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Found 2 results

  1. Sad news, hoping he pulls through, he was the reason I started watching F1
  2. While on vacation last week my brother was telling me about a contingency plan that all 4 Major League Sports have in case a team was lost during their season and I found this to be very interesting. I was kinda shocked that the leagues would have a contingency plan like this in place, but it is understandable why they do and hopefully they will never have to use it. What amazed me more is that Major League Baseball would not share their contingency plan which makes me skeptical if they actually have one in place. You know the MLB seems like they are always the last to join the crowd. Here is the article I found: National Basketball Association If a disaster occurs in which five or more players die or are dismembered, the league will hold a Disaster Draft to replace the individuals who were lost. Teams unaffected by the disaster each would be allowed to protect five players. National Football League In a "near disaster," in which fewer than 15 players are killed or lost for the season, teams would be required to play out the season but would receive priority on all waiver claims. In a "disaster," in which 15 or more players are killed or lost for the season, the commissioner decides whether the team will continue its season. If it does, the "near disaster" plan would kick in. If not, a restocking draft would take place in the offseason and the team would get the No. 1 pick in that year's NFL draft. National Hockey League If an accident occurs resulting in the death or disability of five or more active players, the club would be allowed to restock its roster by buying players from other teams using money from an indemnity insurance policy. Once the disabled club returns to a playing strength of one goalkeeper and 14 players (NHL rosters regularly have 20 active players), the Emergency Rehabilitation Draft can be enacted to finish the re-stocking process. Each club will be able to protect one goalkeeper and 10 position players and the disabled club will draft from the remaining pool of talent. Teams that lost a player in the first phase of the ERP are exempt from losing a player in the draft. Major League Baseball Major League Baseball declined to release information regarding its contingency plan.