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  1. This thread is about smaller companies that not many teams for any sport use. My youth football teams when I was a kid used Adams, Allson, ASA Football, and Russell. Feel free to name some more unpopular choices for uniforms
  2. Here is my first concept I have made I made this one for the boca juniors of Argentina Thanks to whoever made the template C&C would be most appreciated I don't know why it did it twice
  3. Here is my first concept I have made I made this one for the boca juniors of Argentina Thanks to whoever made the template C&C would be most appreciated
  4. Here is a jersey concept I did for Georgetown football it's only a alternate but c&c is welcome
  5. I was listening to some of Rich Gannon's radio show the other day from Sirius XM, and he does a tremendous job. Tried to catch some Brady Quinn's analysis to see if it was any good. Kurt Kittner of the Fighting Illini does their color commentary now. Pat Mannelly of the Bears recently joined the WSCR midday show and is getting better each episode. I figured it might be a fun topic to talk about guys who were either pros or notable college athletes that entered into the journalism or media fields and are actually doing a hell of a job on a mostly local or relatively low-key national basis. Tell me some success stories, big or small, that you wouldn't really notice unless you lived in the area.
  6. I've recently watched one of the 30 for 30's on Reggie Miller and the New York Knicks. One of my absolute favorites, it seems like I can watch through it every time.
  7. Everybody has had a sport they never liked, or never bothered to care for. So I would be interested to hear what's your's. For me, it's Soccer and Hockey and NASCAR. I don't understand why people find wasting gas, tires, and turning left 90 times fun to watch.
  8. I'm sure this may have been addressed elsewhere, and not sure if this is even the place to pose the question, but has anyone on here ever considered holding a Sports Designer Meetup? Personally speaking, I'm sure there are many creatives in Ohio and I'd love to get together with them sometime! It would be good if we could hold these across the country, maybe have a twitter chat with a #SDMeetupCBUS tag, for example... I know some of you guys are gonna be at WMC Fest, so maybe that's a good place to start?! Who all would be interested in something like this?
  9. I saw on the forums that the Madden winners had been notified. These were my submissions. Meant to share these earlier. Same logo with alternate colors.
  10. So i started a NFL redesign a few months ago and started off rough. I've made some more designs that i like much more and would love some feedback on the concepts, even if its negative feedback. I'm starting off with the dolphins again. Away: Home: Logo:
  11. Ever since I first saw online Concepts of jerseys and logos being posted on sites such as this one, I have always wanted to know how to design concepts on the computer and I'm pretty damn sure that I'm not the only one who's wondering how to do it. I hope that this will end up being a Thread where folks like me who want to design Concepts that don't know how can actually learn how to do it. I have tried to find out how to make them for about a year now and I haven't been able to find any guide to design them anywhere. Hopefully, this will help.
  12. I saw something like this for somebody. I think it was on here but it may have been on the Denver Broncos forum I was looking at the other day. If it was on here then I apologize for making something like what you have. Anyways, if you want me to make a signature of your username like this I shall try to make it happen. You can request one made of all baseball, football, hockey, basketball, soccer whatever you want but it may be hard to do. I will try to do everything I can though.
  13. So I realize that I have been rather fickle in the past with threads I have created. Furthermore I realize that this has irked many of you. A league like this was my original intention for a thread on these boards but I had somewhat of a learning curve to come to the process I would pursue in accomplishing it. Along the way I have tried things like the Curling league which did not exactly pan out the way I wanted. That having been said let me move forward with this thread. This is how it will work. We are setting the clock back to 1882. As we go we are going to move ever closer to the present. Hopefully one day, perhaps years from now, reach the present. As we go along the history of a league and each of its franchises will develop. Every logo, uniform, home arena, player, and game. What sport have I chosen for this league? Velo. What is Velo? Velo is a make believe bicycle racing game. The name is derived from velodrome. A velodrome is a sloped bicycle racing track commonly used in the Olympics and real racing games like Madison. To keep this as brief as possible if you are still unclear as to what a velodrome is click this link. What I want to spend time explaining is what the make believe game of Velo is and how it works, so that you can picture it in your mind as you follow this thread. As I said the name is short for velodrome therefore naturally the game is played on a velodrome. Two teams compete. Each team is made up of 6 riders. 3 of them are starters the other 3 make up the bench reserves or options as they are referred to in this sport. Each rider is assigned a different position. The starters are made up of the following positions; Leadoff (generally the teams fastest or most experienced rider), Middle (the next fastest or most experienced rider), and Cleanup (you guess it the next fastest or most experienced rider). The positions on the bench are referred to as the First Option, Second Option, and Third Option. Like the starters the bench positions are usually determined by the speed or experience of each rider. The game is played in sets. A set is a race. These races are time races not distance races. In other words each race lasts five minutes, therefore whoever has traveled the most distance after five minutes finishes in first place. 3 riders from each team (6 total riders) compete in each set. A game consists of 3-5 sets dependent upon the score. How to score points. Each set has a potential to earn a team up to 3 points. Only one team will score in a set. The team who’s rider wins or finishes in first place in each set scores that sets points. They will receive a point for said riders first place finish plus a point for each of his teammates who finishes ahead of the first place rider on the sets losing team. Under this system only so many score possibilities exist. For instance no team can score more than 9 points in a game because once a team has reached 9 a path no longer exists for the opposing team to tie or surpass this score. I hope this is clear and makes sense but if not I think the scoring and how it works will increasingly clarify itself as the games are presented on this thread. One last note ties stand in this league. The only time a game will play into overtime is post season games that must have a winner. Now the set up for the leagues beginnings. Let us travel back to Monday, May 1, 1882; the day William Kissam Vanderbilt announced the formation of the North American Velo Organization (NAVO). Vanderbilt who owns Madison Square Garden (the original) will own the first franchise which he intends to name the Manhattan Jockeys. He will sale an initial three other franchises. The Jockeys name comes from the fact that Vanderbilt also is an owner and enthusiast of race horses. I am sharing at this time the initial concepts for the leagues logo and the Manhattan Jockeys logo. Please share your C&C.
  14. It's funny seeing sports teams in music video's either signing or dancing. So I thought I would start a thread. Only post music video's that have a sports team in it, they can either be singing or just in the video. So here's FSU's 1988 classic "The Seminole Rap"
  15. I created some concepts for teams in the NFL and would love some feedback. I will start with the AFC East and the Miami Dolphins. The helmets can go with any jersey/pants combo. Dolphins uniforms:
  16. Hello everyone. I posted a version of this logo for last years tournament and got some good feedback, so I thought I would post the 2014 version and see where it goes. Couldn't decide on a chrome version or the color version so I did both. Feedback is appreciated! Color version: Chrome version: Old logo VS New logo:
  17. I would like to see what people's opinions on these interesting facts and see what they would do about it...First up: MLBI was reading about MLB history and I came across some very interesting facts: Everyone knows that in 1958 the Brooklyn Dodgers moved west to LA and the owner Walter O'Malley persuaded the New York Giants owner Horace Stoneham to move west as well to San Francisco, but what I didn't know is if O'Malley wasn't able to get the Giants to move west the Giants would have moved to Minneapolis instead. This would result in the Minneapolis Giants or Twins or some other name. That would have lead the "first" Washington Senators franchise to stay in D.C., but lets say the Dodgers owner convinced the Senators to move to San Fransisco. This would mean California would have the Los Angeles Dodgers & San Fransisco Senators, but the name wouldn't make sense in San Fransisco. So they become the San Fransisco Islanders. They would take that nickname if the New York Giants retain the "Giants" nickname when they moved to Minneapolis-St. Paul, but if not they become the San Fransisco Giants as planned. Separate situation: Another thing I didn't know... after the 2001 season, team owners voted in favor of contraction. The Montreal Expos and Minnesota Twins would cease to exist, but due to lawuits the plan was abandoned in June 2002. What if no lawsuits were filed and the plan went through? This would mean three years later the Washington Nationals would not exist. If the Twins didn't exist anymore, that would ultimately lead an existing MLB to move or the Minneapolis-St. Paul market would never see another MLB team. What are your takes on this?
  18. I've been a long time lurker around these part and decided to finally become a member. Looking around I didn't see any thread about sports video games and I thought I'll start one. Disclaimer: I didn't create anything in this thread, all the credit goes the video game companies, the sport leagues, and the the fine modders on the following websites. I also will be only posting a few of my favorites so that others may take the time to find others that interest them. The Games: NBA 2K, NBA Live, Madden, NHL, MVP Baseball, and MLB 2K To start is one of my favorite games NBA 2K. It's the only team sports game beside FIFA to have current releases every year. I haven't bought NBA 2K14 yet so all of the pictures below will be from NBA 2K13. The website: Courts 1. Spectrum 1982 - 1984 Creator: retroman 2. Milwaukee Buck Irish Rainbow Court creator: iamLillard 3. Barclay Center creator: Sixers85 4. New Orleans Pelicans Fictional Court creator: .aristotle
  19. Hello all, I don't post here much anymore, just mostly scroll and read. But I found something I think is worth sharing and that might be of interest to fellow sports nerds. I'd seen this article shared on Facebook a few times and decided to take a look today. It's a very interesting piece on the disappearance of small town football in the state of Nebraska. It doesn't sound like the most exciting topic, but I wanted to share this with those of you that come from bigger high school backgrounds and maybe don't understand the scale of just how small a small school can be. I myself live in a small town in Nebraska (pop ~1,000), but even I didn't fully realize the scale of things when it gets down to the lower classes of high school football. My school is average size for our area, at around 400 students in K-12. Most Nebraska schools have your standard 11-man teams, and quite a few play 8-man. Then there are 15 schools that play 6-man. This story follows one of the 6-man teams in the state, playing their final games ever before merging with another nearby school. Anyway, I just thought I'd share this and try to give people perspective on how small of a scale some schools operate in Nebraska. The link is below:
  20. Hey... I'll admit this, I barely know how the Ducks and Clippers are doing and have only watched a handful of their games. Same with the Steelers. I still consider me a fan of these teams, but I'm not really following them. I think it's because I can't really watch them in Iowa, I only had Sunday Ticket for a season and usually a Bears game would be on because my parents and little brother are Bears fans. The NBA and NHL have something similar, and while I think I would like it, I doubt I'd get it, because it adds alot to the bill. DirectTV gave us the local channels which contain Ducks and Clippers games for awhile, but they stopped carrying it for some reason, which I don't understand. So in short, I'm wondering what I should do. Stop considering me a sports fan? Switch favorite teams? Or should I find a way to watch them legally without paying money, which I think is impossible. Can you guys help me out without bias towards your teams?
  21. I thought it would be cool for people to show off their homemade Fantasy logos they've created! I'll start things off with my design I created for my team, TD Train.
  22. Today I am launching my new project; my attempt to make the single best concept I can. To do so I am asking for your help. Now before any of you turn away or post a response like “do you have any idea what this takes”, I am not asking for you to design the concept. What I am asking for you to do is lend your thoughts, opinions, criticism, and preferences. So what is it? I am going to create several concepts. Two by two I will post them and have you all vote on which you like best. Then through a process that I have devised I will eliminate the weaker concepts, strengthen those with potential based upon C&C, and advance the stronger concepts. This is how it will work. There will be 8 rounds. The first two rounds will run simultaneously. The first round works like this; I have identified the 4 largest cities in all 50 U.S. States, I will be reading up on each and then purposing a few team ideas for each. You guys will vote to decide which idea is the best for each. I will then take that idea into the second round, which remember will be running simultaneously meaning new cities and ideas will still be coming online as I am already advancing winning ideas into the second round. The second round is the state round, so each state remember has 4 cities I will take the winning idea for each city and draw a logo, then pit the logos against one another. This round will be a double elimination; meaning a city can afford to lose one vote but not a second. Following their one allowable loss I will make adjustments to the logo based upon your C&C. So you see by the end of this I will have 50 concepts remaining. The latter rounds will be a single elimination playoff which the number 50 dose not lend itself to. 64 would be a much better number; therefore I have also created 14 wild card groups for the first two rounds. These groups are made up of the largest U.S. cities that are not in their own states top four. These groups will operate in the first two rounds just like the state groups. This all means that I will have a third round of 64. For this round each concept will receive a home and road jersey concept. The winners will advance to the fourth round of 32 concepts. Each concept will add a secondary logo for this round. The winners will advanced to the fifth round of 16 concepts. Each concept will add a woodmark in this round. The winners will advance to the sixth round of 8 concepts. Each concept will add a field/court or mascot design in this round. The winners will advance to the seventh round of 4 concepts. Each concept will add an alternate jersey in this round. The winners will advance to the final round of 2 concepts. Each will make final adjustments based upon cumulative C&C for the final showdown. Hope you all followed that convoluted explanation. If not just follow along and you catch on as we go. The first ideas for the Alabama competition will be up shortly. To start with I will not be creating a poll, rather just post you’re thought and I will count it as a vote.
  23. I was on twitter yesterday when the REDBLACKS and CFL twitter feed posted a picture of a guy who took a 28" saw blade and turned it into the new logo... My first instinct when I saw it was the teeth are the wrong way, the guy put the logo on the wrong face and had the teeth of the blade backwards... So I pointed it out... lol Just wondering if I am the only 'logo snob" out there or has anyone done something similar
  24. Hey, I am brand new to this forum even though I have been coming to this site for years. I just figured it was about time I join the forum and share some of the concepts I create. I combine new designs and design elements with old designs and design elements. The first one I will start off with is my concept for the Brooklyn Nets. So far I have created a logo, created a new script logo for the jersey, and then designed one jersey. I used the old concept from the 1997-2012 New Jersey Nets logo where the shield has a ring around the bottom, kind of simulating the rim of a hoop. I then also took and altered the script from their final uniforms and spread it across the shield in place of the boring "Nets" script already being used. I also added a little embossing in order to created a shadowed 3D effect, and some gray in there just so the team has more than 2 colors. However, I really like the simplicity in the script for the name "Brooklyn" so I left that be because the two different scripts, in my opinion, create an image that clashes in a good way and gives it depth. This first jersey concept, started off with the black, current, Nets road jersey. I left it black, replaced the name Brooklyn with the 1997-2012 jersey script, now in White, Black, and Gray/Silver. I then removed the white side panels and replaced them with a checkerboard style look which comes directly from a design quality of their final uniforms used in New Jersey. So this way I brought an old part of the teams heritage back into the uniform but left it with the same sleek style. I also kept the same simplistic number and name font but minimized the size of the number on the front.