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  1. Leaving you with this for the weekend: I new look for a classic program.
  2. I made this a while back since I like looking at college football logos. I always wanted to make a good cougar logo. One that would say yeah we know tons of ways to show our ferocity. Cougars have the perfect size and agility to kill. I want to build a detailed website of this university I created for a school project. This is their sports team logo I created. The Southern Ohio University Cougars. I didn't copy any logos, but Houston cougars looks a bit similar. I made a lot of different changes to make it my own. Near the bottom of the state there are hills so I was thinking of cougars being in that area. I used a gold and navy although their 3rd color is brown. The third color helps separate from looking like PITT or Navy. I like to think of tension with being close to Marshall so I picked Huntington as the nearby town. I would make the school 20 minutes away on the Ohio side. An explanation say for the made up future Huntington is much bigger and needs a university to keep fostering growth. School Name: Southern Ohio University Nickname: SOU (not zou) Mascot: Cougars Colors: Dark Navy Blue, Gold-like, light Brown, White Location: 20 Minutes north of Huntington Division: I (when good) Conference: ACC(when able to compete lol) Rival: Marshall Tell me what you think. I am trying to design other logos for the school to add to my website I'm making.
  3. Over time, I have been working on concept uniforms for all 130 FBS football teams. I did the universities that are currently planning on staying or joining the FBS level. My designs were intended to be very unique and creative. I have had a lot of fun during this designing process while creating new uniform ideas. I will start uploading the uniforms for each team in alphabetical order. Let me know what you guys think and which ones are your favorites. Hope you enjoy!
  4. Longtime lurker on these boards but never posted anything. I've always had an interest in sports team identities and over the past few years have targeted soccer kit uniforms. I'm focusing on college soccer kits in this post. First off is the ACC. Boston College:
  5. This apparently happened last year but I just stumbled upon it today. The 2015 ACC Women's Basketball Tournament in Greensboro logo looks extremely similar to a logo of my own that I created two years ago (one year prior to the 2015 ACC tournaments) for a former assistant coach at St. Joe's who was planning to start his own youth basketball camp called "School of Hoops". I'm not surprised anymore to see work stolen/plagiarized from me or other honest designers out there, since this is definitely not the first time this has happened to me, but the reason this feels different is that I am kind of surprised that one of the largest conferences in the country would be stooped by whoever they contracted to design this. I know the SEC goes to the big guys like Joe Bosack or TJ Harley for their tournament logos which would more or less guarantee the authenticity of each logo created. The composition of the logos is really nothing unique or groundbreaking. I can't claim ownership to the idea of words arched/over under a ball of some kind and a shield since there are probably plenty of other logos out there with similar traits and we are all inspired by what's been done even if it is subconsciously, but when looking at my logo side by side with the ACC logo, there is no doubt in my mind that the ACC logo is just an alteration of what I started since every bit of line work is identical. I overlapped the ACC logo on top of mine and it is identical. The identical highlighting and line work on the ball is what struck me the most. I don't really intend to pursue this since it'd just be a useless headache, but I was wondering if anyone had info on who the ACC hired to 'design' this particular 2015 women's tourney logo. I broke down the basic similarities in the image below. I saw the logo still in use on the ACC's website as well as in videos of the actual games.
  6. ACC First: Boston College Clemson Duke Florida State Georgia Tech Louisville Miami
  7. As a life long fan of the Canes, I've seen so much film and pictures from the glory days. Miami wore the same uniforms while winning their first 4 of 5 championships. Looking back on those times and seeing how mediocre Miami has been since 2003 with all these modern uniforms, I've been longing for the Canes to return to the classic look. While it looked great, there were some flaws. I decided to match up all striping on the white areas and include the font introduced in 2000. I also used black cleats and socks, which were reintroduced this year. I also included a green helmet just to change things up a bit, and besides, Miami does have a history of wearing green helmets before.
  8. Alright, so I'm an aspiring graphic designer. I don't really post much on this site, but I love all the concepts and unique designs. I've been working on this project for a while, and I'm finally going to start posting it. I still haven't decided if I will separate these by conference or not. I wanted to do full alternate jerseys also, but I don't really have time for that, and I decided this was a great way to get my designs in. C & C is well appreciated. But without further ado, here it goes: SEC: Ole Miss - Page 1 Alabama - Page 3 Auburn - Page 1 LSU - Page 2 Texas A&M - Page 3 Mississippi State - Page 3 Vanderbilt - Page 1 Mizzou - Page 3 Tennessee - Page 1 South Carolina - Page 2 Arkansas - Page 1 Florida - Page 3 Georgia - Page 3 Kentucky - Page 1 / update on page 2 Pac 12: Oregon: Page 5 (chose color) Stanford: page 4 / edit on page 5 Oregon State: Washington: Page 5 Washington State: Arizona: Page 5 UCLA: Cal: Colorado: Utah: Arizona State: USC: Ole Miss: I felt like UM's "rebrand" this year was pretty boring. I understand the history of such an old school, but I didn't like the single color Jereys (by that I mean, a white jersey with red stripes, red numbers, red names, etc... with no blue) so I gave them an alternate helmet that would use all 3 of the school's colors well. I gave them a red helmet to go with their blue tops, but I used the alternate "M" logo, and I really like the outcome: striping -
  9. The Noles are tweaking their logo a bit, and here is my guess as to what it might look like. Feedback? ***taken from an mcrosby concept, just tweaked it a bit and added color*** For original mcrosby logo, -->
  10. Here's my take on what the FSU football helmet will look like when it's released on Friday. Rumor has it that there will be a garnet version as well and that the gold one will have a gold facemask, but for now I'm going fairly traditional with the Nike-fied spear that is on everything all over campus and on uniforms in other sports What do you guys think?
  11. It’s not that hard for a team to have a good football uniform. A fan needs to recognize you whether they are at the stadium or watching you on TV. I will turn on a game and it takes me far too long to determine who is playing. In response, I have decided to start a concept series Back in 2006, I made an ACC football concept thread. My goal back then is the same as it is now: make a concept that a team could use for years to come. The original thread can be found here, but my new ACC football thread starts right now. A few notes: Alternate helmets: In general, I am against alternate helmets, but for a different reason than you might think: they are twice as much work. Fitting one helmet is hard enough. In this day and age, I realize that teams will have a second helmet, so when it will add something to the concept, I have let it go. But for a team like BC that has a helmet that has looked almost the same for decades, they don’t need three different lids. Socks: Most of the socks in this series are professional style socks with a color on top and white at the bottom. I realize that most schools will not make their athletes wear these. On the other hand, I figured that it would look pretty good for most teams so I ran with it. Release schedule: I am planning on dropping one concept everyday. I will link all the posts here after I put them up. Boston College: BC is one of two Catholic schools to have BCS football teams. My first move was to drop the italicized BC; it doesn’t fit in the traditional, old school feel that I see with them. I couldn’t lose the eagle logo though; I merged the old logo with the new eagle to make the primary. I avoided the triple helmet stripe, as BC has a much longer history with just one down the middle, and if you are going to have multple helmets, they should actually be different. The jerseys are a mix of conservative and modern; the eagle is a sleeve logo, and their “stained glass” pattern is on the numbers, pants and helmet stripe. I find that if you have a gold outline on a white number (or vice versa), you lose the outline. Instead, I made the outline black, and I think it looks really sharp. New Helmet template Clemson concept North Carolina concept
  12. So, i decided to try and make a new jersey for tech with a vintage feel. i just started photoshop/illustrator so bear with me here on how it looks lol.