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  1. Over the past month or so I have been working on my first ever fictional sports league. I came up with the league last year and I did not have the skills to make logos for the league, so I stuffed it away for almost a year. That league is the American Premier League. This is my first attempt at making logos for sports teams. So any C+C you have please feel free to post. Also, all cities are set in stone. I will probably ask for ideas for a team or two if I am stuck but the cities are here to stay. My inspiration for this series has come from Raysox' A-League and his fantastic APL. (I came up with the APL name before his series came out so it is just by coincidence that they have the same name) Enjoy! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The American Premier League was founded in 1960 by teams from Portland (Maine), Fresno, Tucson, Fargo, Albany, Boston, St. Louis, and El Paso. The goal of the league was to make the game of soccer more popular in America. Soccer was just beginning to gain popularity in America by the start of the 60’s. Attendance was low for the first few seasons and many doubted if the league would survive the decade. But in 1965 a new president emerged. Peter C. Wolters came aboard with one mission. To make the APL a top US sports league. He brought on a new city and one more in 1970, and by 1975 the APL was competing with the top sports leagues in america. The teams moved to bigger stadiums and in 1976 the APL was averaging 40,000 fans a game. Today the APL has grown to 12 teams. They are scattered all over the US. The newest team coming in 2012 from the Northwest. One thing the APL loves and has loved from the beginning is small market teams. Only 4 teams play in “major” cities. Even with small market team the APL averages about 7.5 million fans per regular season. Each teams plays a triple-round robin schedule, playing a total of 33 matches a season. Teams alternate between 16 and 17 home matches every year. The season runs from March to Mid-October. Every season since its inception in 1960, there has been playoffs. At the end of each season the top 4 teams in the APL standings play for the American Cup. The 1 seed plays the 4 seed and the 2 seed plays the 3 seed. The semifinals and finals are both best of 3 series. Bear Republic FC FC Tucson New York Empire North Star United Fargo Bison FC Portland 1907 Boston Rebels FC New Orleans FC (V2.0) Boise Forest Atlético El Paso AFC St. Louis Jacksonville FC
  2. I would have entered these into the contest that ASHI hockey is having but I didn't know about it until today. I have the home and away ones done and I'm working on the alternative one. The logo on the right shoulder would change for each ISBHF event.
  3. I'd love to get some thoughts on this jersey design I created for the USA Ball Hockey jersey contest. I created two custom logos along with a custom keyboardable font. The theme I'm rolling with is the "Red, White, & Blue for Gold" hence the gold leaf accents. Feel "free" to cast your vote Here! I'd appreciate any votes as I believe the contest is winding down this week. Thanks everyone. I want to see these hanging up in a locker room!
  4. I have three uniform concepts and a crest for the USSF. I'm using my women's soccer template, but they can be used for the entire federation. Primary Set Union Army Blue & Buff Revolutionary War Era Massachusetts "Pine Tree" Flag
  5. The results are terrible -- but understandable, given the circumstances.
  6. TCutt

    USMNT Soccer

    Before the US Men's National Team match against Guatemala, I was talking to some buddies at a tailgate about the best kits the US has worn and what they could do to improve, especially in regard to the white kit the Women's team wore through the entire World Cup. One conclusion we reached, as annoying as it may seem, was that the best and most popular kits for the US, and the ones that captured most of America's attention, were the ones that pandered the most. After having this conversation, I had a few ideas for kits and, after making them for this group of friends, that I would share them with people who know what they're doing. The best kit that we as a group agreed on, both with and without pandering, was the Where's Waldo/Stripes from the flag kit worn in 2012. It was popular with the average American because they saw the flag in it. Soccer fans, myself included, generally liked it because of the excellent use of hoops. I pretty much just remade this whole kit, with some slight changes. I updated the NOB font to the current font and used a similar font, just with the inline, for the number. I decided not to put a number on the front simply because I thought it looked smoother and I feel like it just made it too busy. The other kit design is completely new. With the recent Women's white kit that lacked any Red or Blue, we discussed what designs we could use that might not have any red or blue in it, and we decided on a Don't Tread On Me Kit. I believe in the 2010 World Cup, Nike created a Don't Tread On Me US Soccer logo, and I have always felt like it's underused. For this kit, I based it off of the flag itself. I put the snake logo as a sweatback design, which may not be traditional but I thought it was a nice touch. I also outlined it in yellow and put it on the shorts. I have also given the torso of the jersey a snakeskin pattern, once again referencing the snake on the flag itself. I feel like there's something missing, and I'd like to think of a patch to put on the shoulders there, but still. I am working on a white kit, but I figured I'd share these two before I finish that. Any and all C&C is greatly appreciated! Thanks guys.
  7. - Simple design which is what is needed after the last two interesting away designs - "I Believe" on the inside collar
  8. Return to the older, darker colorsTribute to/modernized version of the 2006 kitReturn to the white shirt and blue shorts comboUSWNT version of the kit will have stars above logo"I Believe" on inside collar
  9. Hi everyone! Here are some of the USA Soccer T-shirts I designed to support the USWNT during the World Cup & the USMNT during the Gold Cup. They are on sale for $15.99 via TeeSpring at
  10. So with the release of the new USA home kit, I decided to give a it try. The new home and away kits I like design wise, for the home kit I get why people don't like them, in terms of the lack of blue and red. I have designed three kits. The home kit is a combo of the 2014 home world cup kit and the iconic red hoop look from 2012. there are 13 stripes (7 red and 6 white) just like the flag. I do like the use of red and royal blue, which the team has used in recent years. The away kit is an all blue kit the top is a dark blue with a star gradient that fades to the royal blue at the bottom. The home and away kits are supposed to be like the two parts of the USA flag, Home=stripes, Away= Stars. For the third kit I went with a throwback look with the centennial logo, classic white top with dark blue shorts and socks which both have the dark red accents, this is similar to the throwback they had before the world cup the main difference is the red accent color, and the socks not being white. C&C is welcomed, I actually want C&C because I want to post updates and see if the designs can get better. Here is an updated version. I added a fourth kit. Captain america kit with the dark blue
  11. I always thought it'd be amazing if the Olympic Committee added American Football to the Summer Olympics. There's no doubt that the U.S. would win gold every year. Since it seems like the USA has the best uniforms at the Olympics and other world sporting events, I wondered what our football uniforms would look like. I decided to go a little more simple on the home uniforms, but I kinda wanted to go all out on the road uniforms. I will be starting on red alternate uniforms soon. Please leave feedback. If you have ideas, don't hesitate to let me know. Every suggestion matters. Thank you. Navy (Home) White (Road) Red (Alternate)
  12. I've had a recent ambition to start a fictional football (soccer) league. This league is in Diomede, a country I made up. Intro Teams
  13. So my Tropics identity project and role in the WIHF project has taken a backseat to the HJC World Cup of Hockey Competition for a couple of days. I know a few other people have posted regarding that So I won't bore you with any details about it other than I did each team that was eligible for entries except for Russia. I just couldn't come up with anything that I really liked for them and I've seen a couple of other Russia entries in the contest and it'd be downright rude of me to even try to beat them. So I'll post one or two of these a day to keep this going and get as many comments as I can. Just because I sent these in to HJC for the contest doesn't mean I'm not willing to change them up for display on my personal sites. First up, the fine U S of A Oversized yoke, Bold classic striping and numbers. Shield logo is based on the shield used in last year's Olympics. Maybe you can't see it but the shield features some subtle stars behind the "USA".
  14. I've always wondered what it would be like if football was in the Olympics. So the way I have it set up is a 16 team bracket. here's the qualified teams: USA Canada Great Britian Germany Austria Mexico France China Japan Russia Netherlands Argentina Australia Brazil Czech Republic Poland Starting with the USA away will be posted soon. C&C is appreciated and questions are welcome. Edit: Now is 18 team bracket with Italy and Spain replacing the Czech Republic and Poland, plus the addition of Denmark and Sweden
  15. My first concept jersey is for the glorious motherland (of Russia). This, obviously, was inspired by the "big Red Machine" uniforms, and I tried to use a custom letter font for the front of the jersey so it would look like it was really the old typeface.
  16. It may be about 7 months away, but the group draw will be on Friday, and I didn't see one like it. It would be cool to see everyone's predictions some of the favorites are: Spain (Defending champs, #1 FIFA Ranking) Germany (3rd place, loads of young talent, #2 FIFA Ranking) Brazil (Hosts, confederation cup champs, only ranked 10th in the latest FIFA Ranking probably due to a lack of qualifying matches) Argentina (Still got Messi, #3 in FIFA Rankings)
  17. Looks like Nike borrowed a page from the Adidas college basketball catalogue
  18. Since the Lacrosse World Championships will be starting July 10th i thought I'd try to create some uniform concepts for some of the teams. I will try to do all 38 teams but the teams i will be doing for sure are: Finland, Mexico, Columbia, Spain, Israel, Korea, Slovakia, Sweden, China, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, USA, Canada, England, and Iroquois. I will start with mexico and Finland. First up is Finland. I used the international hockey logo of the lion and then used Duke as my inspiration for the uniform. For Mexico i used the baseball logo. I know it looks strange and almost like a mcDonalds m so i didn't use it except for on the one helmet. I used the 2006 soccer uniforms as inspiration.
  19. What's up everyone- I am not a huge soccer fan but after watching the world cup I was inspired to rebrand the team. Although i did like some aspects of the teams current look, I think it could be improved. Team USA's current look: I like: -Keeping a "crest" or "shield" as a predominant logo -Stars and stripes, the most iconic symbols of america -Obviously red, white, and blue I DO NOT like: -Abbreviated "US" rather than "USA" -The pretense of the soccer ball looks amateur and not necessary -Light blue & light red look more playful than aggressive and powerful -Beveled stars are inconsistant and also unnecessary Here is mine! Uniforms are coming soon. What do you think? Thanks! ------------update! Here is some updates based on your responses! I tried to cover all of the requests. What are your thoughts on these?
  20. I usually post my concepts once they're pretty well developed but I thought I'd try jumping in a bit earlier in the process this time. It started with a doodle. I was on a call the other day and I started doodling a soccer ball. I was zoning out and thinking about the World Cup coming up and how terrible our current crest was. As I was sketching I started turning the pentagonal panels of the ball into another 5-centric shape, a star. Now, I've since done some Google searching and I've learned that I'm clearly not the first person to make this geometric connection. However, that makes it all the more painful to me that the US Soccer logo doesn't utilize it! Today I did some more sketches and came up with a layout that I think works quite well for a crest (excuse the terrible S, I've always struggled with that letter): The star-studded ball defines the bottom shape of the crest (I've always loved crests that use this shape). Then there are red & white stripes which pay homage to the Centennial crest and fixes the dumbfounding blue stripe issue with the current crest. Lastly a bold, block USA at the top rather than the Helvetica Bold Italic they use now. Like I said, still rough but I think it has some potential. I'll update later with some vector comps. Updates: Jump to the rough crest. Jump to the updated crest. Jump to the rough roundel. Jump to the updated roundel. Jump to the change kit. Buy it on a t-shirt! Jump to the home & Captain America kits.
  21. Just wondering how it wold be if Nike be the official Sponsor of Major League Soccer. As a Brazilian I'm addicted to the sport and also the jerseys, for me the teams in MLS have amazing kits and you can "play" a lot with some of them. I won't have a solid chronogram or plan, but I decided to start with the Eastern Conference clubs. So it may take that order: Eastern Conference: - Houston Dynamo - NY Red Bulls - Columbus Crew - Montreal Impact - Toronto FC - Chicaco Fire - New England Revolution - Philadelphia Union - Sporting City Kansas - DC United Western Conference: - LA Galaxy - Chivas USA - FC Dallas - Colorado Rapids - Portland Timbers - Seattle Sounders - San Jose Earthquakes - Vancouver Whitecaps - Real Salt Lake
  22. Saathoff's Soccer Concepts This is the topic for all my soccer concepts. There will be multiple series included in the topic. Current Series: The Future of North American Soccer 2024 Table of Contents: North America Seattle Sounders FC Athletic Club of California - MLS Portland Timbers FC - MLS New York Cosmos - NASL Chivas USA - MLS Europe: West Ham United F.C. - English Premier League
  23. I thought it was time to open up this topic, since we're so keen on talking about hockey 24/7/365 here anyway. Let's get it going! Who are our expected medal contenders this time around? Is the COC going to continue its 2010 podium success in 2014? And what about the call for boycotts due to the recent laws against LGBT relations passed by the Kremlin? Discuss!
  24. Welcome to the new thread for My Journey to My Best Concept. If this works you should see a poll attached with this new thread. In case you are not familiar with what I am doing let me do a quick rundown. I am on a journey to produce the best total concept I can. To do this I am making concepts for the four largest cities in every U.S. State and Canadian Province as well as 16 additional wild card cities. Along the way I am having you vote to help me advance the better concept. This is still in its infancy so there is a lot to vote on. It has been moved to this thread because the previous thread experienced some technical glitches (it would not let me create new polls). The old thread is still up and you can look back on all that has been done already if you wish. Also for a while I will be running both threads simultaneously, until I am convinced this new thread will not run into the same technical issues as the last, so you can vote on both this and that thread. I will count votes this way. On this thread only votes on the poll will count, on the old thread you will need to post your vote in a reply. Though replies will not count as votes on this thread I still encourage you to comment and even post your votes so everyone can know where you stand. Your comments help to evolve the concepts. If you look over the old thread you will clearly see that previous comments made shaped changes to the concepts.
  25. Article Link: http://www.caughtoff...s-soccer-crest/ Petition link is here: http://www.change.or...=share_petition