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  1. Have you always wanted to talk about Roller Hockey International logos and jerseys? No? Well, here it is anyway.
  2. Roller Hockey International was a league that lasted 6 years from 1993-1999, and never had good attendance, merchandise sales, or popularity. One of the founding members of that league was the Toronto Planets, who had an awful logo, and only lasted one year. is having a redesign project, and the goal is to redesign an RHI team. I took a shot at redesigning the Toronto Planets, and I'd like to get a little feedback before I send it in. So without further ado, here's the project. Credit to @McElroy19 and for the jersey template.
  3. So a friend of mine asked me if I could help him out by designing a new jersey for his roller hockey team. Although I'm not a big hockey guy, I figured I'd give it a crack. I had complete creative freedom, and the only stipulations were that they didn't want anything traditional looking, and they wanted a pattern of some sort and suggested argyle. Details: - I used Oregons font because I liked the futuristic vibe it put off on the jersey. Much thanks to Conrad for posting it, and all the awesome work he's done! - The logo was previously made. I basically traced it out, and recolored it to fit the palette I went with for the jersey. - Sublimated the argyle pattern on the main panel on the front and back. This also happens to be my first official concept to be posted to these boards. C&C is certainly welcome. Last but not least, I am planning on doing a complete NFL redesign series soon, so stay posted for that!
  4. Hello everyone, I often use this site in my logo design for sports teams, and I saw that there is a section Roller Hockey International Logos. I realized the logo of a roller hockey in France and I would like to know if this logo could be added to your site? Here is the facebook logo and team: http://www.behance.n...ey-team/6884577 https://www.facebook.../Tigresdegarges And if you have some criticism to give? thank you
  5. RevNet

    IRBC Nations Cup

    Hey everyone! If you'll remember my NARBA and IRBC threads, I introduced a brand new sport called roller bowling, and it is exactly what it sounds like: 10-pin bowling on roller skates. The NARBA thread was for all the teams in the United States and Canada, 36 in all, and it was using an old Paint template. The IRBC thread expanded the sport into 128 teams in 60+ countries around the globe with a new Illustrator template. This thread will introduce you to the countries that are taking part in the IRBC Nations Cup. Unlike the IRBC World Cup, which is for the 128 clubs and takes place every year, the competition for the Nations Cup takes place every three years. Before making the uniforms for these national teams, I set out some requirements for a country to participate in the Nations Cup: 1. If a country has more than one team within its borders, then it automatically qualifies for participation. 2. If a country has only one team within its borders, then that team must have participated in the WRA/IRBC for more than one season in order to qualify for participation. Special cases:Now as seen in the IRBC thread, there is one team, the Baltic Alliance Javelins, that even though it's in one country, it actually represents three countries. Each of those countries gets to participate as separate countries in the Nations Cup because the team has existed for more than one season. Also, since Singapore is considered a city-state and not a country, they are not qualified for participation, even though they have a team in the Singapore Crows. This narrowed down the list of countries from 60+ to these 48 countries: Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China Colombia Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Great Britain (or the United Kingdom) Greece Hungary Iceland India Ireland Israel Italy Japan Latvia Lithuania Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Panama Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russia Serbia South Africa South Korea Spain Sweden Thailand Turkey Ukraine United States I will present these teams six at the time in alphabetical order starting right below, just to give you a taste of what is to come. So what do you all think so far?