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  1. Bill Clinton, Pogs, Playstation, Windows 95, and the dawn of the Internet... Ah yes, the sweet smell of the 90's. The 90's in sports were a big time, but especially so with logos, as many teams wanted to modernize their looks. While this did create some good logos, it also created some really bad ones. In this topic, you can post what you feel in your opinion to be bad logos of the 90's. Originally, I wanted to do good logos, but I went with bad when I saw what I think is an awful Seattle SuperSonics logo from the 90's. Criteria: Must originiate in the 90's. Must be (in your opinion) bad. Must post an image of a logo. Uniforms are optional. Reasoning for why you think it looks bad. Here's that Sonics logo I was talking about in earlier in this post. I guess some people like it, but the colors don't fit that well IMO. Anyway, have fun looking at the 90's!
  2. While still working out some updates for my Pacers concept I posted not too long ago, I thought I'd share something else I'm working on on the side. So a quick introduction: I'm a 90's kid, and I absolutely love it when teams bust out throwbacks from the time period. Though I'm more traditionalist then not, 90's nostalgia wins out often for me! After getting my hands on a stylus and trying out digital sketching for the first time, I started working on a little series: illustrating a player from each team wearing their 90's throwback, with each illustration featuring team-specific elements. Basically what I'm doing as far as composition is concerned is tracing the outline and facial features of the player, but everything else - the uniform, logos, wordmarks/numbers, coloring, and background is strictly by hand. I like a little bit of "roughness" here and there as it gives it a bit more of a 90's look to me, so I decided against vectorizing the sketches to keep that look. I plan on making one for each team (even the ones that have already donned throwbacks lately), and hope to keep improving on the sketching part as I go. I'm definitely still learning! This is all strictly for fun and enjoying the trip in the 'ol uniform time machine.'s who I have so far: Heat - Dwayne Wade Grizzlies - Mike Conley Suns - Devin Booker Rockets - James Harden Enjoy! More to come!
  3. Hey all, BRX here. It's been quite some time since I last made a concept but I'm giving it another go. This time I'm going to be designing a "90's third" for the NHL teams not included in the third jersey program of the 1995-96 season. I'm going in alphabetical order so up first is the Sabres and next will be the Flames. Please leave some feedback!
  4. Hey, all. I have a short story to share with you. In the fall/winter of 1999, I was a 15-year-old high school freshman. I've always liked bright, shiny colors (to the extent that, even as a heterosexual male, I thought Lisa Frank school supplies were really cool), but there was a definite trend in the late 90s and early 00s toward dark colors like navy and black. The one exception to that rule seemed to be metallic colors, which were commonly pretty bold (the exact opposite of the matte trend of today). Anyway, in the 1999 JC Penney Christmas Catalog, there were Puma NFL jackets and hats in metallic colors. They were not team-specific, just having the NFL shield on the front and back and the numbers "00" on the arms. The jackets were available in gold, silver, copper, and ice blue; you could get a matching hat for all but copper. I really liked the copper color so I asked for that, and it was my main Christmas present that year. I was a little disappointed I hadn't gotten one that had a hat to match it, but I'm not a hat person anyway, on account of having a huge head and lots of hair. 16+ years after the fact, I still have that jacket. It has held up very, very well aside from a tear in one of the pockets, and still looks almost new (albeit horribly out of style). It's one of the warmest jackets I've ever had, and I still sometimes wear it during the winter. It's a very bright metallic copper with matte copper buttons and matte copper-and-black striped collar and cuffs. I don't have a picture at the moment (I have one on my Facebook account but am on a public computer at the moment and don't want to log in; I can post it this afternoon once I get home and can use my laptop), but that's kind of the point: I have been unable to find any pictures online of ANY other jackets of that style---not just copper, but any of the colors they offered. I'm guessing they didn't sell super well, but I figured if anyone would remember them it would be you guys. So I'm asking a question: did/do any of you guys have one of those jackets too? If not, do you remember someone who did, or remember seeing them in the catalog? Do any of you happen to have the 1999 JC Penney Christmas catalog or know where I can find a scan of one? I really like my jacket and think it would be cool get some proof that I'm not the only person in the history of Earth to own one. Thanks in advance, and if this belongs in the requests section, please let me know and I'll move it there.
  5. Just came across this article, and being a 90s kid myself who can take the good with the bad of the decade but also doesn't remember much about the uniforms from any league other than the NBA, I was wondering if anyone has any other 90s soccer jerseys to share, whether they be too-crazy like the inaugural MLS or moderately crazy like maybe some of the more respectable leagues of the era. Thought I'd share a few that struck me from the article to get things started: Arsenal's 1994 home jersey, channeling their inner Zeus Burnley's 1997 away jersey, rocking two sets of Adidas tri-stripes, with the chest ones fading out Liverpool's 1991 home jersey, featuring the Adidas tri-stripe both asymmetrically and as a big logo (with my favorite club in my birth year wearing this as their main look, it's almost as if I was destined to have to embrace 90s trends) Manchester City's 1993 home jersey and Manchester United's 1993 away jersey, in a year where Umbro took sublimation too far and figured they'd create a tribal print out of their logo while they were at it Newcastle United's 1997 jersey, in an ugly stacked Adidas template, but damn, they should have never ditched this sponsor QPR's 1995 home jersey, with sleeve stripes resembling rows of human teeth? Sunderland's 1991 away jersey, kicking off the 90s as loudly as they could Swansea City's 1996 home jersey, attempting to capture the NASCAR market?
  6. Based of my other thread in which im doing MLB 70s fauxbacks, here im going to do 90s NBA fauxbacks. Gradients, oversized, over aggressive logos, and super complicated, asymmetrical designs were all prominent features that Ill be focusing on. First up is OKC Logos
  7. Got a little bored so I decided to mix the 90's colors with the Lebron era script. Got the idea from the cavfanatic jersey a couple years ago. as always c+c greatly appreciated Home Jersey Road Jersey Alternate Court