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  1. This apparently happened last year but I just stumbled upon it today. The 2015 ACC Women's Basketball Tournament in Greensboro logo looks extremely similar to a logo of my own that I created two years ago (one year prior to the 2015 ACC tournaments) for a former assistant coach at St. Joe's who was planning to start his own youth basketball camp called "School of Hoops". I'm not surprised anymore to see work stolen/plagiarized from me or other honest designers out there, since this is definitely not the first time this has happened to me, but the reason this feels different is that I am kind of surprised that one of the largest conferences in the country would be stooped by whoever they contracted to design this. I know the SEC goes to the big guys like Joe Bosack or TJ Harley for their tournament logos which would more or less guarantee the authenticity of each logo created. The composition of the logos is really nothing unique or groundbreaking. I can't claim ownership to the idea of words arched/over under a ball of some kind and a shield since there are probably plenty of other logos out there with similar traits and we are all inspired by what's been done even if it is subconsciously, but when looking at my logo side by side with the ACC logo, there is no doubt in my mind that the ACC logo is just an alteration of what I started since every bit of line work is identical. I overlapped the ACC logo on top of mine and it is identical. The identical highlighting and line work on the ball is what struck me the most. I don't really intend to pursue this since it'd just be a useless headache, but I was wondering if anyone had info on who the ACC hired to 'design' this particular 2015 women's tourney logo. I broke down the basic similarities in the image below. I saw the logo still in use on the ACC's website as well as in videos of the actual games.
  2. I am so happy with the response from my first NBA template series that I wanted to update it to better suit you guys and create a better template to show off the creativity and design on this site. So here's what we've got! Here's whats been updated: - updated Adidas mesh design to match actual uniform - added championship crest on back collar - organized illustrator files/layers for better access - added basic number/NOB font (link below) - added stripes - added side view for jersey - added front view for shorts Here are the links to download the templates/font: I am excited to hear from you guys! I welcome all feedback about the templates. Let me know what you would want to see changed or perfected! Enjoy.
  3. The next NBA season is just a few months away and it is sure to be a very exciting one. With key free agents like LaMarcus Aldrige, DeMarre Carrol, and Greg Monroe changing teams, there is sure to be a large difference in the standings for this year. The following are my predictions for how I think next season will go down as well as how the postseason will look. I have devised my predictions through taking into account the movement of free agents and the records that the teams had last year. So, here they are. LPPG: James Harden HOU LFG%: DeAndre Jordan LAC MVP Candidates: 1. LeBron James CLE ROTY: Jahlil Okafor PHI LAPG: Chris Paul LAC LFT%: Stephen Curry GSW 2. James Harden HOU 6MOY: Gerald Green MIA LRPG: DeAndre Jordan LAC L3Pt%: Kyle Korver ATL 3. Kevin Durant OKC DPOY: Anthony Davis NOP LSPG: Stephen Curry GSW 4. Blake Griffin LAC MIP: Lance Stephenson LAC LBPG: Anthony Davis NOP 5. LaMarcus Aldridge SAS 6. Anthony Davis NOP If anything needs explaining or if you think otherwise please feel free to leave a reply. 7. Chris Paul LAC 8. Stephen Curry GSW Now here are my predictions for the post season. 9. Kyrie Irving CLE 10. John Wall WAS If there is something that you feel needs explanation or you disagree with something, please do not hesitate to say something.
  4. Yes, it's time to talk 3 downs and the smell of burnt rubber. The 2015 CFL Season is almost here. Can Calgary repeat? Will Ottawa improve? Is Michael Sam better suited to the CFL than the NFL? Find out these, and many other questions, in the 2015 CFL season thread.
  5. So since everyone likes the College football thread but i was justing why not have a college basketball thread here is adidas take on miami's new uniforms
  6. As I'm sure you all know, 2015 is the year the Chicago Cubs are supposed to *finally* break the Curse of the Billy Goat and win the World Series, as prophesized by 1989's "Back to the Future Part II." It's amusing to look back at that film and note all the predictions the film got right, as well as where it was hilariously off-base. However, with the Cubs defying most expectations and making it into the playoffs this year, there is, at least at the moment, a possibility the film's bold Cubs prediction may eerily come true. One of the funniest things about BTTF's fictional 2015 is the fashion. It's safe to say we should all be thankful the average person does not dress like this. But what might baseball fashion had look like in 1989's version of 2015, specifically the Cubs' uniforms? For one, it appears in the fictional 2015, the Cubs are still using their current logo. I imagine the Cubs would have digital numbers on the back of their uniforms, because of course. The unis would probably pullovers, as was the style at the time the film was released. Then there's the issue of an American League team in Miami with a gator mascot, but that's a whole other topic.
  7. I'm kind of pissed that the Acme Packers jerseys are going away, but yet I'm excited for the future of the Packers' throwback jersey (because I sincerely doubt the new alternate jersey is going to be a yellow jersey). So I decided to make my own throwback jerseys using the same template as the 2012 Packers logoslick: 1936 Uniform Concept: 1939/1944 Uniform Concept (better than the 1994 throwback): I tried to make the numbers as historically accurate as possible, even if the NFL doesn't care about historical accuracy. Let me know what you think!
  8. I don't know that Little League baseball is followed on the boards,so I'll give this a try.
  9. I haven't been on this board for a while so I am a little out of touch with what is being posted. I've noticed that there are quite a few NFL Concept Series taking place right now. Hopefully my work won't be too similar! So I've had a couple of weeks available to attack this concept series. I will be looking to upload as much as I can as I complete the work. I won't ramble on as the series is pretty self explanatory but I have started with teams that I think need to have a change. Some of the changes are drastic, some are subtle. Hopefully you guys will enjoy the work and and C&C is welcome. Below is the concept order. Panthers Bengals Cowboys Titans Patriots Saints Broncos Jets Cardinals Jaguars Rams Falcons Braves (Redskins) Eagles Texans Chargers Lions Ravens 49ers Bills Steelers Raiders Packers Giants Chiefs Colts Bears Seahawks Vikings Dolphins Buccaneers Browns First up are the Carolina Panthers. I felt that although they have an already great uniform (despite being two decades old and unchanged) it was time for a slight change. Home Road Alternate Hope you like them and looking forward to C&C.
  10. If it isn't obvious already, I am a Dolphins fan. I saw the new 50 Seasons commemorative patch and thought it was really cool. I haven't seen a digitalized version of it yet, so I made this: Here is the reference: Please leave some feedback!
  11. I've been creating concepts for quite some time now, but have never gotten around to posting any. Finally decided to make a thread and get some good, constructive CC on my designs. In this thread, I'll be sharing my concepts for all 32 NFL teams and what I would like to see in the NFL. Any suggestions on improvements would be great and I'll go through and tweak to get the most out of each design. There will be no particular order to teams being posted. These are just as I have an idea and once I feel each design is complete and ready for CC. Note ** All designs are done using MS Paint. Templates for the unis are from the Paint Users Paradise thread and most fonts used are from Conrad's Thread (thanks!). Eventually I'll be transferring all my ideas over to Photoshop once I learn the program better and am fully comfortable with it. The idea is to get these designs perfected here and eventually mock them up onto live player templates. All that being said, hope you enjoy!! 1/32 -- Cleveland Browns First up, on the afternoon before the big jersey reveal, is my take on the Cleveland Browns. The Browns really like sticking with tradition. The focus of this concept was to create a clean, classic design, but add a little bit of a modern touch. The helmet (inspired by Oregon State), is primarily matte orange along with an orange mask. I made the stripe fairly wide and carried it down onto the grill. The back of the stripe is inspired by their old secondary "B" logo. This striping is consistent throughout the design and is also seen on the shoulders and side of the pants. Home Set: I wanted to change things up a bit and get back to an orange look for the Browns. The primary jersey is orange with the same striping as the helmets. Nothing too fancy or modern. Numbers on the chest and back are brown with a silver accent. I thought the addition of silver was a nice touch to the design and changes their traditional look up a bit. Pants are white with consistent striping with a brown B on the hip. I contemplated bringing the stripe all the way up, but I liked the way the B fits above it. Prior to the B, I had the player number on the hip. I couldn't decide which I liked better, but eventually settled on the B. Away Set: Not too much different from the home set. Major change we see is orange numbers with a brown outline as opposed to the current brown numbers on white. Keeping with the trend in the NFL of white on white, pants are the same as the home set. I've also added a set of brown pants and orange pants which will be posted below with the white jersey. Alternate Brown Unis: The Browns wouldn't be complete without a brown jersey. Again, very similar to the home and away. Numbers are white with an orange outline. I tinkered with orange numbers, but I didn't like the contrast on the set. I have these paired with white pants as I feel that is the best combo for the look. Also noted (as with home and away) is the silver accents on the sleeve. I think it makes the design pop a little more. Other Away Options: Lastly, here is the away white jersey paired with the orange and brown pants. These can be paired with any jersey in theory, but as with the rest of the NFL, I'm not a fan of when teams do the color on color monochrome look (few exceptions).
  12. Happy Memorial Day everyone! Ok, so a little background on this. I've done many NFL Redesigns in the past, I believe this is my 4th attempt. I had one going pretty strong in the late summer of last year, but the start of school interfered and I never got back to it. This year, I have many already pre-done to prevent me falling behind and now that summer is just beginning, I will have much more free time on my hands. I believe my series will be the best I've had yet and hope everyone enjoys this. I will be doing logo sets first and probably going back to uniforms after that. So for now, just be ready for logos. First up, The Arizona Cardinals. ARIZONA CARDINALS I've seen many different approaches done with the Cardinals uniform-wise, but logo-wise, not so much. This was the first one I did in this series, and did so many months ago, so it might need improvement. There's some stuff I need to fix, but I can't quite figure out what. I haven't added a wordmark, but I might soon. Suggestions Appreciated, Hope you enjoy this series that I hope and plan to finally complete. There's been a lot of NFL Redesigns on the board lately so I hope this starting with logos makes it stand out.
  13. After the Warriors winning the title a short time ago,it looks like the offseason is starting. FA will be a frenzy as always,but who will go there remains a mystery until July 10.
  14. Gets underway in a few minutes and there's no thread on it. If Canada wins then Crosby is in the triple gold club Predictions: Gold: Canada, Silver: Russia, Bronze: USA
  15. Here's a thread to share the jersey numbers of each of the players from the 2015 NFL rookie class. If you got 'em, post 'em. Once they've been posted, I'll add them to this post. So far we have: D.J. Humphries - ARI - #74 Markus Golden - ARI - #44 David Johnson - ARI - #31 Rodney Gunter - ARI - #95 Shaquille Riddick - ARI - #47 J.J. Nelson - ARI - #19 Gerald Christian - ARI - #83 Vic Beasley - ATL - #44 Jalen Collins - ATL - #32 Tevin Coleman - ATL - #26 Justin Hardy - ATL - #16 Grady Jarrett - ATL - #97 Jake Rodgers - ATL - #65 Akeem King - ATL - #28 Breshad Perriman - BAL - #18 Maxx Williams - BAL - #87 Carl Davis - BAL - #94 Za'Darius Smith - BAL - #90 Javorious Allen - BAL - #37 Tray Walker - BAL - #25 Nick Boyle - BAL - #82 Robert Myers - BAL - #70 Darren Waller - BAL - #12 Ronald Darby - BUF - #28 John Miller - BUF - # Karlos Williams - BUF - #40 Tony Steward - BUF - # Nick O'Leary - BUF - # Dezmin Lewis - BUF - # Shaq Thompson - CAR - #54 Devin Funchess - CAR - #17 Daryl Williams - CAR - #60 David Mayo - CAR - #55 Cameron Artis-Payne - CAR - #45 Kevin White - CHI - #13 Eddie Goldman - CHI - # Hroniss Grasu - CHI - # Jeremy Langford - CHI - # Adrian Amos - CHI - # Tayo Fabuluje - CHI - # Cedric Ogbuehi - CIN - #70 Jake Fisher - CIN - #74 Tyler Kroft - CIN - #81 Paul Dawson - CIN - #47 Josh Shaw - CIN - #26 Marcus Hardison - CIN - #91 C.J. Uzomah - CIN - #87 Derron Smith - CIN - #40 Mario Alford - CIN - #15 Danny Shelton - CLE - #71 Cameron Erving - CLE - #74 Nate Orchard - CLE - #48 Duke Johnson - CLE - #30 Xavier Cooper - CLE - #96 Ibraheim Campbell - CLE - #29 Vince Mayle - CLE - #85 Charles Gaines - CLE - #43 Malcolm Johnson - CLE - #44 Randall Telfer - CLE - #86 Hayes Pullard - CLE - #40 Ifo Ekpre-Olomu - CLE - #25 Byron Jones - DAL - #31 Randy Gregory - DAL - #94 Chaz Green - DAL - # Damien Wilson - DAL - # Ryan Russell - DAL - # Mark Nzeocha - DAL - # Laurence Gibson - DAL - # Geoff Swaim - DAL - # La'el Collins - DAL - #71 Shane Ray - DEN - # Ty Sambrallo - DEN - # Jeff Heuerman - DEN - # Max Garcia - DEN - # Lorenzo Doss - DEN - # Darius Kilgo - DEN - # Trevor Siemian - DEN - # Taurean Nixon - DEN - # Josh Furman - DEN - # Laken Tomlinson - DET - # Ameer Abdullah - DET - #21 Alex Carter - DET - # Gabe Wright - DET - #90 Michael Burton - DET - # Quandre Diggs - DET - #36 Corey Robinson - DET - #70 Damarious Randall - GB - #23 Quinten Rollins - GB - #24 Ty Montgomery - GB - #88 Jake Ryan - GB - #47 Brett Hundley - GB - #7 Aaron Ripkowski - GB - #22 Christian Ringo - GB - #77 Kennard Backman - GB - #86 Kevin Johnson - HOU - #30 Benardrick McKinney - HOU - #55 Jaelen Strong - HOU - #11 Keith Mumphrey - HOU - #12 Reshard Cliett - HOU - #58 Christian Covington - HOU - #95 Kenny Hilliard - HOU - #38 Phillip Dorsett - IND - #16 D'Joun Smith - IND - #30 Henry Anderson - IND - #96 Clayton Geathers - IND - #42 David Parry - IND - #54 Josh Robinson - IND - #34 Amario Herrera - IND - #49 Denzell Goode - IND - #71 Dante Fowler, Jr. - JAX - #56 T.J. Yeldon - JAX - # A.J. Cann - JAX - # James Sample - JAX - # Rashad Greene - JAX - # Michael Bennett - JAX - # Neal Sterling - JAX - # Ben Koyack - JAX - # Marcus Peters - KC - #22 Mitch Morse - KC - # Chris Conley - KC - # Steven Nelson - KC - # Ramik Wilson - KC - # D.J. Alexander - KC - # James O'Shaughnessy - KC - # Rakeem Nunez-Roches - KC - # Da'Ron Brown - KC - # DeVante Parker - MIA - #11 Jordan Phillips - MIA - #97 Jamil Douglas - MIA - #75 Bobby McCain - MIA - #28 Jay Ajayi - MIA - #33 Cedric Thompson - MIA - #41 Tony Lippett - MIA - #36 Trae Waynes - MIN - #26 Eric Kendricks - MIN - #54 Danielle Hunter - MIN - #99 TJ Clemmings - MIN - #68 MyCole Pruitt - MIN - #83 Stefon Diggs - MIN - #14 Tyrus Thompson - MIN - #72 Austin Shepherd - MIN - #74 B.J. Dubose - MIN - #90 Edmond Robinson - MIN - #40 Malcolm Brown - NE - # Jordan Richards - NE - # Genero Grissom - NE - # Trey Flowers - NE - # Tre' Jackson - NE - # Shaq Mason - NE - # Joe Cardona - NE - # Matthew Wells - NE - # A.J. Derby - NE - # Darryl Roberts - NE - # Xzavier Dickson - NE - # Andrus Peat - NO - #75 Stephone Anthony - NO - #50 Hau'oli Kikaha - NO - #45 Garrett Grayson - NO - #17 P.J. Williams - NO - #30 Davis Tull - NO - #90 Tyeler Davison - NO - #95 Damian Swann - NO - #46 Marcus Murphy - NO - #48 Ereck Flowers - NYG - # Landon Collins - NYG - #27 Owamagbe Odighizuwa - NYG - # Mykkele Thompson - NYG - # Geremy Davis - NYG - # Bobby Hart - NYG - # Leonard WIlliams - NYJ - #62 Devin Smith - NYJ - #84 Lorenzo Mauldin - NYJ - #48 Bryce Petty - NYJ - #9 Jarvis Harrison - NYJ - #64 Deon Simon - NYJ - #61 Amari Cooper - OAK - #89 Mario Edwards, Jr. - OAK - # Clive Walford - OAK - # Jon Fellciano - OAK - # Ben Heeny - OAK - # Neiron Ball - OAK - # Max Valles - OAK - # Anthony Morris - OAK - # Andre Debose - OAK - # Dexter McDonald - OAK - # Nelson Agholor - PHI - #17 Eric Rowe - PHI - #32 Jordan Hicks - PHI - #58 JaCorey Shepherd - PHI - #36 Randall Evans - PHI - #41 Brian Mihalik - PHI - #73 Bud Dupree - PIT - #48* Senquez Golson - PIT - #27* Sammie Coates - PIT - #14* Doran Grant - PIT - #24* Jesse James - PIT - #81* Leterrius Walton - PIT - #78* Anthony Chickillo - PIT - #40* Gerod Holliman - PIT - #31* Melvin Gordon - SD - #28 Denzel Perryman - SD - #52 Craig Mager - SD - #29 Kyle Emanuel - SD - #51 Darius Philon - SD - #93 Arik Armstead - SF - # Jaquiski Tartt - SF - # Eli Harold - SF - # Blake Bell - SF - # Mike Davis - SF - # DeAndre Smelter - SF - # Bradley Pinion - SF - # Ian Silberman - SF - # Trenton Brown - SF - # Rory 'Busta' Anderson - SF - # Frank Clark - SEA - # Tyler Lockett - SEA - # Terry Poole - SEA - # Mark Glowinski - SEA - # Tye Smith - SEA - # Obum Gwacham - SEA - # Kristjan Sokoli - SEA - # Ryan Murphy - SEA - # Todd Gurley - STL - #30 Rob Havenstein - STL - #79 Jamon Brown - STL - #68 Sean Mannion - STL - #14 Andrew Donnal - STL - #64 Bud Sasser - STL - #81 Cody Wichmann - STL - #69 Bryce Hager - STL - #54 Martin Ifedi - STL - #96 Jameis Winston - TB - #3 Donovan Smith - TB - #76 Ali Marpet - TB - #74 Kwon Alexander - TB - #58 Kenny Bell - TB - #80 Kaelin Clay - TB - #14 Joey Iosefa -TB - #33 Marcus Mariota - TEN - #8 Dorial Green-Beckham - TEN - # Jeremiah Poutasi - TEN - # Angelo Blackson - TEN - # Jaiston Fowler - TEN - # David Cobb - TEN - # Deiontrez Mount - TEN - # Andy Gallik - TEN - # Tre McBride - TEN - # Brandon Scherff - WAS - #65 Preston Smith - WAS - #94 Matt Jones - WAS - #31 Jamison Crowder - WAS - #80 Arie Kouandjio - WAS - #74 Martrell Spaight - WAS - #50 Kyshoen Jarrett - WAS - #30 Tevin Mitchel - WAS - #37 Evan Spencer - WAS - #6 Austin Reiter - WAS - #62 * - Signifies team stated number subject to change
  16. Well with 4 teams in the hunt for the No. 1 pick in 2015, the Bucs, Raiders, Jaguars, and Jets, and possibly the Falcons it's time to start a draft thread. Granted I know Free Agency hasn't occurred so i'm taking a shot in the dark at what teams need now. IMO the order will go like this: Raiders Jets Jaguars BuccaneersThe Raiders need everything, the Jets need a QB, the Jags have a solid D-Line, but the O-Line could use some help, and the Bucs need a QB and a new offensive line. If the Buccaneers drafted a QB in the 1st round, I pray they draft Marcus Mariota and not Winston. Too much problems with Winston.
  17. PAFC1870

    AFL 2015 Ideas

    I'll be doing my ideas for all 18 teams. Each team will have a Home, Clash and Heritage and some teams will have an away.
  18. March Madness is starting to die down, but the Final Four this weekend will no doubt be an exciting one. Wisconsin, Kentucky, Duke, and Michigan State will fight it out to see who will be become the National Champion. As I've done in the past, I will be designing this important event (because I'm not good at comitting myself to long term projects). With that, I'd like to bring the first team to the table: The Wisconsin Badgers Even though the Badgers won't be wearing red in real life against the Wildcats, Frank Kaminsky and company will wear red in my fictional Final Four, because blue and red contrast enough, and color on color is awesome. #BrandSpeak: adidas and Wisconsin basketball have colaborated to make a special uniform for Wisconsin's 2015 NCAA Final Four (brought to you by Powerade) run. The sleek uniform represents Wisconsin's reputation for dairy products. Cheese is smooth and sleek, just like the uniforms. The shorts, however, represent Wisconsin as a team. The four sublimal stripes represent the team's four Final Four (brought to you Vizio) appearances. The white lines represent a pedestal, because the Badgers will be on top of the NCAA world after the tournament. The red stays unchanged. Actual: The uniform is fairly simple, mimicking Wiscy's football team, and its fairly simple uniform designs of year's past. The design pays homage to the 1941 National Championship team, with the stripes on the shorts similar to the striped socks. The stripes also represent Bucky Badger's shirt (and adidas cause I know someone will say it). NNOBs because that's what Wisconsin has done in the past. The name and numbers mimick the logo, and the current style at Wiscy. Any C&C on the Badgers is welcome. The next 3 teams will release as follows: Thursday: UK Friday: Duke Saturday: MSU Enjoy! Expect an NBA redesign from me soon, as I'm in the progress of completing that.
  19. Hello everyone, I received a request for my kit template and I figured I would mock it up and release it in SVG. This template is entirely custom designed. I have exported all text to paths so it should show up as the exact image below when you download it. That way you don't have to worry about having a font installed or looking goofy when you open the file. Click the image to reach the download link.
  20. What's up guys. Finally decided to do my own uniform concepts. I'm planning on doing a set for every team but I don't know how often I'll post due to other things going on that come first. Regardless, I should be doing a set whenever I can. I've had some ideas and the itch to do this for a while. Anyways, first up is Atlanta. I love their potential for awesome uniforms as soon as next year (personally I wanna see that charcoal court but IDK if that'll actually happen.) The home/away unis are pretty straight forward. There are wings on on three uniforms on the sides and I intend for them to be the shiny material like the Hornets currently use on the side of their shorts. Going for an Oregon football vibe I guess. The alts are pretty...weird. ATLANTA across the crotch area in the same shiny material I just mentioned. Not sure how people will feel about these but oh well. Let me know what you think! (And if anyone wants me to do a specific team next please lmk)
  21. So, tomorrow the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2015 will be announced. I'm betting it's going to be: Tim BrownCharles HaleyOrlando PaceJunior SeauKurt Warner
  22. Hello everybody! I plan to showcase at least 5 NFL teams, I want to design 8 teams (one per division), and will design at most 10 teams. I will be redesigning their uniforms and football fields. So far I have 5 uniform sets and 1.5 fields done. The teams that are done, uniformwise: -Miami Dolphins (AFC East) -Jacksonville Jaguars (AFC South) -New York Giants (NFC East) -Seattle Seahawks (NFC West) -Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC South) As you can see, I'm a bit geographically biased. I probably need help on deciding on a team (based on need and ideas) in each of the rest of the divisions, eventually. I hope you enjoy this mini-series. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ First up is the Miami Dolphins (of course). Unpopular opinion alert: I actually love the new logo (in fact I think it is the best logo they came up with) and I love the new colors (including the blue/deep aqua). But I think the stripes need more orange, so I reproportioned the stripes from something like my signature (the stripe the Dolphins actually have less orange than in my sig, if you can believe it) to what you see in the concept. Also, there are a lot of stripes in this concept (count how many). I skimped out on a few design rules imposed by the NFL, like the white-bottom socks rule, the single helmet rule (though so far I only broke this rule with the Dolphins), and the coloration of the NFL shield. There are also an idea with the belt that I thought I should try with this concept, see if you can figure it out. Finally, I made my first ever font, just for this concept. I would like some feedback on the font (It might need a few tweaks, but overall I'm pretty happy about it. I think it looks better than their current number font.) I am also willing to give this font away as a free font after I'm done tweaking it. Here is the concept (click to enlarge): And here is a closeup of the white jersey, with the flywire design (special to the white jersey), the wordmark (I feel like this is a combination of their current and previous wordmarks), the NFL shield, and the back collar design: The concept fields for the Dolphins will be shown after some feedback. Thank you. (For some reason, I feel like I'm missing something. Hmmm... oh well.)
  23. Hi, My take on the McLaren Honda 2015.
  24. When I was putting this concept together, I wanted to merge the modern and the classic styles. The helmet, jerseys, and pants all have similar striping. This 5-stripe is 100% Cleveland Browns. I decided to go with the chest striping for a modern twist on a classic. Rather than heavily-outlining the numbers to make them stand out I set them to stop with enough room for numbers. The script logo is one I created out of a downloaded font. I uploaded this a while back so I don't remember the font name. The numbers are obviously from the Minnesota Golden Gophers, but I thought they fit the overall aesthetic. I have a few more concepts and may (since I'm busy with possibility of traveling) look at doing the whole league.