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  1. WHoa... what a weird name for a league. Whatssup here? A. There was an actual Southern California Trolley League. .... that lasted like 22 minutes in 1910. The name initially made me think the league was affiliated with a rail system; It wasnt, but i was intrigued.... so i will make it so. B. The Pacific Electric Co. would have done this. Profits came from the owners routing rail lines through their land holdings to facilitate their development. Passenger service alone never made a profit. Creating a sports league to provide attractions along PE routes would encourage development and fill the red cars on match days. C. Some of ye might remember this wackadoodle topic of mine. I got bored. The concepts and presentation were pretty weaksauce too. _____________________________________________________________________ Pacific Electric Football League Weeeeee!! League setup in the inaugural year 1910. Football clubs dot the PE routes. Los Angeles FC Santa Monica FC Pasadena FC Long Beach FC Santa Ana FC Redondo Beach FC
  2. Hello there, this is gonna be my first endeavor into the world of making concepts, so I've been inspired to make my own Fictional League so I can learn how to use some programs. I'll will be simulating the seasons and keeping a narrative going but I'll be posting the League shield and the Intro right So C&C are appreciated so that I can improve myself. It was the end of World War Two, the United States and Canada were recovering from the aftermath of the war. Many turned to sports to uplift their spirits and look to the future. There wasn’t any unified league for hockey before the war, it was all semi-pro leagues stuck in a region until 1948 where eight owners of these semi-pro teams wanted hockey to be spread across their nations as they began to draw up the first draft of the North American Hockey Alliance. The owners of these eight clubs varied in fortune and means of acquiring said wealth pooled their resources together to form the league. The first head of the league was Liam O'Brian, a Lawyer from New York who helped draw up the first draft of the league's rules. The cities of Boston, Halifax, Montreal, New York, Toronto, Chicago, Hamilton and Detroit were awarded teams. They were deemed the Early Eight as they would soon start planning out their seasons and the identities of their teams. The Championship trophy was made by Seamus McDonald, the 88 year old owner of the Maritime Commodores as he was going to be passing ownership to his son Nathan upon his passing and wanted to donate something to the fledgling league, his item was the United Dominion Cup which would be awarded to the winner of the championship of the NAHA.