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  1. What are your favorite pro wrestling logos? It could be anything from pay-per-views to personal wrestler logos to championship side plate logos to even bottom-third chirons. Anything pro wrestling related. My favorite pay-per-view logo is WrestleMania XIX. If WWE were to “standardize“ an annual WrestleMania logo, I would want it to be based on this one.
  2. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/12/16/is-the-xfl-coming-back/ I know they kind of teased it at the end of that 30 for 30 special earlier this year, but I didn't think they were serious.
  3. With the WWE and FOX Broadcasting reaching an agreement to broadcast Smackdown Live from October 2019 it's only a matter of time before they take over completely. As a result here is what I came up with to show branding Raw and SmackDown will move to FOX on Monday and Tuesday Nights whilst NXT will move to FS1 In addition 205 Live as well as specialty events like the Mae Young Classic and the Mixed Match Challenge will be held on FS1 (MYC will be LIVE not Tape delayed like previous years) This is bold but I believe that the "Big 4 Pay Per Views" should be held on the big FOX network. If these are huge events why charge people to watch it on TV. Now selfishly as well I wanna see Joe Buck go through a table but jokes aside I think this could easily work *Note WrestleMania logo is just a random concept I made up Now last but not least. Look we can all agree that this is now a big ppv so why not take the next step and do it on national TV in prime time. It would be (no pun intended) F-A-B-O-U-L-O-U-S (not sorry for the Carmella reference)
  4. Idea for a new tertiary title for the WWE. sideplates based off of a phone, center is based off a television. black leather belt, silver would be nickel. black in the screens would be glossy, WWE Network logo and champion would be flush with the “screen” surface with logo done in gemstones and champion in nickel, black dot on “tv casing” would be black gemstone. Phone shaped sidepieces have the Peters projection map split in half. nickel for silver, onyx for black, faux ruby sheet for red. silver between the plates would be nickel versions of the beveled roundels on the main belts.
  5. NYCT

    WWE Logo concept

    I made a new WWE logo concept. I modeled this after the old school late 80's - early 90's WWF Logo, added the "E" and outlined the WWE with the colors of each show. The middle one represents the WWE Main roster with Raw (red) and Smackdown Live (blue). The left represents NXT with the yellow and black and the right represents 205 Live with the Purple and orange.
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