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  1. I took bits and pieces of other templates around here and made this ultimate(for more info go here template, I know talks around here about getting one so I decided to make one. Feel free to C&C and leave concepts made with it. Thanks!, ECUFan25
  2. Hello, There.. Been a long time lurker around here, but just decided to get my own account today.. and thought I'd ask you guys .. What Photoshop Sports templates do you need the most ? I've made this Photoshop Riddler 360 Helmet template last year, where you can easily edit colors in one click, and add images/logos...etc and i've seen it used several times by users on this forum... So I'm currently looking forward to make more sports templates, so if you prefer specific angles, equipment, resolutions, or sports.. just let me know and i'd love to work on them.. Regards
  3. Hey guys- Now, I really have been looking for a new Paint soccer template, but most of them just don't have the variety or detail I want. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I looked at the kits on the main site, and transferred one of them over to paint. I filled in colored spots with white, changed the color to a grey that I think is dark enough it will show up on black, but won't be drained out by other shade of grey. I got rid of some details I thought unnecessary to make easier to work with. Now, before I release the rest of these, I wanted to show off a finished Puma product: I did get rid of the logos for Puma, because I thought them to tedious to do, but I think you could probably put new ones on in places you prefer. Logos for other companies will stay. This uniform was taken from a Czech Republic kit from 2014. Now, C&C is appreciated before I release the others, which will include Nike and Adidas, and maybe in the future, I will release some custom templates. Thanks for you time!
  4. Hello everyone, new member here. Long time listener, first time caller. Been a fan of this great site for a long time, finally decided to sign up. After finishing my pocket pro collection, and NCAA teambuilder collection, my latest uniform obsession is using & making templates. There are some amazing templates here, but many of the best ones are not usable by GIMP. The file & layers will open, but you wont be able to do anything with it. I have discovered why that is, and how to fix it. Sometimes, the problem is just the order of the "filter" layers (texture, shadow, reflection, etc). You might find the player is missing body parts, or the background is messed up, or its a completely solid image. To address this simply move the filter layers/group to the top. After doing the above step, sometimes there is another problem, that no desired colors are "flowing" through the filter layers to color your cant change the color of the uniform. To fix this you must find the group containing the filter layers, take each of the layers outside the group, and place them at the very top, in the same order they were in. Evidently they dont work on GIMP when they are contained within a group, unless the desired color layer is also in the group. After doing all this, sometimes there is still another problem, that you cant separate the colors into individual items...the entire image blends with the same selected color. This happens because apparantly all the layers that were intended to color specific areas, are instead showing as a completely solid color...the entire layer blends one color. I am guessing that the "cutouts" (cropped individual selections) intended to mask the layer are somehow lost in the process when opening a PSD file with GIMP. So we must create the layer masks ourselves, and place them either right on top of the layer, or next to the layer as a layer mask. Fortunately, some files contain layers containing elements that are already cropped, or that can be easily cropped. But it still requires some work to make them fit perfectly so the image looks right. More specific elements would require more specific cropping. If the file contains no crops we would have to make the layer mask from scratch, which is obviously alot more difficult. Might post some images of the steps or examples.
  5. not just here, but in another forum that I post my designs there are people asking for my template so I decided to share...but please, if you use, put the credits on it okay? Enjoy!!
  6. Hello all, Today I have for you an NCAA and NHL as well as USA High School Hockey rink templates. There is very few hockey rink templates on the internet, and even fewer that are compatible with Inkscspe. So without any further delay, here is my Inkscape Hockey Rink Templates. C&C is appreciated as I will be making updates. NCAA/ US HS Rink: MediaFire Link: NHL Hockey Rink: MediaFire Link:
  7. Hello everyone, I received a request for my kit template and I figured I would mock it up and release it in SVG. This template is entirely custom designed. I have exported all text to paths so it should show up as the exact image below when you download it. That way you don't have to worry about having a font installed or looking goofy when you open the file. Click the image to reach the download link.
  8. Hey peoples, Been a while and I haven't really had much time to put anything up. I've gotten tonnes of requests for my templates and since I figure I won't be doing anything with them, or at least can't see myself doing anything with them I figured it was time to share. At the link is a Photoshop file with front and back, and some 'tweakable' layers. Go forth and design. Hopefully it doesn't get as frustrating for you to use as it was for me. (That damn perspective!). If people want to make it so that this file is 'easier' to edit or what have you by all means go for it. I always got caught up working on these things on a project by project basis and found myself having to do certain things over and over. I've also posted this in the templates thread. In case mods want to delete this one. Enjoy, share your work, perhaps give some template credit to me if you could be so kind. https://www.dropbox....MPLATE.psd?dl=0
  9. Found a ESPN Sportscenter template (.PSD) yesterday on the MLB The Show forum that was posted back in June. Not every detail is perfect but I think it's close enough. After making a few minor changes to the original creator's template here's what my versions look like... Showing stats/highlights from 9/28/2014. News from that day include Packers vs Bears (shown in highlights), first Packers game after Rodgers' RELAX statement, Teddy Bridgewater's first NFL start, Steve Smith vs Panthers, JJ Watt 80-yd pick 6 vs Bills, last day of MLB regular season, and Jordan Zimmermann's no-hitter. Here's the other version that I made using parts of the template above... I will share my 2 versions after I get some C&C first. So I got a little C&C and got the fonts right so here are my versions of the template: Original creator's template Here's what the actual graphics looks like...
  10. Hey everyone I have been working on a high school football uniform database for London, Ontario for a while using a generic template, but now I have decided to create my own that wasn't generic, including different stitching and piping patterns. The schools in my city use mainly Under Armour, but also use Nike, Russell, AI, and Game Tuff Athletics. I started with Russell and this is what it looks like: And this is what it looks like with a design on it. AB Lucas SS 2014 uniforms (NOTE: Helmet is not made by myself) Any feedback on the template is appreciated. I will post Under Armour and Nike next
  11. Here's a preview of the Illustrator file:
  12. This is my first shot at making a template on Photoshop and it's based of a Alabama football promo by Nike. This is what it looks like... You can download it here... Feel free to give me any suggestions and I will try to make the necessary updates.
  13. Here's the first in my template series. It's the standard Nike NFL Elite, version 1. Illustrator CS3 Download Illustrator 10 Download SVG Download PDF Download
  14. this is my first post on these boards and i wanted to know what you thought. I made it on paint for paint so it'll be a little rough.
  15. I'm not sure about the rules involving posting HJC competition entries before the deadline so if I'm violating any rules please let me know. After a VERY long time using, I've finally moved on to Photoshop. Actually I made the transition a while ago but just recently I've become interested in making hockey concepts again. This is the first time I've put considerable effort into designing a new logo for a team. I've experimented with the idea but until now have never really come up with anything I was happy with. The transition to Photoshop definitely helped. Any criticism is appreciated, thanks!
  16. After a few months of trolling around for a Nike Basketball Template, I have decided to make my first attempt at developing a template. This comes with a front, back, left and right side views - the side views are situated in the same spot but hidden to reduce clutter. I also added the mesh pattern. Lastly, I was hoping for some more tips and tricks from the pros here. What can I add to make the Template more realistic? Is there anyone that can help clean it up? Without further adieu, after numerous Google searches for tips and tricks, here is the finished product: I do want to give credit to vnardella5 ( for inspiring the template from the Nike catalog.
  17. I was wondering if the Toronto Maple Leafs have kept with the 1997-2000 jerseys, the one with the numbers based on the logo's wordmark font. Anyways, here is what I would suggest: Lemme know your thoughts guys. P.S.: The following concepts aren't mine. The true credit and copyright goes to A_J_H.
  18. Hello everyone this isnt really a concept so hopefully people wont get pissed or anything but I wanted to know if anyone has created an Adidas Techfit Shockweb template, ive been trying really hard to find one and ive been trying to create one but there is so much detail in this uniform that its pretty hard, im about to put up a new Sun Belt football redesign and there are a few adidas schools id like to create with but if you dont know what the Shockweb uniforms look like here they are. And this is the closest I've found its the original Adidas Techfit from 2 years ago but im not a huge fan of it just because there isnt alot of detail in it. And this is actually the template i was working on editing its the Nike Elite 51 template and i was trying to convert it to the Shockweb but i kinda gave up on it. So if anyone has created an Adidas Techfit Shockweb Template if you would mind me using it that would be awesome but if you dont wanna share it its fine.
  19. I was wondering if the Ottawa Senators have kept with either of the jerseys between fall 1997 and spring 2007. Anyways, here I present the following: Here is version A, based on the 1997-2000 alternate turned 2000-2007 road red jersey: Here is version A, based on the 2000-2007 alternate black jersey: Lemme know your thoughts guys. P.S.: The following concepts aren't mine. The true credit and copyright goes to A_J_H.
  20. Here is a quick rebrand I did for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I wanted to give them a timeless look that represented the organization as a premier baseball franchise with rich history. Let me know what you think.
  21. I've done an NFL Redesign thread in the past, and i'm gonna give it another try. Since then, I've got photoshop, illustrator, and my skills have improved. So heres my new one! This is my first time using this template, so it is kinda rough, but heres the Redskins! WASHINGTON REDSKINS: Home Away (I know the white jersey doesn't look that good, i'm trying to find a better way to apply the white.) Alternate
  22. Hey everybody - its been a little while. Ive been really busy lately so havnt spent much time on here but ive noticed that no one has attempted to make a template of the new Riddell Speed Flex helmets. So... I present my vector Speed Flex helmet template! Feel free to use this however you see fit - your own templates, concepts, series - whatever! If you decide to use it, it would be cool to give me some acknowledgement, but whatever. Hopefully everybody will put this thing to good use! Currently, this is only available in .AI format for use in Adobe Illustrator (i dunno if Inkscape can do .AI or not...) due to some issues with exporting to .SVG. If someone would be kind enough to do the conversion for me, i would greatly appreciate it so we can get this available for anyone who may want to use it. Thats pretty much it. Let me know what you think and if any changes/improvements can be made! Enjoy! Template: Examples: Downloads: AI (Version 1.2) PSD SVG(coming soon!)
  23. I've made a vector template based off a popular template set you see around the forums... feel free to enjoy!
  24. I've seen multiple people use this template but I haven't seen it in SVG yet. So I took the time to recreate it, if there are any problems with it tell me LINK: removed
  25. I've been working on a new Nike template for the past couple of weeks and am even using an earlier version for chrisCLEMENT and my concept series. I have been able to get it fairly accurate thanks to a lot of pictures being posted for the Alamo Bowl. I decided to just test it out by doing a mock up of what Oregon is going to wear in their bowl game this year. The template is far from perfect at this point so it would be great if anybody has any suggestions or notices anything that needs to be fixed as more pictures are released. I'm sure I'll notice some things that need to be changed during the game as well.