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  1. Just a quick stress relieving exercise and a logo update to match the teams other various branding. Nothing special here
  2. Nothing serious. Just goofing off.
  3. Previous rivalry sets: Crosstown (Cubs vs White Sox), Subway (Yankees vs Mets), Freeway (Angels vs Dodgers) Originally, this was gonna be Dodgers vs. Giants. Then I got the brilliant suggestion of Giants-A's, so I went in that direction instead. Giants...for once as far as these rivalry uniforms go, I went with consistency...and I figured the last time I based a baseball uniform on a local basketball team, it'd been very well received, so let's bring the greatest uniform in hardwood history to the diamond. Complete with a slightly modified trolley car. Because Hunter Pence eats Fruit Loops with chopsticks. A's...I figure one thing, the old Oakland Oaks were going to provide most of the inspiration of this set, and I quickly latched onto the acorn and the Old English O, and a jersey the Oaks wore in the early 40s, as far as I could tell. The home white has the A's acorn on the front, green raglan sleeves and gold T-bar striping, while the road is a green-gray with green T-bars and the English O on the front. The thick gold stripe on the socks is meant to stand in for the gold sanitaries. Bonus: Dodgers (vs Giants) all honesty, basing the home whites off of the LA flag colors was, in retrospect, not exactly a MENSA level decision. If I'd done the Freeway set first, I'd have never made the home uniform. Probably should've just gone with a white version of the roads, as its zigzag pattern is also inspired by the LA flag. I dunno, maybe subconsciously I still have the occasional "WTF man! Are you high?" concept in me.
  4. kewp80

    49ers Rebrand

    So it's been a while since I've posted a sports identity concept and finished this last week so I figured I would share. My main goal for this was to try and modernize their identity while keeping the classic feel they have had for years. I also wanted to get rid of the black in the brand marks since they really have no black in their identity.Another major change is a switch from the scarlet red they use to a warmer vermilion. Which coincidentally while I was doing research I found that Cinnabar (the ore of mercury used to make vermilion dye) is commonly found throughout northern California. On the primary mark the major change is the new typeface that is found throughout this concept. I used the Kimberly font and modified it using the Kansas basketball font for reference to make it a modern western theme. I also ditched the black outline for coherency. The secondary is a take on the shield logo that they used to use in the past. The shape has a double meaning as the shape is meant to resemble the state highway signs, which is turn is shaped like a miners spade. The secondary and word mark is simply a continuation of the new typeface. Not too much change to the uniforms as they have a very nice classic look already IMO. Obviously the red is switched to the new vermilion shade, and the new primary mark on the helmet. Also decided to add the secondary mark on the hip at the last second. Not sure how I feel about it yet, but decided to see what you guys think of it. The major change is the new number font based on the new western typeface. I hope to release the whole set of numbers soon as I'm still working on it. So there you go! What do you guys think of the new font and color changes? Also any other C&C is much appreciated
  5. Hey guys I created a 2015 Winter Classic logo for San Francisco (AT&T Park) to feature the San Jose Sharks and the Colorado Avalanche. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks! I designed the logo to feature the scoreboard in the stadium.