: Manchester Red Devils -Middlesbrough FC: Boro Smoggies -Southampton FC: Southampton Saints -Stoke City FC: Stoke Potters -Sunderland AFC: Sunderland Black Cats -Swansea City AFC: Swansea Swans -Tottenham Hotspur FC: Tottenham Spurs -Watford FC: Watford Hornets -West Bromwich Albion FC: West Bromwich Throstles -West Ham United FC: London Hammers Alternative Name Ideas: -Sunderland: Tyneside Black Cats I'll be doing and posting the designs in alphabetical order (like the list) above. Each team will have a cap logo different to their actual crest, and this (the actual crest) will be featured on the left sleeve of the unis. I'm also thinking on featuring the league badge on the right sleeve. C&C appreciated!
  13. After my design projects for the Bundesliga, MLS and BeNe League, I always thought about doing a Premier League one, too. I'm a fan of the soccer culture, the English leagues and I even like the Three Lions (my profile pic is Beckham btw). So, what will I do? I will basically create a home, a clash and for some teams also a third jersey for every team of a future Premier League. For some teams I will also do a logo update. My future league takes place about 5-10 years from now on, so there will be some teams in the league you may not expect. I chose the 20 teams from their current situation, tradition, team colours and personal preference. I also updated the PL badge on the sleeves and worked with a new league wide font without any colour limitations.
  14. So we'd already had a glimpse of the new Premier League champions patch: But the league just confirmed it, as well as the patch the other nineteen clubs will be wearing: And yes, that background texture is baked in. Not a big fan. I don't mind the new lion head, but everything about this (except for the basic circular patch shape) is a downgrade. Even black would have been an improvement over the purple. I know that one of the points of the new branding is their ability to constantly re-color, so maybe the purple will be temporary.
  15. Want to start off by saying that I love this site, and also I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong place. But I was curious as to why such a big league isn't represented?
  16. Hello again. Not too much a concept, but something to share. This is a chart of every team to participate in the "Premier League." Each Season there is switching between Football League Championship and The Premier League. As the teams constantly switch, the league takes on a whole new look after a few seasons. The 2015/16 season is under progress, so that is why there are no champions. (Note: this is real data, not simulated.) The columns are in order of the current streaks of the team to join that column. This is then ranked from longest to shortest. Man Utd, Arsenal, etc. have always been in the Premier League. Teams like Bournemouth have just been promoted and joined for the current year. Norwich City, for example, jumps around the chart, because when they are replaced, a new team takes their spot. When they re-join, they take over a different teams' spot, not necessarily re-taking their old spot. There are many teams that go all over the place. Please leave C&C, and suggest another league maybe? Enjoy! (CLICK ON IMAGE FOR FULL SIZE) (SORRY MOBILE, I SUGGEST SAVING THE IMAGE TO VIEW IT IN YOUR PHOTOS)
  17. Welcome to the Monarch Island Premier League! The league is home to 20 teams from 2 countries. Monarch Island is south-west of Ireland and West of France in the Atlantic Ocean. It's countries include: The Provinces of Taurun- primarily English and has a strong resemblance to the USA in things like suburbs and cities, but many are from Ireland and the UK. Republique de Larcons- Salut! Bienvenue to Larcons! Larcons again, like Taurun has American-style suburbs and cities but is almost exactly like France in every other way. The league (2015/16) consists of: Bolian FC Nenor Bay Nenor City FC Carn Orvill FC AFC Winchester Northan United Pioneer Tallon Jefferson North Bay Tomas Island City Cavalry (Larcons Ville) AFLV (Association Football Larvcons Ville) Cape Laval Reims Isle FC Le Port Le Mans AC Montpellier Saint-Paul Wellington SC Malar Last Year Champions (14/15) Nenor City Newly Promoted Northan United Wellington Reims Isle FC Leagues in the Federation Premier League Division 2 Division 3 Lower Tiers You may recognize this country from 9jakepenny. This is because he is actually my cousin who has given up on the country and he has given my permission to explore the island and develop the league. He may make some notes here and there. Bolian FC Bolian FC has been one of the most famous teams in the league's history. They were established in 1934 and have lifted the league trophy 11 times. They were the first team to repeat championships (2005/06--2006/070 in over 22 years. Recently the club has been doing great as they lifted the cup in 2014/15.
  18. Looking at the launch of the new shirt West Ham, I produced a template of Umbro and started doing a series of tests with him, and I was enjoying the results. And test in test, I ended up doing Umbro shirts pros 20 clubs in the Premier League 2015/16, all with the template of West Ham. The result you can check below. Thank you and until next post! C&C Please.
  19. Years pass since the founding of several clubs, and some of them have changed a lot since its early years to the present day. The shirts are what most change over time, but ever wondered what it would be the first shirts of each club were made to current standards? That's what I stopped to think, and tried to illustrate here. In this post, two clubs were portrayed: Manchester City and Manchester United. The shirt of the City, was originally made in 1884, at the time the club was still called Gorton, and the United was made in 1878 when the club was called Newton Heath LYR. United have sent a shirt in honor of this for some time, and the City also recently but still with the current shell. My goal was to try to combine fidelity the unique, with the current templates of each club. Do not miss it on my blog: us on Twitter: @EleceAthletic Follow us on Instagram: EleceAthletic
  20. This is a topic that I am very excited to start. I was thinking the other day about what it would look like if the English Premier League was in America instead. So, I have paired UK cities with US cities, and put an American twist on the clubs. Every post will be the clubs badge and home kit. I will do these concepts by city, and the first city is the London of America, New York City. The first team I will feature in New York is Yorkville F.C. Basically, I'm showing what an American leagues equivalent to the English one would look like. All elements of teams are directly related to it's English counterpart. Yorkville FC is one of the most popular clubs in the American Premier League. They play in the luxurious neighborhood of Yorkville in New York's Upper East Side. Those who support Yorkville are often accused of being "glory hunters" or "bandwagoners". They have had much recent success and play a very defensively oriented game. Their logo is a combination of many things, the Roses are part of the family coat of arms for a family with strong influence in the U.E.S., the political Roosevelts. The green comes from the roses, the balls symbolize the sport, and the stars represent the United States.
  21. Just came across this article, and being a 90s kid myself who can take the good with the bad of the decade but also doesn't remember much about the uniforms from any league other than the NBA, I was wondering if anyone has any other 90s soccer jerseys to share, whether they be too-crazy like the inaugural MLS or moderately crazy like maybe some of the more respectable leagues of the era. Thought I'd share a few that struck me from the article to get things started: Arsenal's 1994 home jersey, channeling their inner Zeus Burnley's 1997 away jersey, rocking two sets of Adidas tri-stripes, with the chest ones fading out Liverpool's 1991 home jersey, featuring the Adidas tri-stripe both asymmetrically and as a big logo (with my favorite club in my birth year wearing this as their main look, it's almost as if I was destined to have to embrace 90s trends) Manchester City's 1993 home jersey and Manchester United's 1993 away jersey, in a year where Umbro took sublimation too far and figured they'd create a tribal print out of their logo while they were at it Newcastle United's 1997 jersey, in an ugly stacked Adidas template, but damn, they should have never ditched this sponsor QPR's 1995 home jersey, with sleeve stripes resembling rows of human teeth? Sunderland's 1991 away jersey, kicking off the 90s as loudly as they could Swansea City's 1996 home jersey, attempting to capture the NASCAR market?
  22. Hey guys! I decided to start redesigning my home country's soccer league and since my home town won it last season I have the max level of interest for soccer in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Firstly, I'll bombard you with some history. The BH Telecom Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the top football/soccer league in the country. Its consisted of 16 teams and the top 4 of those 16 are moving to European competitions. I don't want to bore you with war 'cause I really want people to realize that the war ended 20 years ago and its time to move on. Long story short, today's form of the league was established in the year 2000, but Serbian butt-hurt clubs didn't want to join until UEFA basically forced them to join the unified league of all three constitutional people Bosniacs, Croats and Serbs in 2002. There is also the Bosnian Cup and the Bosnian Super Cup (League winner and Cup winner play two games and the winner is then determined). I'll start with my home team whose logo I did a while back and thanks to nas1787 I now have kit templates that satisfy my desires. Thanks again man! HSK Zrinjski Mostar NK Siroki Brijeg FK Sloboda Tuzla FK Slavija Sarajevo NK Celik Zenica The third is in honor to their 110 years since establishment. Many of the teams in the league have a great fan base and would kill someone if they see their crest changed completely. So this is like a bit grander tweek and many others will be a grand tweek. I'll try to pump these out every week or maybe even more who knows.
  23. Welcome to the World Football Champions League 2014. I wanted to branch out beyond doing a concept for the Chicago Fire third jersey contest back in Aug./Sept. 2013, nor did I want to just pick popular club teams worldwide. So, I took all the World Cup qualifiers, selected the top two clubs from each country (as of Jan. 29) and pit them against each other in brackets, a la March Madness. The winners were selected differently per round (coin flip, winning percentage, alphabetical) so I could keep out any personal bias.* I have the two finalists ready to go, complete with home, away and third jerseys. I will continue to post concepts for each team, working backward from the championship game, until I get all 64 teams completed. Final Four FC Bayern München (Germany) - ChampionDeportivo Toluca FC (Mexico) - Runner-upAFC Ajax (Netherlands)Manchester City FC (England)C&C on the kits and/or the logo above are always welcome, if not encouraged. * I will admit to one bias: I included the Chicago Fire instead of Real Salt Lake, but that was less about loyalty and more because I already have the third jersey completed for Chicago. Apologies to any die-hard RSL fans.
  24. I have been working on a English Premier League to American football crossover for several weeks. I have been able to complete only about one a week, so I haven't started uploading them yet because then the series would drag on for a really long time. All teams will have a city/town crest or two on their main helmets and on their football field. Also note that every team will have the league logo in their team colors (like in the MLB). Trying to remain realistic to any league, jerseys and helmets must have the league logo on it. Football fields must have the league logo too. Here are the finalized team names (after input from this site and several others): Arsenal GunnersAston Villa LionsCardiff DragonsChelsea BluesCrystal Palace EaglesEverton ToffeemenFulham BadgersHull TigersLiverpool RedsManchester CitizensManchester Red DevilsNewcastle MagpiesNorwich CanariesSouthampton SaintsSunderland Black CatsStoke PottersSwansea SwansTottenham HotspurWest Bromwich ThrostlesWest Ham Ironworkers2014 Promoted Teams Burnley ClaretsLeicester FoxesQueens Park Rangers