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  1. For newer members (probably six years and under), the Concepts section was full of high-profile contests that we looked forward to every few weeks or so. One of them was called "Iron Crossover", in which any board member could come up with a uniform concept based on a team's logos put on another sport's template. I want to resurrect that, and am doing so today! (Click the logo for inspiration) This maiden battle in Concept Stadium will take place between now and December 31st, 2012 at Midnight (any concepts submitted to this thread afterwards will not be eligible for voting). Some quick rules before we start off: --Voting will be by poll from January 1st, 2013, to January 6th, 2013 (my birthday) --You must do a home, road, and alternate uniform. The alternate may be a throwback. --All logos used MUST BE CURRENT. You may design any other way (i.e., striping) but you must use the current logos. The only exception is if you choose a throwback design as your alternate. You may not create your own logo for a team. However, you may use any template you feel will best showcase your ideas. Presentation is key! --Any attempts to "politic" your concept will result in automatic disqualification with suspension of eligibility for the next "Next Iron X-Over". Further, please refrain from revealing your votes during the submission or voting process. You can provide C/C, but not votes. This restriction will be lifted after voting ends. --Trash talking is encouraged, but trolling will result in automatic disqualification and banning from further competition in Next Iron X-Over --Winner will receive a cool signature image PLUS a chance at competing against one of our "Iron X-Over Chefs" which will be announced later. See? Simple, simple but a load of fun. I will announce your Challenge in the next post!