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  1. Once upon a time, the Hub City was home of the Red Stockings Beaneaters Doves Pilgrims Rustlers Braves Bees Braves. Both uniforms in the set are somewhat loosely based on the uniforms worn by 1914's Miracle Braves, though instead of the block B and completely red chief on the sleeve of the originals, I used the B from the Braves script and the more colorful Indian of the 40s. Also a B on each cap (the originals were logo-free), with the home cap's B being white trimmed in red to separate itself at least somewhat from the Red Sox. Yes, the blue-gray with red pinstripes actually happened. And was worn for more than one season. Mindblowing, I know. Up the road from Third Base to Huntington, they sang another victory song... The grays are a loose nod to the Huntington Avenue era, when there was a BA (the A being for American League) on the chest. The whites, meanwhile, are a nod to the first Red Sox uniform from 1908. Hey, what can I say, so I've posted a similar jersey before...why mess with a winning formula? Saturday will see the release of the NYC trio.
  2. Once upon a time, St. Louis had two MLB teams. The problem was, though, that big league baseball was growing to the point that there was only room in town for one team. I take you back to the mid 40s, when a man with one leg and a mind filled to the brim with ideas ahead of their time was trying to ensure the last team standing under the Arch would be wearing brown. His vision of the club ruling a city's baseball scene would come to pass, just not how he envisioned it, exactly. Browns On the tan roads, it didn't show up as well as I hoped it would, but I used double pinstripes. On the home whites, I used a brown-trimmed front pocket, similar to one found on a 1900s uniform. The older styled SL distinguishes the cap from the STL nowadays linked to the Cards. I'd originally had the Browns shield on the left sleeve, but decided to replace it with the Health patch, given the time period I was going for. Cardinals Like my more modern effort a few months back, figured I'd aim for something one could imagine the 1940s Cards wearing for a special occasion. The Remaining List: Canada (Blue Jays vs Expos-90s) Texas (Astros vs Rangers-2000s) St. Louis (Cardinals vs Browns-40s) Philly (Phillies vs A's-30s or 40s) NYC (Dodgers vs Giants vs Yankees-mid 50s) Beantown (Red Sox vs Braves-late 1940s) I-94 (Brewers vs White Sox-1997)