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  1. I've been on this forum for a while and I saw that others (hugevolsfan and CJ Zilligen) had shared personal/fictional football leagues with their own designs. I have my own fictional football league that I came up with more than 30 years ago, and I've had it knocking around in my brain and on paper ever since. I always thought I was the only football helmet/logo geek out there -- glad to see I'm not the only one. There's a rather long backstory to my league -- the Continental Football League -- so I'll try to sum it up. I started this concept league in 1983-84 when I was in ninth grade as a mashup of the Canadian Football League, USFL and World Football League, with several teams of my own creation (Hurricanes, Mustangs, Wolfpack, Thunderbirds, etc.) to fill out a 28-team league that roughly paralleled the NFL, but as an East-West league like the NHL or NBA. Since I am not much of an artist and many of the teams in my league exist in the real world in some form, I used helmets from MG's Helmets to display the vision of my league, using Photoshop to make changes. In some cases, I used logos from other artists on here or elsewhere in cyberspace, but I give full credit to the artists' original work -- and I do not profit from any of this, this league is for my own enjoyment. In other cases, I recolored logos to suit the teams I came up with. Full credit goes to hugevolsfan for the Memphis Blues -- that's his idea, although I use a recolored Philadelphia Soul helmet for them. I had gone through several nicknames for Memphis over the years, but I have no idea why I didn't think of the Blues years ago! My original Memphis team was the Wolfpack using North Carolina colors, but they morphed into other teams before I settled on the Blues after seeing hugevolsfan's. As for some of the other helmets, all credit to CJ Zilligen for the current Jacksonville Sharks' and Colorado Grizzlies' logos. They are outstanding works and wanted to plug his artwork. Credit also goes to the creators of the logos for the Miners and Mustangs, also among my favorites. Again, this league is completely for my own enjoyment, but I thought I would share another concept league. The Arizona Inferno are my homage to my favorite logo -- the Atlanta Flames' flaming A. The Carolina Hurricanes actually, for me, dates back to a team I created in 1984 (as the Houston Hurricane originally), but the helmet is MG's Helmets' concept from the NHL team. I had discovered Canadian football in 1982 when NBC showed some games during the NFL strike and ESPN started its coverage of the CFL. I also happened to have an English teacher, Mr. Niles, who was Canadian and let me borrow a couple of books he had about the CFL. My family took a vacation to Ontario in the summer of '83, so I bought a couple more CFL books. I was fascinated with football helmets and logos to begin with, and bored with the same old NFL logos, so I was thrilled to see new teams and colors -- including arrival of the USFL in the spring of '83, and a 10th anniversary story of the WFL in Football Digest magazine showed that late-lamented league's logos (in black and white). So I had the brilliant idea around that time to invent my own league with CFL teams, plus select teams from the USFL and WFL, and a few of my own concept teams. Using a blank helmet template traced from an NFL preview book, I created a league with paper and colored pencils. I originally dubbed it the North American Football League (NAFL), but changed it to the Continental Football League a few years later (I knew there was a minor Continental League in the 1960s, but at the time I knew very little about it). I developed an origin story -- the Canadian league merging with teams from two other smaller pro leagues in the U.S. south and eastern seaboard in the mid to late 1950s to compete with the NFL -- and each team had its own history, as well. I created the league as a hybrid of American and Canadian rules to create the most exciting game possible, in a fictional timeline where the AFL never existed (although some teams did, but as NFL teams) as my league and the NFL competed for expansion cities. Sometimes, in my free time, I traced football photos and recolored them as teams from my league. Over three decades, I tweaked and retrofitted teams to change nicknames and helmet/uniform designs and colors, finding teams that I liked in the Arena Football League, NFL Europe or CFL expansion (Baltimore Stallions) and replacing original teams. Since my league has always paralleled the NFL in format, my CFL expanded to 30 and 32 teams. I also developed past helmets that teams used in previous decades. Two very interesting things with my Continental Football League -- I came up with the Ottawa Renegades and Carolina Hurricanes a decade or two before the actual CFL and NHL teams. When I first drew up my league in 1984, I know CFL purists will hate this, but I never liked two Roughriders/Rough Riders, so I kept Saskatchewan the same and changed Ottawa to the Renegades, using a black, white and red version of the Orlando Renegades USFL helmet (eventually switching to the Ottawa Renegades' CFL helmet when they arrived in 2002). As for the Hurricanes, I love the nickname and wanted a team with that name and the same red/white/black colors -- and since Charlotte, NC, did not have a pro team at the time (1984), that was my natural landing spot (although Houston Hurricanes was a possibility, as well). I originally used the old WFL Portland Storm logo -- recolored in red and black -- until I saw the Carolina Hurricanes' NHL logo. Another is the Montreal Alouettes/Baltimore Stallions history -- in this alternate timeline, Montreal moved to Baltimore in the 1980s instead of going defunct, and the Washington Sentinels (remember "The Replacements"?) moved to Montreal in the '90s. I created or recolored several teams because there were many color combinations I like that were not in the NFL or CFL in the 1980s, but were in the college ranks, so there are several teams that represent some of those great color combinations -- black and teal, dark green and black, maroon and metallic gold, orange and navy, green and blue (think Hartford Whalers), purple and silver, garnet and gold. I have teams that have stayed in the same city, but have undergone multiple nickname changes until I found something that sounded right. I had the Michigan Panthers right up until a few weeks ago -- I was playing musical nicknames among the Wolfpack, Mustangs and Thunder, but I always wanted a team called the Wolfpack, so I retrofitted the Panthers as the Wolfpack after a rebranding, circa 1980. EDIT: I ended up going back to the Michigan Panthers from the start, and having the Wolfpack be the Chicago franchise. NOTE: Attached below are the current (2016-present) lineup of my Continental Football League -- Eastern Football Conference and Western Football Conference. I decided to give new life to the CFL's former East and West division logos -- we can just switch Division to Conference:
  2. With rumors floating of a possible comeback of the XFL, I remembered the last time Birmingham, Alabama had a pro outdoor football team. Up until the United Football League, there had been a Birmingham team in most startup pro football leagues. Now timeline may be a bit iffy like the last look back I did but I hope you will get a general sense of what the teams were like. This is little simpler than last time as many of teams lived brief lives. Sometimes glorious, sometimes not. First off, we have the 1974 Birmingham Americans of the World Football League, they will be first Birmingham team in the WFL and the only champions as the league fold shortly into its 2nd season. The logo was an A that alluded to the American flag with 3 red stripes making up one half of the A and a solid blue part making the other. Pretty prominently featured is the star made out of the negative space created by the blue and red halves, A little blue triangle was added at the bottom to complete the star. There were two alternate logos that were used This one is the primary logo with an Birmingham Americans wordmark up top. Birmingham being in blue and Americans in red. The 2nd had the blue wordmark moved to the right side and the font changed The road jerseys were blue with white numbers and an alternating red-white stripes on the sleeve Pants were white complemented by a red belt and had a blue stripe bookended by red -white stripes on both side. Pants were not changed for home jerseys Home jerseys were white with blue numbers outlined in red and there was an alternating red-blue stripe on the sleeve. it appears the 0 and holes in 8 in the numbers on sleeves ere filled in with red Socks were the same for both home and road with a pattern of blue-white-red-white-red-white-blue Helmets were white with grey facemasks and the primary logo were on both sides. There was a blue stripe bookended on both sides by a red stripe. The Americans would fold after the 1974 WFL season but was replaced with the Vulcans for the 1975 season The Vulcans primary logo was a blue V with a red flare enclosed in a blue circle. The V was designed to resemble a torch with the flare being a flame, the V following in the Americans footsteps used negative space to create a shape which in the Vulcans case was a football. The alternate logo was the torch V placed in a blue wordmark Uniforms did not change much. Socks were same for both road and home. blue-red stripes bookending a white stripe in middle. Helmets essentially the same aside from a logo change and the addition of a blue facemask Although the WFL went under, the Vulcans moniker would resurface in the American Football Association a few years later. As this is a bit obscure minor league football team, scant info exists on the web. The AFA Vulcans ditched the red, white, and blue color scheme of the previous Vulcans and opted for red and black. The primary logo can be seen as a spin on the Americans land Vulcans logo. As it is the Americans A and the letter V conjoined together. This time with no negative space in the A which is replaced by a football. There still is use of a negative space to create a torch with the insides of a V. Only uniform I could find is a black uniform with red number outlined in white. The stripes on the sleeves were orange-white-orange-white-orange. Atop the numbers, you can see there is a Vulcans wordmark in orange outlined in white. The V is made of three red stripes and a black part. The V makes a torch out of the negative space and a flame
  3. WESTEROS FOOTBALL LEAGUE What's up everyone. For my first post I am proud to present a project I have been working on for quite a bit. If you're a fan of Game of Thrones and the NFL, then this may be for you. The project takes the question, "What if Westeros had its own professional football league?", and brings it to life. For those that are unfamiliar, Westeros is the main continent of the World of Ice and Fire, and the setting of the very popular HBO show, Game of Thrones. Based off the best-selling book series by George RR Martin, Game of Thrones just wrapped up its seventh season. With the NFL season starting, I thought it would be a great time to present this series. Without further ado, here it is. THE TEAMS Each team is based off one of the major houses in Westeros. The teams' uniforms and branding draw from different aspects of each house such as the house sigil, the house words, characters attire, and more. You may also notice some teams draw inspiration from NFL teams as well. I have decided to begin with twelve teams to keep things simple, however, there is definitely the possibility of expanding beyond that in the future. The North Castle Black Crows Bear Island Bears Winterfell Direwolves The East Eyrie Falcons Dragonstone Dragons Storm's End Stags The West Pyke Kraken Clegane's Keep Kennel Lannisport Lions The South Riverrun Trout Highgarden Flowers Sunspear Sandsnakes
  4. So a post in another thread got me thinking... The mothership doesn't have quality WFL logos, and I do. So I will post RGB optimized (thanks to CWx) versions of the WFL logos I do have. I have all the WFL helmet logos (except the Washington Ambassadors), but very few of the logotypes (yet). I also have all helmet graphics for them as well. Here's the first up, the 1975 Shreveport Steamer Next up, 1974 Detroit Wheels Now, 1975 Jacksonville Express Fourth, 1975 Portland Thunder #5, 1975 San Antonio Wings