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  1. The reason it ^ says "8 new teams / 9 new cities" is because the Jaguars have made the move to Orlando. Here we are! My brand new League-wide concept series. I haven't been on these forums for too long, but I post when I can, and I have a couple of series up already. I've done some pretty deep research into all of these teams. I wanted to make the NFL a consistent, and prominently stylish "brand" with sub-brands within it. I used some of the NFL's current uniform rules, with some changes: Just like today, each team is only allowed 1 helmet But, some teams will have 2 different helmet styles. Because the NFL says each player must use the same helmet all year. This means no team will have 2 different color helmets, but small differences in an alternate helmet like a different logo, different color striping, etc. Each team must have a home, away, and alternate/throwback jersey. Like I said, consistent Each team must have home, away, and alternate/throwback pants Each team can only have 6 different uniform combos The teams will submit their 6 combos to the league at the beginning of the year. And here is a few basic guidelines I tried to follow for myself: I am going to try and give each team a distinguished and unmistakable identity This means custom color pallets Maybe changing the current "dominant" colors of some teams so there aren't too many teams in the league with the same colors (like the Texans/Patriots/ and the Bears/Broncos) I am going the keep team's striping patterns limited I am going to try and bring back the best parts of some team's old looks, especially teams with rich history Along with the new uniform rules, the NFL has much bigger changes. In hopes of creating the largest and best sports league in the world, the NFL has added 8 new teams to the league, making 2 new divisions, the NFC & AFC central. With 2 new divisions, the schedule has been changed to 3 preseason games, and 17 regular season games. The NFL Draft has also been expanded to 40 picks per round, at 7 rounds still. With more players being drafted, and the schedule being longer the NFL-game-day roster has also been expanded to 55 players instead of 53. This also expands the playoffs to another Wild Card team per conference. The 8 teams names and logos will be unveiled with the Jerseys. NFC Central: Portland Los Angeles Salt Lake City Birmingham AFC Central: Toronto Albuquerque Las Vegas Oklahoma City The expansion teams will be the last in the series, so I still haven't decided on their names. Vote in the polls for the team's names. If you think you have a better one, list it and explain the significance and reasoning for the name. The poll will change each week for the next 3 teams. I'll pick the colors and make the logo. Teams with only one name are already decided. But here are the list of cities and their possible names... New cities, in parenthesis is the cities market size in America: L.A. (#2) Skates - (popular stingray species in that area) Las Vegas (#42) Aces, Kings, Diamonds OKC (#45) Outlaws, Barons, Marshals Orlando (#86) Shine, Rattlers, Snappers, or stick with Jaguars Portland (#22) Pioneers, Orcas, Blackfish Albuquerque (#44) Javs (Javelinas), Boars, Nightwings Birmingham (#78) Express, Breakers Toronto (#6) White Tails, Owls, "Snow Owls" Salt Lake City (#33) Rails - (Bird species, I really liked the name, and already made a logo that I really like) im trying to post the first concept, but it says i cant use this extension. They will be up very soon