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  1. Rid the black and silver for midnight grey, midnight green and regal gold. 2 positions on the eagle, not sure which is better, soaring above (left), or swooping in (right). I think I like swooping in. While their current stuff is hard to beat, this could be a nice refresh. This might, possibly, be a start to a rebranding the NFL series.
  2. Who do you think has/had the worst hair in sports? My nomination is this: New Cleveland Cavalier Andrew Bynum and his troll hair. And pretty much any hairdo from his tenure with the Sixers. Who do you think had the worst? Sound off below!
  3. JMurr

    C&C on this logo

    Help me improve this logo. C&C. Thank You.
  4. I am new here so if im creating a topic wrong let me know. these are some of the concepts i made on paint, a couple years ago, i havent made one for years. Please give me suggestions and good criticism on how i can make them better looking other than adding names and numbers. thank you.
  5. Trying to figure out a cool modern and clean logo for a new competitive sports organization I am opening up. Heres a first concept of what I made. Any suggestions or ideas?
  6. What do people think of the current NBC Sports logo? Do you think it's a strong and recognizable mark? Do you think it could use improvement or that it's effective as it is? Here's an article showing the old vs. the current logo:
  7. I have a modest 5.1 surround sound system. I was wondering which sports would be enhanced with surround sound. No trolling and no turning this into a "My surrond sound system is better than yours" type tread.
  8. I've seen similar logos in the past, but these are all well done. I could see many of them working for a D-league team or a baseball farm club.
  9. Wanted to create something different than the traditional Logos floating around out there, some might like it and some may hate it. I would like to see a more drastic change, the curent logo is outdated and cartoony.
  10. TorinK29

    Sports Tickets

    Ok, so... I'm trying my hand at something new today, after another hiatus of posting concepts. I might get back to my redesign sometime, but I'll probably just start a thread of freelance concepts, I already have a couple lined up. But back to this, I find no interest at this time of posting jerseys, so I'll try to post some tickets of a few teams in a few leagues. I'll try to post a ticket from each of the tagged leagues in my next 4 posts here. I don't expect to start off well, but I'd like to build my craft like I did in jerseys (even if you aren't a fan of my jersey concepts, you'll have to admit they're a heck of a lot better now than they were when I started) http://3.bp.blogspot...tmenjersey1.png (logo credited to Six Zero) So I'll start with my favourite team and a game that I have my sights on going to: I'll let it speak for itself; however, in final editing, I accidentally made all of Kyle Turris vintage white, and I was kind of partial towards it. Should I be? Regular Turris: Semi up turris: C&C?