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  1. Hello! My first post here and of course would love to hear your thoughts. I'm slowly becoming a niners fan?? but their current logo just doesn't do it for me so I had to do something. It's just looks very dated to me. Anyways, I also played around with some wordmarks to go with it, but figured I'd get the general idea out there first to see if there was any interest. Check it out and, please, let me know what you think! Thanks!
  2. Been a while since the last concept I posted...and it seems like forever since I posted an NFL concept that wasn't College to Pro. That said, here we go with the Niners Not much of a departure here...the home's stripes are gold, and gold trim has been added to the lettering on both jerseys, not to mention the now-red facemask. The grid plaid is a Sourdough Sam shoutout, which I figured would look best with white pants. Now here go the Jets. Went back to kelly green as the main color, with forest green as trim only. Also modified the oval into a football shape like they had it in the 60s...and then introduced a secondary jet, which I incorporated into the helmet, shoulder and pants stripes. Lastly, a piecemeal fauxback using the jet as the helmet logo, and a jersey modeled after the Staten Island Stapletons...the body from their final season in the NFL and the sleeves from their first three seasons. Speak now or fade into Bolivian
  3. Just a quick stress relieving exercise and a logo update to match the teams other various branding. Nothing special here
  4. There's a great article on the 49ers' short-lived rebranding in 1991: When the 49ers changed their logo, and fans revolted This reversal could never happen today, but lucky for the San Francisco fans they were able to dump it almost immediately. The new 49ers helmet logo was the third order of business at the press conference on Feb. 13, 1991, and the details didn’t appear until the ninth paragraph of San Francisco Chronicle writer Ira Miller’s next-day story. But it would become a generational blunder, and arguably the biggest logo-related disaster in Bay Area sports history. After front page stories mocked the new design, and fans revolted, team owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr. took just six days to reverse his decision and keep the old logo – the same one that remains in 2016. Well, almost. They made some minor tweaks a couple years later, and that's the one (with a tweak to the old colors) that they still wear today. 1968 - 1995 1996 - 2008 2009 - today
  5. kewp80

    49ers Rebrand

    So it's been a while since I've posted a sports identity concept and finished this last week so I figured I would share. My main goal for this was to try and modernize their identity while keeping the classic feel they have had for years. I also wanted to get rid of the black in the brand marks since they really have no black in their identity.Another major change is a switch from the scarlet red they use to a warmer vermilion. Which coincidentally while I was doing research I found that Cinnabar (the ore of mercury used to make vermilion dye) is commonly found throughout northern California. On the primary mark the major change is the new typeface that is found throughout this concept. I used the Kimberly font and modified it using the Kansas basketball font for reference to make it a modern western theme. I also ditched the black outline for coherency. The secondary is a take on the shield logo that they used to use in the past. The shape has a double meaning as the shape is meant to resemble the state highway signs, which is turn is shaped like a miners spade. The secondary and word mark is simply a continuation of the new typeface. Not too much change to the uniforms as they have a very nice classic look already IMO. Obviously the red is switched to the new vermilion shade, and the new primary mark on the helmet. Also decided to add the secondary mark on the hip at the last second. Not sure how I feel about it yet, but decided to see what you guys think of it. The major change is the new number font based on the new western typeface. I hope to release the whole set of numbers soon as I'm still working on it. So there you go! What do you guys think of the new font and color changes? Also any other C&C is much appreciated
  6. I have tried to update the 49ers original logo. Nothing Radical just cleaned up the lines. Tell me what you think.
  7. Long Beach State Starts Visually Rebranding Without '49ers' LINK (Gazette) LINK (Press-Telegram) --- Now I've only been officially enrolled with the school for over a month now, but in that short time of going to the city, going to campus, dealing with the school, dealing with students, going to the bookstore, seeing their marketing and merchandise and all that, this was clearly the right way to go. The two paragraphs I underlined really express that, and are totally right. That is definitely the vibe I got independently, and the vibe I got from the students. You're going to Long Beach, you root for The Beach, the chant is "Go Beach". And the fractured brand was extremely evident when I walked into the bookstore. Shirts read Cal State Long Beach, CSULB, Long Beach, LBSU, Beach, The Beach, 49ers, Forty-Niners, Dirtbags. I had no idea where to go haha. I've always thought the "49ers" brand was weak anyway. Yeah, the university was founded in 1949, but the connection to actual 49ers and the gold rush never really fit for Long Beach. It never worked for me. Now while I wish there was an actual mascot, I've always liked "The Beach" and the basketball team has used it for a while. It fits. The campus is a block off of Pacific Coast Highway and less than a mile from the actual beach. I do wish that the baseball team was wrangled in to fit in with the rest of the school, because now it really sticks out. But it is the most high profile program on the campus and the Dirtbags name has its own history and backstory. It'll stay. --- TL;DR - Good move. I like that the school is unifying the brand, and I really think this brand fits the university. Good move, Long Beach State. Go Beach.
  8. Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick and two other NFL scrubs (49ers WR Quinton Patton and Seahawks WR Ricardo Lockette) are being investigated by Miami police for alleged sex crimes which took place earlier this month. Read. Discuss.