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Found 2 results

  1. So, when the new Viking uniform was released, there was no alternative uniform as part of the package. For the past few years, the Vikings’ alt was the 70’s throwback… I guess they could still use it, but somehow that doesn’t seem likely to me. The new uniform seems to, in my mind, render that throwback sort of extra obsolete. (Not that the new uniform is, in any way, a “throwback”, just that all the language they’ve used to describe it make you feel that they, at least, are thinking of it as a sort of visual heir to that 70’s uniform.) So here are a few possible choices for a new Vikings Alt and/or throwback. First, a throwback to the mid-60’s road uniform… one of my personal all-time favorite uniforms. I’ve tried to translate it onto the modern template as is, “faults” in all. This means mismatched helmet color and weird sock stripes. This is what the Vikings had done with their 70’s alt, and I’m not a fan of the fauxback, or the modern “clean-up” (any more than you have to do to in terms of uniform styles, nameplates, NFL logos and such) in recreating a classic uniform.
  2. Since the Vikings just released their new uniform, I thought it was a chance for to put out a few concepts I’ve had for a while, and maybe something new. I guess for comparisons sake, and to see what any of you think. Let me know… any thoughts are appreciated. First, here is a concept I’ve had going, more or less as is with a few tweaks here and there, for the past 5 years or so. The uniform the Vikings debuted in ’06 lost any appeal for me in a hurry, and a return to basics was what I was hoping for. I started working on concepts based off the 60’s uniform… northwestern stripping, gray mask, purple road pants. The uniform below is what I’d been hoping to see when this year’s change was announced. In my version, they’d keep the ’06 – ’12 helmet, , as the new horn has grown on me, just swapping a gray mask for the purple one . The jerseys would be the 60’s jerseys, pretty much straight up, adapted to a modern template. The only new additions would be the wordmark and the logo above the NOB… I’ve always liked the logo and am interested in seeing it remain somewhere on the uniform. The main difference between the 60’s uniform and my concept is with the pants stripe. I reversed the colors, and reduced the gold to a thin outline, so that the pants stripes would read, more or less, like the jersey numbers which would keep some consistency in the color patterning. Anyway, here it is… now that the Vikings have actually gotten a new uniform this feels vaguely obsolete to me, although I’m not sure why.