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  1. apparently this is a legit leak of the Barça 2014-15 kits: i'm LOVIN that away kit, fwiw. ps: this thread can fall away until we see more 2014/15 stuff...
  2. I realize this could be added to the 2014-15 NBA season thread, but I wanted to start out with roster predictions. Hopefully others will share theirs. Apologies if there is already a similar thread. WESTERN CONFERENCE (Predictions) Starters: Steph Curry, GS Kobe Bryant, LAL Blake Griffin, LAC Anthony Davis, NO Marc Gasol, MEM Reserves: James Harden, HOU Chris Paul, LAC Kevin Durant, OKC LaMarcus Aldridge, POR Damian Lillard, POR DeMarcus Cousins, SAC Russell Westbrook, OKC Snubs: Klay Thompson, GS Dwight Howard, HOU Tim Duncan, SA Rudy Gay, SAC Eric Bledsoe, PHX Ty Lawson, DEN EASTERN CONFERENCE (Predictions) Starters: John Wall, WAS Dwyane Wade, MIA LeBron James, CLE Carmelo Anthony, NYK Pau Gasol, CHI Reserves: Kyle Lowry, TOR Chris Bosh, MIA Jimmy Butler, CHI Paul Millsap, ATL Andre Drummond, DET Nikola Vucevic, ORL Kyrie Irving, CLE Snubs: Brandon Knight, MIL Kyle Korver, ATL Jeff Teague, ATL Greg Monroe, DET Al Jefferson, CHA DeMar DeRozan, TOR Predictions?
  3. OU going all-in on their trophy collection. Only team to win every BCS bowl game + National Title. I like the color pallet on Navy's poster. I also enjoy when I see Fraser Davidson's helmet renders on these things: Florida: Baylor:
  4. It may be about 7 months away, but the group draw will be on Friday, and I didn't see one like it. It would be cool to see everyone's predictions some of the favorites are: Spain (Defending champs, #1 FIFA Ranking) Germany (3rd place, loads of young talent, #2 FIFA Ranking) Brazil (Hosts, confederation cup champs, only ranked 10th in the latest FIFA Ranking probably due to a lack of qualifying matches) Argentina (Still got Messi, #3 in FIFA Rankings)
  5. I made these two images to celebrate Germany's World Cup win. They're based on the Brazilian national flag and "Das Schone Spiel" translates as "The Beautiful Game"
  6. Welcome to the 2014 IFAF Championships! These Are The Teams: Australia Austria Canada Czech Republic Denmark Great Britain Finland Germany Italy Japan Mexico Poland Serbia Sweden Switzerland United States There will also be WWI fauxbacks for some!
  7. A lot of teams have made major improvements in this offseason. Some teams have added some explosive players. Here's my list of top 10 teams to watch in 2014. Feel free to add your list of top teams to watch in 2014 and discuss. Warning: My list is terrible 1. Redskins 2. Buccaneers 3. Broncos 4. Patriots 5. Vikings 6. Browns 7. Raiders 8. Jets 9. Texans 10. Packers
  8. Anybody watched the Kentucky Derby? I did watch it,missing a couple of minutes of the Pacers-Hawks Game 7 watching the 2014 Kentucky Derby. The favorite California Chrome won the Kentucky Derby,2nd was 17 Commanding Curve and 3rd was 4 Dansa. When I saw California Chrome get in the lead,I knew he was gonna win it.When he came towards the finish I was hopping up and down and like "Yea! California Chrome is gonna win it!" I had picked California Chrome to win the Kentucky,but possibly now the Triple Crown. Comments?
  9. This is a project I started working on a couple weeks ago. I planned on simply redesigning each team's logo, but instead I decided I would just go ahead and redesign each team's uniform as well. Some teams will obviously need more reworking than others, but I will be changing the logo for every NFL team. I will also be completely renaming the Washington Redskins. Each team will have the following: A primary & secondary logo A custom wordmark Anywhere from 3-5 uniforms, with some having a throwback or fauxback, I'll be doing it by division, and the AFC South is first up. The first redesign is for the Tennessee Titans. I think the Titans have one of the most stale brands in the entire NFL. Since they've switched to the Titans nickname, their logo and uniform design have both been basically stagnant. This is probably the main reason why I started with them. So here's my take. Primary Logo: The primary logo is based on the mask/face of a warrior. Working under the "Titans" nickname, I think this was a good representation of the name. Although some may not like the personification of the Titan, I think it came out nice and I couldn't pass up the chance to incorporate the TT into the logo in the warrior's mask. Secondary Logo: The secondary logo is based on a shield, and it moves away from the personification of the primary logo. This is more prominent on the uniforms than the primary. Wordmark: Uniforms: To be honest, I think the Titans have some of the most stale and old uniforms in the NFL, and they're overdue for an update. I brought back a more true-to-history throwback from the Oilers era. As for the primary uniforms, I updated and simplified the look, and implemented the bevel from the word mark and logo for brand consistency. C&C Appreciated Next up: Indianapolis Colts
  10. Figured now that I've finished up school for the year it would be a great time to get back into the concept game. This is a fairly similar idea to the concept I did for the old look, but keeps a few more elements of the new uniforms.
  11. Alright so I'm a huge Mizzou fan. And unlike some, i really like our current uniforms that were "rebranded" by Nike 2 years ago. I also love that Nike is rolling out some new bits and pieces for us. (different matte/metallic helmet combinations, a new chrome tiger sticker helmet, and a new anthracite jersey). But when we played in the SEC championship as the away team, i didn't like our look. I mean i didn't mind it, but i felt it could have been done better. So here i give you my concept for a "White-out" Mizzou Alternate Helmet: The Tiger and Facemask are not black, but a dark-grey/anthracite to match the sleeves of our white jerseys It would be worn when they wear their white pants. So with this look: I couldn't figure out how to make the helmets above white with Photoshop, so all could do is vectorize the helmet. If anyone would be willing to recolor/make the helmet above the new white one, it would be much appreciated. Thanks for looking, and C&C is much appreciated
  12. To kick off the Olympics I decided to make a series of concepts on Russian matryoshka stackable dolls..and yes I had to google what the actual name those things were. So to start off the series is the home nation for the Olympics this year Russia
  13. Sorry i accidentally added this in here, but if you would like to join, it is in The Lounge forum (Hello everyone, I'm starting an online connected franchise in Madden 25, and I am starting a sign-up sheet right now. I think it will be great to use people on here, because using this forum will be terrific for scheduling the draft, games, forwarding, etc. Here are the settings: Create your own Owner Custom Sliders similar to Operation Sports Sliders Instant starter - off Salary cap - on Skill level - All Madden Play call style - Conventional Quarter Length - ? Accelerated Clock - yes, 20 second time Game Speed - fast Player progression - weekly Coach Firing - on Injuries - on Pre-existing injury - off Trade deadline - on trade type - enable all relocation settings - normal fantasy draft - yes CPU settings: fill roster - off (manual) resign players - off (manual) Progress players - on (CPU) Sign off-season Free Agents - off (manual) The least amount of people i will take is 8. 8 teams would actually be ideal, putting one in each divsion, giving a playoff spot to everyone. But i would love if we got more than 8, and number above 8 is terrific. We will be doing a fantasy draft, which will be scheduled later on. The most important thing about doing a fantasy draft is, that it really doesn't matter what team you pick then, especially because you are allowed to create an owner. here is the signup sheet: NFC West: Rams - Stl_ArchMadness (Dirty Muffins59) Cardinals - Seahawks - 49ers - NFC North: Bears - Lions - Packers - Vikings - NFC South: Falcons - Panthers - Saints - Bucs - NFC East: Cowboys - Giants - Redskins - DScruggy729 (TrustMeImScrugs)Eagles - AFC South: Texans - Titans - Colts - Jaguars - AFC West: Broncos - See Red (xx see red)Chiefs - Raiders - Chargers - AFC North: Ravens - Bengals - Browns - Steelers - AFC East: Patriots - Bills - Jets - Dolphins - )
  14. Decided to re-purpose Ben Barnes' uni concept (that i previously adapted to the Pels) to make some appropriate AS2014 unis: Had to go slightly darker with the green to get it contrast with the silver, but i don't think it's too much of a departure. What ya think of these? Better?
  15. Here's a sneak peak at one of the jersey sets I've created for a rebranding project I'm working on. The idea is that in the year 2014 the NHL folds and various pro teams are sold off, renamed and given fresh identities in a 24 team league with lower ticket prices. I'm done preliminary semi comps for 3 of the 24 already, but want to get a bit a bit of feedback before I dive into the other 21 teams. As well, if anyone wants to weigh in on names for the remaining teams, below is a list of the cities. Keep in mind that each city has been selected based on it's fan base potential in a small league. We're looking to create a league with lower ticket prices as well as mostly traditional hockey markets, so please save the hostility over the elimination of sunbelt teams, since the project is trying to focus more on the NHL pre Gary Bettman era. I'm looking for names that represent the cities where the teams are located, so feel free to weigh in and let's make this a fun project. The proposed teams are as followed: American Conference Patrick Division -Boston -Buffalo -New York City Empires -Philadelphia -Pittsburgh -Washington Norris Division -Chicago Shamrocks -Denver -Detroit -Minnesota -Seattle Totems -St. Louis Canadian Conference Adams Division -Halifax Explosion -Hamilton -Montreal -Ottawa -Les Traqueurs de Québec (Quebec Trackers) -Toronto Smythe Division -Calgary Chinooks -Edmonton -Saskatoon -Winnipeg -Vancouver -Victoria
  16. With the announcement of the new Pro Bowl format being two captains drafting players to their respective teams regardless of Conference, the old "AFC" "NFC" uniforms and colors are likely obsolete now. What kind of designs do you think Nike will roll out for this new Pro Bowl? Any ideas on the names of the two teams? What would you like to see the uniforms look like?
  17. ******NEW CONCEPT HERE****** So mine draws a little inspiration from all of the Charlotte/Hornets teams. The hornet is slightly influenced by the fleur de bee of the now extinct NOLA Hornets (too nice of a concept to be canned). The Queen City C-Crown takes way from the Bobcats. The wordmark arch/placement takes way from the Charlotte Hornets of old. The wordmark is slightly similar to the Bobcats' current wordmarks. The honeycomb pattern in the uniform side panels are subliminal and are a fairly new brand element. The pinstripes mimick the Hornets of the 90's and past Bobcats' unis. Still in the works. Suggestions welcome. For comparisons sake to the Nola fleur de bee:
  18. I created an Oilers alternate jersey which focuses primarily on the orange rather than the blue. Please let me know what you think and what I could improve on. *For updated jersey, please scroll down to 10th post* ↓