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  1. I've been really impressed by the Seattle Kraken's identity despite the name, so I decided to try my hand at a Metropolitans-inspired Kraken jersey. The striping pattern is based off of the logo, including the tentacle. Thoughts? C&C is appreciated!
  2. Hi all, I decided to create a series based off the one I did for the NBA, in which I make alternate jerseys for the NHL that combine most (if not all) the team's brand history into one uniform. I thought this would be a cool way of acknowledging team histories while making unique alternate uniforms for each team (excluding Vegas, since they've only had one logo and uniform set, sorry Golden Knights fans...) I hope y'all enjoy and CC is welcome! Starting off with three: Mighty Ducks of Anaheim/Anaheim Ducks 1990s-Mid 2000s: Front logo Mid 2000s-early 2010s: Sleeve styling Early 2010s-present: Shoulder logos, colors Phoenix/Arizona Coyotes: 1990s-early 2000s: General jersey design early 2000s-early 2010s: Shoulder logo Early 2010s-present: Front logo, colors Boston Bruins: 1950s: Color, sleeve design 1960s-80s: Front logo coloring, shoulder design, neck coloring 2000s-present: Front logo design, shoulder logo Going in alphabetical order by city, so that'll be the order.
  3. With the Leafs expected to unveil an alternate this offseason, I decided to try out an idea for them. I expect them to stay traditional with this, maybe even a simple fauxback, but with some modern elements. For this concept, I took ideas from their previous striping, specifically from their early blue jerseys, the 1967-70 set, and their white alternate from the early 2000s. The pattern is the same on the sleeves and hem, and the modified three stripes return to the socks. What do you think? C&C welcome.
  4. Hi all, Decided to create a fun and new alternate concept for each MLB team, starting with the AL East then moving all the way down to the NL West. I will also be stating the style I used as well. Leave your thoughts in the comments. Without further ado, here are my AL East concepts: Baltimore Orioles (Fauxback): Using the "swinging bird" logo, I created the first Orioles jersey to not feature the traditional text used. The uniform also follows the style of the 1970s-1990s uniforms with extra long sleeves and similar piping. The cap remains the same as the one they currently use. Boston Red Sox (City/Boston Strong): In spite of not fitting the team name at all in terms of colors, the uniform uses the colors of the Boston city flag and evokes a sense of city pride (if not for the hat having a canny resemblance to the UCLA bruins logo). This uniform is meant to embody and empower the city of Boston on game-day. New York Yankees (1930s Throwback): The Yankees have been lacking any form of an alternate uniform for ages and this glory days throwback expresses enough class and style to be fit for the historical organization. The logo features a faded white and the old jersey and hat logos from the 1930s-40s. Tampa Bay Rays (Traditional): While not the most exciting alternate, it makes a much needed addition of the "Tampa Bay" name into the lore of the organization. Toronto Blue Jays (Past-Meets-Present): Using the old style of the Jays since the teams inception, but featuring the modern logo and font makes this alternate a classy and nostalgic addition to their Canadian pride alternate. Up Next: AL Central
  5. Let's just take a look at each team's first attempt at adding an alternate jersey and choose the best (or worst): Celtics: Clippers: Hornets/Pelicans: Wizards: Bulls: Cavaliers: Mavericks: Nuggets: Pistons: Pacers: Heat: Bucks: Lakers: Timberwolves: Jazz: Nets: Knicks: Magic: Warriors: Suns: Blazers: Kings: Spurs: Rockets: Sonics/Thunder: Raptors: Hawks: Grizzlies: Bobcats/Hornets: Sixers:
  6. Hi, I am a first time designer and logo creator. I wanted to design a brand to use for my school's basketball logos. I did some research on this site, as well as others and Google, and came up with my ideas. I used Photoshop to create these and although I do not have much experience with the program, but I think that the logos came out well. Our main colors are royal and white, with grey and black serving as accents, and I tried to incorporate each color into the logos. I would appreciate it if you readers would review my logo designs and give me constructive criticism so that I may make the logos perfect. The blue basketball with white outline and a grey "C" in the middle would serve as the alternate logo for the basketball team. The "C" stands for the city of Columbus and the name of my high school. The grey basketball surrounded by the white "C" in the blue circle would serve as a throwback logo. I was going for a Seattle Supersonics type look, referencing their white "S", yellow basketball, green circle alternate. Thank you for your time and constructive criticism. (ALL LOGOS ARE PROPERTY OF nstevens0 AND ARE FOR MY USE ONLY)
  7. Hey everyone, I worked on fixing up the Canes into something they I wish they would wear. The design incorporates elements from their new and old jerseys... I also attempted to make a new wordmark for the team but I'm not sure if I like the way it came out. I'm relatively new to designing concepts and using illustrator so C&C is welcomed! CarolinaHurricanesTaylorG1.pdf
  8. So I was browsing the site and found the Hurricanes "Canes" wordmark. Like the Sens' old 3rd, I decided to use it in a concept for a new 3rd for the Hurricanes. What do you think? This is my first concept here, so C&C is appreciated!
  9. The NHL Pacific division has a lot of potential for alternate jerseys, but most of them are pretty lackluster. So here I'm setting out to make sure the Pacific's alternates are everything that they should be and hopefully, more. First, the Coyotes. The 'Yotes didn't release an alternate with their new set so I did what I think is a good option. I decided to use their paw alternate and put all the design on the sleeves just like their Home/Away jerseys. C&C more than welcome, and any post will be liked so feel free to let me know what you think. Sharks are up next, thanks!
  10. My main questions are: Do I ditch the light blue altogether? Should I keep the shoulders the way they are? Is the logo on the jersey too big?
  11. Buffalo doesn't urgently need a third jersey but I wanted to see what I could come up with. The logo has the stars from the city flag and crossed Sabre swords. From there I made the jersey, I messed around with a few different shades of blue and ended up with the blue they used in the early 80s.
  12. This is my first upload here on so I wanted to make something interesting. I think the Oilers throwback colours are great, however, their current logo can get boring. It's tough to see Edmonton keep renewing the same logo on every jersey they have so I decided to make an alternate logo concept. The logo is inspired by their former AHL team the Oklahoma City Barons.
  13. Here's the alternate that Dallas deserves, and the one Dallas needs. It might be BFBS but I think it works well.
  14. I think that the Wings used a really solid and slick logo for the Stadium Series against Colorado this year. It seemed modern, but still classic, and still retaining the timeless winged logo they still sport on their chests today. These jerseys used that logo, but in a less modern way. I tried to make these a combination of modern and classic, just like the Stadium Series logo, and I think it turned out ok. Thoughts?
  15. I had previously started a thread with 2 Jets concepts, but that died pretty quickly. I decided to change a few things about my partial logo concept. I had tried to incorporate a lot more grey into the design, but it made things hard to make out, so I changed it to white. I kept the little details of the arm stripes pointing north, for True North. I include my other design as well.
  16. So, I just created 2 concepts for a Manitoba Moose alternate uniform. But I have always wanted to create a Winnipeg Jets uniform. So I took the same idea as my Moose concept, but added slight changes to fit the Jets. The arm stripes create a point, for True North. The 2 designs are basically the full logo and a partial logo with just the jet. Although a throwback uniform would be cool for the Jets to do, I think when they unveiled their new logo, they were creating a whole new identity, and I think this identity needs a whole new alternate, not a throwback. Plus, I'm not sure if the Coyotes own the Jets 1.0 logo and jerseys, since its apart of their franchise history.
  17. I've never liked the NFL's one helmet rule, and never will. I'm gonna go ahead and break it right now with the first 32in32! Similar projects have been made over the years, but if you haven't been around for one or are curious what my rules are, here it is: All helmets must be a different color than the primary helmet, unless there is a gradient (cough cough, Dolphins).Most helmets will have oversized specific parts of a logo be a little ways out there.MOST IMPORTANT: Only one helmet per day except updates, that's why its called a 32in32, 32 alt helmets in 32 days.Once a team's day is over, there will be no updating it until the project's overHere's Arizona:
  18. I was challenged by a friend to make an alternate for the Montreal Canadiens, and basically "Touch the Untouchable". I drew inspiration from the initial Habs logo, and past jerseys. I changed the logo from saying "CAC" (For Canadien Athletic Club) to "CHC" (For Canadien Hockey Club), and I'm pretty happy with the result.
  19. Thought I would toss up my Logolympiad submissions thus far and receive some feedback on them. I haven't been able to enter as many events this year as I would like, but hopefully I can submit an entry or two for these final few events (with more success than my first two). EVENT 1: Alternate Logo For the first event, designers were tasked with designing an alternate logo which could replace the primary in some applications. I opted to design a logo for the Celtics because I felt they had a lot of original Celtic imagery that could be drawn from. My design is based upon the claddagh, a prominent symbol of Irish heritage and culture, with a basketball replacing the heart. The crown I chose was admittedly kind of plain, but it is not without its history for this franchise. I based the crown off of the one appearing in the logo Boston used during the 50s and 60s. For my effort in this logo, I received two bronze medal votes. EVENT 3: Wordmark The next event I entered, the task was to create a wordmark for a potential Los Angeles NFL team, utilizing one of three color palettes. The name I selected is a callback to a team from the All-America Football Conference that called Los Angeles home during the late 1940s. The imagery comes from the nearby La Brea Tar Pits, which are the final resting place for many prehistoric species including the mastodon (Dons being short for Mastodons). This wordmark was in all likelihood far too ambitious both for this event and for my designing abilities. Despite this, I still received a nice little triple crown of one gold, one silver, and one bronze vote for my submission. Nevertheless, I'd love to see how I can improve this with some feedback and continued work.
  20. Hey guys, I made an alternate uniform for every AL team and I will make NL ones soon. These are just rough drafts but I thought I'd post them anyway. Here is the AL West first. Tell me what you think!
  21. When the Celtics unveiled their new Parquet Pride uniforms, myself like many of you, thought they were pretty ugly looking. One think I did like on the uniform was the parquet pattern on the side panels of the jersey and shorts. I thought that was kind of cool looking. I took that idea and added it to the Celtics green jerseys (mine still says Celtics on the front, I know the current ones now say Boston). I made it gold, like the gold from the St. Patrick Day uniforms. I took the stripes on the shoulder and had them run down the side of the jersey and shorts. One of the things I might do is add a gold outline around CELTICS and the number just to change it up a little more. What do you think?
  22. I'm not sure if this means they're bringing them back or just selling them on the site, but every other jersey on the page was one they're currently using
  23. Hello all! Today I bring a new concept to you. This time for the Columbus Blue Jackets. I wanted to try something kind of out there for this one so I tried a square yoke with angular stripes. I used the light blue from the Columbus thirds and used it as an accent color. Comments and CC are greatly appreciated! Also thanks to MrWonka for his sexy template. CBJ Concept Front CBJ Concept Back
  24. Hey Guys! It's been a long time since i have posted something, so here is something that i worked on. There are rumors of Tampa Bay getting a third and this is my concept. I went with a simple design but definitely something modern. Hope you like this one! C&C Welcome!