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Found 3 results

  1. Check out these soccer jersey designs I created for all 50 states:
  2. Welcome to the new thread for My Journey to My Best Concept. If this works you should see a poll attached with this new thread. In case you are not familiar with what I am doing let me do a quick rundown. I am on a journey to produce the best total concept I can. To do this I am making concepts for the four largest cities in every U.S. State and Canadian Province as well as 16 additional wild card cities. Along the way I am having you vote to help me advance the better concept. This is still in its infancy so there is a lot to vote on. It has been moved to this thread because the previous thread experienced some technical glitches (it would not let me create new polls). The old thread is still up and you can look back on all that has been done already if you wish. Also for a while I will be running both threads simultaneously, until I am convinced this new thread will not run into the same technical issues as the last, so you can vote on both this and that thread. I will count votes this way. On this thread only votes on the poll will count, on the old thread you will need to post your vote in a reply. Though replies will not count as votes on this thread I still encourage you to comment and even post your votes so everyone can know where you stand. Your comments help to evolve the concepts. If you look over the old thread you will clearly see that previous comments made shaped changes to the concepts.
  3. Today I am launching my new project; my attempt to make the single best concept I can. To do so I am asking for your help. Now before any of you turn away or post a response like “do you have any idea what this takes”, I am not asking for you to design the concept. What I am asking for you to do is lend your thoughts, opinions, criticism, and preferences. So what is it? I am going to create several concepts. Two by two I will post them and have you all vote on which you like best. Then through a process that I have devised I will eliminate the weaker concepts, strengthen those with potential based upon C&C, and advance the stronger concepts. This is how it will work. There will be 8 rounds. The first two rounds will run simultaneously. The first round works like this; I have identified the 4 largest cities in all 50 U.S. States, I will be reading up on each and then purposing a few team ideas for each. You guys will vote to decide which idea is the best for each. I will then take that idea into the second round, which remember will be running simultaneously meaning new cities and ideas will still be coming online as I am already advancing winning ideas into the second round. The second round is the state round, so each state remember has 4 cities I will take the winning idea for each city and draw a logo, then pit the logos against one another. This round will be a double elimination; meaning a city can afford to lose one vote but not a second. Following their one allowable loss I will make adjustments to the logo based upon your C&C. So you see by the end of this I will have 50 concepts remaining. The latter rounds will be a single elimination playoff which the number 50 dose not lend itself to. 64 would be a much better number; therefore I have also created 14 wild card groups for the first two rounds. These groups are made up of the largest U.S. cities that are not in their own states top four. These groups will operate in the first two rounds just like the state groups. This all means that I will have a third round of 64. For this round each concept will receive a home and road jersey concept. The winners will advance to the fourth round of 32 concepts. Each concept will add a secondary logo for this round. The winners will advanced to the fifth round of 16 concepts. Each concept will add a woodmark in this round. The winners will advance to the sixth round of 8 concepts. Each concept will add a field/court or mascot design in this round. The winners will advance to the seventh round of 4 concepts. Each concept will add an alternate jersey in this round. The winners will advance to the final round of 2 concepts. Each will make final adjustments based upon cumulative C&C for the final showdown. Hope you all followed that convoluted explanation. If not just follow along and you catch on as we go. The first ideas for the Alabama competition will be up shortly. To start with I will not be creating a poll, rather just post you’re thought and I will count it as a vote.