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  1. So I decided to try and make my own template for when I make my jerseys. This is the first time I have done anything like this, so C&C would be appreciated!
  2. Hello! This is a concept for a football team in Saint Louis, Missouri. I'll be working on it some more in the future til then, feel free to critique. Also please keep these ideas in mind: - I have no clue how pandas are related to St. Louis. Oh well! - The base Helmet was created by Chris Maurer - The rest of this project is at Enjoy!
  3. I am so happy with the response from my first NBA template series that I wanted to update it to better suit you guys and create a better template to show off the creativity and design on this site. So here's what we've got! Here's whats been updated: - updated Adidas mesh design to match actual uniform - added championship crest on back collar - organized illustrator files/layers for better access - added basic number/NOB font (link below) - added stripes - added side view for jersey - added front view for shorts Here are the links to download the templates/font: I am excited to hear from you guys! I welcome all feedback about the templates. Let me know what you would want to see changed or perfected! Enjoy.
  4. Hey! Sorry I haven't been making concepts recently, but here's a new template I've made! Introducing... It's not really much new, honestly. I've been using it and liking it a lot recently, but it's basically the Edge template with some additions and differences. Here are some of those differences. So that's it. It's essentially a fancy Edge template with a new collar, heat-pressed clear plastic for effect, and a modern design that still feels classic. I know it wasn't much, but... Download here!
  5. Just in time for the Euro i managed to get this template out would love to hear your feedback!, the template is Super Editable, Fully Built in 3D, with Reflections, Shadows, Cleanly Separated, for Total Control over the final look of the Design.. DOWNLOAD PSD TEMPLATE
  6. Would someone more talented than I be able to create a photoshop template from this? Thanks in advance Download
  7. Hey everyone, @raysox put out a .ai and .svg version of his new soccer template a few months ago. I've been able to translate most of it over to .psd with some minor differences. These is currently only a small selection of collar styles for each template. Hopefully I will have some more by the end of summer. Click the link below for the NuSoccer template: I also translated much of the original template to .psd, you can find that here: Please let me know if you have any issues and a big S/O to Raysox for the original!
  8. Here is an example of a goalie mask that could be used as an avatar for your fantasy hockey team. I used it for my Cincinnati Swarm fantasy team this season.It is done in photoshop only. You will find the template at deviantart. click here I have used templates of others but this is my first attempt at creating my own. Any CC is welcome
  9. Hello all! I've been making some hockey jersey templates recently, and I figured I'd release them here on the boards! I'd like to make it clear, though, that none of these are mine. While I did make them, they were all based off of templates others used, but I couldn't find anywhere online. I'm not going to take credit for the creation of these, just the recreations for public use. If you originally made one of these templates, PM me and I'll take it down. .PDN TEMPLATES: Click here for the Mediafire folder .PNG TEMPLATES: Click here for the Mediafire folder .PSD TEMPLATES: (I'm not sure if these will work. I made them using and I don't know if it'll still work on Photoshop) Click here for the Mediafire folder Thanks for reading, and use 'em well!
  10. Let's try this again! My apologies for the novella I wrote last time. I am looking for fun ideas to add to my 'uniform' template for my dice racing league. The dice are the participants and I am looking for gear, uniforms, etc to add to my template to make it feel like a fully-formed league. The 'sport' is that real world dice are rolled and the scores tabulated, however, the overall theme is to incorporate and/or suggest a wide variety of sports are represented. This Dice Racing League draws on the aesthetics and organization of everything from Soccer to American Football to Horse Racing to Hockey, Basketball and Baseball. For my template, I want a uniform and gear to have lots of interesting surfaces and shapes in which to place logos, stripes, wordmarks, colors, etc. Here's a rough first draft of what I see. Right now it's got a football-ish helmet and a racing spoiler as part of the aesthetic. I'd like to incorporate more concepts from other sports. Could be a pedestal, could be a banner, could be racing silks. What are some other items that could be tastefully added to this template? I did this mockup in Photoshop, but for when I finally put this together, I'm going to use a 3D program to create everything so I can animate the scenes as well as have still images from a wide variety of interesting angles. Thanks in advance!
  11. Did you see my High School Rebrand project? I'm pretty proud of it. You should go take a look. In any case, that project was also my first foray into Photorealistic Templates. Specifically PSDs. I think they just look better - no offense to vector work - from a presentation standpoint. My soccer kits were presented like this: And now - you can use MY template! ONE FINAL TIP The best way to make it look like your work is realistically on the jersey is the use of 1) warp/free distortion and 2) the Displacement filter. Free distortion is, I feel, self explanatory. However, displacement is a tricky beast. In the file, I did my best to color code/name layers appropriately. Yellow layers, you fill the layer with your color and you're set. There is a Blue layer in the Texture folder. Select all in that layer, copy/paste into a new document. Now, you're gonna want to blur it. Filter > Gaussian Blur. I find 2-5 pixels works best here. Save it as a new .psd file. Call it something like SoccerDisplace.psd. Something easy to remember/find. Now, go back to the actual template. Lets say you're working on a set that has stripes (ahem my high school kits ahem). Don't worry about bending. Just draw straight lines/shapes. (if you're working on it as a group, just duplicate the group and then flatten it. this is called "non-destructive editing.") Once you're happy with it on one layer, go to Filter > Distort > Displace. A new window pops up. I find smaller values work well here - 4-10 on both scales. Make sure Stretch to Fit and Repeat Edge pixels are selected. Hit ok. It'll then ask you for a displacement map. CHOOSE THAT SOCCERDISPLACE.PSD FILE. Voila! Photoshop will distort accordingly and it looks realistic. You can still tweak it, but that's the gist. Holler if you need anything more! Jordan
  12. Little fun fact: your boy used to play lacrosse in high school! I love the game, I really do. I'm guilty for not following it enough. I started following the SB Nation college lacrosse blog this past January. Since then, I can't escape it. Tons of small New York schools show up on my timeline daily. Then over spring break, my friend gave me back two of my three sticks, since she wasn't using them. I had no choice but to make a vector template! So since my template making overall has improved since my last phase of lacrosse concepts, I needed to start new. I started from my soccer template. But the only thing that remained was the pants. I changed the jersey shape and cut, shortened the sock, threw on Mathew McElroy's glove template, entirely remade a penny because it wouldn't be lacrosse without it. I made it look exactly like my high school team. Finished with some branding to make it easy on everyone, and bam! Here it is! Right now, it's in SVG. You can download it below. I'm gonna convert it to .AI soon, but I just prefer woring in inscape on templates. Download my NuLax template here!
  13. Present your logo on a realistic Ice Hockey Rink, using photoshop in one click! Hand Crafted 4K Photoshop Logo Mockup An NBA Logo on an Ice Rink Wait what ? Yup! with the Ice rink Photoshop Logo mock up you can put any logo on a realistic Ice rink.. Show off your Business Logo, School’s Mascot, or Sports Branding on an Ice Hockey Rink with a cool 3D render, featuring Changeable Color for the Ice Floor, Realistic lighting, and One-Click-Logo integration. DOWNLOAD PSD
  14. The Website is up and now you can get The Most Realistic Football Uniform Photoshop Template Super Editable, Fully Built in 3D, with Reflections, Shadows, Cleanly Separated,To Give you Total Control over the final look of your Design, so if you need a matt finish Unifrom, You can lower the Opacity of The Reflections, or even hide them all together.. Or if you need more intense Shadows to fit your scene,.. you can do it in one click.. Here is a tutorial i made using this template, on to create the Broncos jersey side/Frond/Back in under 10 minutes For sports Logos members, you can Use the Coupon Code Below to get 20% off.. Valid till Feb 23rd Get this Template From Here :
  15. and I'm back with a new template the Abstract Fields are 3 scenes for photoshop, to add a 3D depth to your sports edits, photography, and designs, With Total control over Every aspect. Change the Colors of the Grass field, BasketBall Court, and The Hockey Rink, with one Click, Pick from 4 Backgrounds, and turn on/off the background light as they are on a different layer, all delivered in Ultra 4K resolution! GET THE PSD's
  16. NFL Logo on a basketball court, wait what ?!.. yup! with this Basketball Court mockup you can place any logo on a basketball court within seconds! Show off your Business Logo, School’s Mascot, or Sports Branding on a Basketball court with a cool 3D render, featuring Changeable Color for the wooden Floor, Realistic lighting, and One-Click-Logo integration. DOWNLOAD NOW Here is a sneak peak of whats coming next
  17. Hi, There based on your feedback off of my last post, I went back to the Drawing Board, and ever-since.. I've been Working on a new website, its Launching this SB50 weekend!.. in the meantime Here is a quick freebie to give you a taste of whats to come I was able to create this Superbowl Banner below within 2 minutes, only using this mockup.. More Examples : More Info Here : Head over to Sports Templates to get your own Copy for free your feedback is Greatly important, and please let me know if you have any ideas for future mockups/templates that you'd like to see made " I'm already working on full Football, Baseball, BasketBall, Hockey, and Soccer" templates with super high resolution, that are totally royalty free, so you can use them on your portfolio or when presenting your works.. Here is a sneak peak on one of the products that will be released next week
  18. Hello all, Recently I have been struggling to find a realistic NBA template for Illustrator that I can use for my basketball concepts. With no luck finding a fitting template, I decided to create my own to use, and would love to share it with you guys! In return, I only ask that you give me credit when you use it for your own work, and I can't wait to see it out there! There are five total templates, with each NBA franchise falling into one of the designs. Here is how each team falls. Template 1 –Los Angeles Lakers –Miami Heat –Dallas Mavericks –Toronto Raptors –Detroit Pistons Template 2 –Chicago Bulls –Cleveland Cavaliers –Boston Celtics –New York Knicks –Portland Trailblazers Template 3 –Milwaukee Bucks –Golden State Warriors –Indiana Pacers –Orlando Magic Template 4 –New Orleans Pelicans –Brooklyn Nets –Houston Rockets –Memphis Grizzlies –Philadelphia 76ers –San Antonio Spurs –Denver Nuggets –Minnesota Timberwolves –Oklahoma City Thunder –Utah Jazz –Atlanta Hawks –Charlotte Hornets –Los Angeles Clippers –Phoenix Suns –Sacramento Kings –Washington Wizards Template 5 –Sleeved Design (template 4 collar) And here is how they look: And here is the link to the files Enjoy! –Trent Daniel, tbdaniel15
  19. Hey guys, here for your pleasure I have Nike newest uniform template, the Elite Mach Speed set. I made this template to use for some NFL and College Football series and wanted to share with the community as well! Template is for Adobe Illustrator in an .ai file. Also included is a .psd file made directly from this template by Bucks Fan. Thanks for doing that man! Just with some of my other templates, the only thing I ask with this free template is that you mention my name (Trent Daniel or tbdaniel15) when you use this and give me credit for my work. Other than that, enjoy it! I hope it can help some of your projects pop. .psd http://www.mediafire...y_BucksFan5.rar .ai *Note* There are helmet and pant stripes hidden within the layers. Simply pressing alt+opt+3 to reveal these for you to access!
  20. Hey! This is my first ever concept uniform and I did my favorite college team the Wisconsin Badgers. Huge thanks to Logan Weaver for the awesome Nike template. Remember this is my first concept uniform so there will most likely be a lot of messing up and sloppiness. I would like some critiques and criticism from the people that have done this before and know what looks good and what doesn't and such. Thanks.
  21. Hey guys! It's been awhile since I last created a topic here in the Concept section. I'm back with my very first custom-made template. The first template I used was OK for a little while, but was dated and took up a bit more space on my CPU than I wanted. The second template was a copy o another, but when I asked the original creator if I could use it, he kindly said no, which I respect. Finally I decided to create my own. Here it is: Here is the reference image: Thoughts on the template?
  22. Over the summer, I took a little break from my NHL Redux series (sorry for the shameless plug ) mainly because of time constraints. But when I did have some free time, I worked on a project to create a hockey player model template on Illustrator. I've always felt that there aren't many good player model templates out there for hockey, so I took it upon myself to recreate one. This took a lot of time and effort, as well as a lot of tinkering, refining, etc. Let me know what you all think! I may release this to the public sometime in the future. Here is a plain view of the entire template: I've also come up with a few different generic reebok template cuts, so here are some examples.... C&C is always appreciated
  23. So, as I was trying to finally find raysox's amazing soccer template (after months and months of searching, I've been on a template revolution lately) I decided to create a template of my own and see how well it would fare in the new template generation. It's a little outdated but I figured it was worth a shot.I tried a smidge of realistic shading on parts, but I don't know much about that so any pointers would be helpful . So here it is! I have Inkscape and Paint versions ready and Photoshop will come later. Paint Version Inkscape Version Enjoy and Happy creating!
  24. Hi guys! I made myself a Nike basketball template and thought I might as well share it with you guys! I don't really know how the whole downloadable template works so I'm just going to post a picture of it and you guys can use it how you please! Plus and example of how it can be used with my old high school team:
  25. So while fishing around for logos for a concept series I'm doing, I came across this cool little keychain: I looked pretty cool, so I thought to do a template based on it and this is what I ended up with (helmet template by scottysprings): It's only in PNG and is Paint compatible. Hope you guys like it!