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  1. I should start by saying that I'm not very creative when it comes to creating logos from scratch. A lot of these that I've used are simple recolorings that I will never claim as my own and typically just post these to our leagues' Facebook pages. Most of these were just found on Google and recolored. I don't want to claim any ownership over any of the logos. Now that I got that out of the way, something that I've done for my fantasy leagues, and something I hope to continue to do for real life leagues is create 3d maps that shows the location of each team. I will probably start with the professional sports and then move onto college conferences. If there's one that you really want to see earlier rather than later, let me know and I'll see once what I can do. #eastcoastbias
  2. There seems to be a macarena-like fad of sketchup stadium concepts, so im putting this here so the individual concept threads dont get sidetracked from the actual concept to the '''whoaa, how maaaan?!" type deals. so, heres sketchup : and heres what i use to render the scenes: both free. Anyway, a little about the craft..... here, have a seat: ....very simple. 3 planes. practically modern art. not many people dig modern art, so lets slap some textures on: heres a quick render of the same thing...oooh... sexy seat: heres the back: still simple, but showing that you can assign a front and back texture to one plane. ...and the sexy back: but hey, you might be asking, what if i want a diff color seat? no prob you can tint the color of the texture within the program, and not actually modifying the base texture file. this is why i had the textures in grayscale. its easier to do this that way (but still possible otherwise with wonky results). so youre like, great! but thats too much work to photoshop textures. i just want stuff man. tough! here's all the source material, do it yourself! ........ you go all in .png format to preserve transparent areas. now i realize that seating isnt crucial. you'll just slap a texture on a wide area and call it a day. i just use this as an example because you can apply this elsewhere, and when you really think about it, its not that hard to go the extra mile. .....actually it is kinda hard...initially......what i meant is, its totally worth it. everyone else feel free to add some jazz.... questions, concerns, comments etc.
  3. Small and not so traditional teams usually have uniforms and sloppy visual identities. Using the Duque de Caxias FC as an example, let's try to change that. This design revamp, give a new face to the Duque de Caxias FC, ​​is a personal project, nonprofit, and without any connection with the institution Duque de Caxias Futebol Clube. It is worth mentioning also that this project is done with inspiration on a project of Ricardo Carvalho, called "Nike International Kits 2014/2015 & Brand New" which can be found right here on Behance. This project also was only possible with the knowledge acquired at the Federation of Mockups for the entire time that I was a member of it, and still am. This project does not use in any real brand beyond the Duque de Caxias redone brand, and the goal is to show that even the smallest clubs tradition, lower investment, with a little common sense, and good taste, may be more visually pleasing, and thus, attract more fans. Here will be developed in addition to things connected to the shield, which is the main identity of the club five uniforms for the football team, three players to line (Home, Away and Alternate), two for goalkeepers (Home and Away), plus uniforms for technical, training and commission etc. As I will not use any real brand, the brand to take on the role of supplier of sports equipment is a fictional brand that meet the name Elece. Click Here to see the project:
  4. Hi guys, so I decided to post some football (soccer) shirts I've done here for you, I am constantly posting them on my deviantart ( and if you want you can also follow me on twitter, I occasionally post something there also, but with less intensity (@ Elece_Mattos).