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  1. Hi guys, It's been a while since I posted a concept and by while I mean in this decade. I've wanted to tackle this concept for a long time and with the discussion that Seattle may be getting an NHL team in the near future I decided to sit down and put some ideas together. The team: The Seattle Pilots The stripes on the sleeves are intended to resemble the stripes on the sleeves of a pilot's jacket. C+C is greatly appreciated. I think the logo is almost there, but there's something that I can't quite put my finger on and it's definitely in the face. I could use some help with that. Thanks guys.
  2. With all the moving around and rebranding going on in the NBA...I thought I'd make my move too I present to you the Sacramanaheimeattle Superkingsonics of Oklahoma City Thunderous Pelican Hornet Sting
  3. So in a thread or two I've noticed a lot discussion about the deal that might be made for the sale of the Sacramento Kings to the Hansen-Balmer group to move the team to Seattle. I've been specifically curious as to what people think the branding direction should be taking. I personally would prefer either the SuperSonics name or something new to be rolled out. I'd however want that whatever the name is - to have the colours reminiscent of the Sonics colours. So what are your thoughts - ideas on branding and how they should treat all this? All the franchise history chatter should fit well here too of course, as well as rumours for designs and such.
  4. Basically blending old (silver helmet and sleeve logo) with new (new logo chest stripe and wing pattern thingie) the silver helmet of old is now matte grey to match the new nike matte style pants. Changed the twelve pattern things on each leg to sox so that each set of pants has 12 rather than 24. All the pants can be worn with all the jerseys. Let me know what you think
  5. Saathoff

    Seattle FC

    Hey Guys I'm back, but posting a single team this time. I have three logos to share, they all vary in there text. The logo is for a fantasy soccer team I'll have when I reach 500 posts. Just need help on selecting the best version of text. Help would greatly appreciated. Once I get a general idea of what you all think I'll use. I plan to make multiple things from scarves, jerseys, the teams field with ad boards. All that jazz.