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  1. World Series, SuperBowl, Stanley Cup, etc. Probably something that has been talked ad nauseam, but I'm still curious. e.g. Super Bowl XLV: Jets vs. Bears - Mainly for the hilariousity factor. 2 teams that have been a joke for the past few decades facing each other in a Super Bowl. Super Bowl XLII: Patriots vs. Packers - Mainly because we never got a great Brady vs. Favre game. 2001 World Series: Mariners vs. D-Backs - Best team the Mariners had during the KG jr era, would have been nice to see them go all the way after setting that win record. Also Nintendo owning a championship sports team.
  2. Celebrating another year as the poor man's alternative to Tank's Super Bowl Trivia. For the new folks, here's how it works. Every player has appeared in at least one Super Bowl. The easier the player, the tougher the clues and vice versa. The emphasis is on players who played in the 60's thru the 90's but a player could be from any Super Bowl. Pay attention to the way the clues are worded. Round I The teams I played for have a combined total of 9 Super Bowl appearances. I led the league in this statistical category in my rookie season. I went on to become the all-time leader in that statistic. I'm also tied for first in this career statistic. I played for the same coach in college and in the NFL Who am I?
  3. This story's been getting a lot of press ever since Jerry Rice threw his hat in the ring of conspirators. I have no idea if there's any further meat on the bones, since it's been so long since this particular game has crossed anyone's minds. Tim Brown was the first and Jerry followed suit in accusing Callahan of sabotaging the original run-heavy gameplan in favor of an out aerial assault. Both Rice and Brown implied that this sudden change likely led to Barrett Robbins infamously abandoning the squad. Everyone was apparently aware of Robbins' emotional instability. Discuss.