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  1. Hey all, So I was doing a random search online for the New Jersey Nets old early 90s wordmark and I stumbled upon some conceptual logos for 1997 Nets Identity Change/Exploration Logos. I've never seen anyone talk about these. Does anyone know about them? They're all pretty horrible to me. FYI: If there's still a thread for unrealized logos, just add this post to it.
  2. Decided to do a mini-series inspired by the Mariners "Past Meets Present" scheme. However, the reverse applies to this series, as I am taking the best/most infamous sports logos of the 90s and giving them a modern color refresh, rather than the other way around. I'm starting off with the NHL, before moving onto the NBA, and MLB (I'm skipping the NFL because the league significantly lacks iconic "90s" logos and colors). With regard to the NHL series, the logos featured are the only ones that had noticeable color changes. In my opinion, the Blues and Canucks old logos with their new color schemes look the best while the old Capitals logo looks the worst with its new scheme. Hope you enjoy this series!
  3. What, in your opinion, is the most 1990s uniform of all time? A few nominations from me: ---Mighty Ducks' "Wild Wing" alternate: ---Villanova men's hoops 1994-95 road jerseys: ---Kentucky's "claw mark" road jerseys: ---Kentucky's "denim" jerseys: ---Toronto Raptors' first few seasons ---New England Patriots' 1993 home ---New England Patriots' 1996 home or road ---Any of MLB's "Turn Ahead the Clock" sets ---New York Islanders' infamous "Fisherman" jerseys ---Carolina Panthers' whole set from inaugural season until logo change ---Something else altogether? If it helps, you can go sport-by-sport, and even separate between professional and amateur. I'd also be interested to see people's opinions of the "most 80s" and "most 70s" uniforms out there, though I myself was just born in '84. As far as wordmarks go, I don't think anything can challenge the Panthers' pre-logo-change script:'>