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  1. *Not sure if I'm posting this in the correct thread as I haven't posted on this site in probably over a decade. Wildcats Jersey design competition Australia's biggest and most successful Basketball Club the "Perth Wildcats"are asking fans for uniform concepts for the coming season. They'd been one of the best attended clubs outside North America too with a crowd ave over 12000. Was wondering if any of you would be keen of having a crack at designing a uniform for the competition. Their logo is in desperate need of an update or redo too. The Wildcats have solid colours but never seem to be able to nail it, often with poor and unrelated typography, chopping and changing every season over the last decade. Sponsorship placement has also been messy. They predominantly play in Red (the fan base is called the Red Army) since 2009. founded in 1982, they originally utilized the Western Australian state colours of Black and Gold. They introduced white in 1987 and red accents in 1989 (from a sponsorship of a local Brewery). In 1995 they dropped the Gold and standard white home Singlet for a Black home Singlet with secondary colours of Red and Grey/silver. They wore variations of Black till 2008. Since then, the club has really embraced Red at the dominant colour though there's some nostalgia for the Uniforms of the late 80's to mid 90's. *Some of their Singlets over the years. Championships in 2, 4, 5 ,7 (7 is the current Singlet). 8 and 9 being city round and indigenous round one offs. They suit a more dynamic modern design than a standard traditional block letter Basketball uniform. They have almost always worn V neck Singlets. They have also often had the front numbering offset or above the team name (like in Euroleague basketball). Colours: Red Secondary colours (or away) colours: Black, White Accent (or alternative) colours: Grey/Silver, Yellow/Gold Portland and Toronto uniforms would be in the ballpark.
  2. Check out my World Cup Concept Jersey series at: Make sure to see all the other groups in my behance profile and feel free to appreciate if you liked it!
  3. So this is the series I mentioned about in my new look NHL, which now will be going on alongside this series, the AFL-NHL crossover! Australian Rules Football is an amazing sport that I wish had more of a global presence, especially here in Canada. For you folks who don't know what this sport is, here you go. I discovered it two years ago, and am now a proud supporter of the Western Australian teams. This idea came to mind when the folks at HJC started the AIHL (Australian Ice Hockey League) redesign. I'd been wanting to do another crossover series, and everything just clicked. Adelaide Crows (alt) Brisbane Lions Carlton Blues Collingwood Magpies Essendon Bombers Fremantle Dockers (alt) Geelong Cats (alt) Gold Coast Suns GWS Giants (alt) Hawthorn Hawks Melbourne Demons North Melbourne Kangaroos Port Adelaide Power Richmond Tigers St Kilda Saints Sydney Swans West Coast Eagles (update) Western Bulldogs I will be starting off with the two recent grand finalists, Richmond and Adelaide, then going down the ladder (standings). So without further ado, here we go! First off are the newly crowned premiers after 37 years, the Richmond Tigers. The team's jumpers (uniforms) are black with a yellow sash, so I turned it into a chest stripe to fit in with other hockey jerseys. The aways are yellow as a tribute to the jumpers the tigers won the premiership in. The sock stripes are inspired by the team's past home jumpers. The numbers are white like they are on the club's jumpers. C&C appreciated!
  4. Here's my entry into HJC's new design competition, to design jerseys for an Australian Ice Hockey League team. I chose the Adelaide Adrenaline, as they seemed to have the best logo in the league, and came up with these. What do you think? Are there any improvements I could make?
  5. Hey Guys, I decided to take another route redesigning the Wallabies Logo. I took some inspiration from the kangaroo on the team's coat of arms. But it still feels as if something is missing. The yellow background is what it'd look like on a guernsey.
  6. Hey Please check out my latest Ben Simmons Identity concept and give any feedback necassary!
  7. Hey guys, I'm only a newbie to this site, and I've been inspired by some of the great concept series such as Raysox's Yakball and In_a_rush's URL, to create my own fictional sport. It's called Bucketball. Well, it's not entirely new I guess, my brother and I Invented a form of the sport wayback. But nevertheless, I'd like to showcase it to you americans. A brief outline of some rules of this fine game- (Template is an adapted form of Darth Brook's basketball court psd. Cheers Darth) Aim- The aim of the game is to score as many buckets as possible - 4 x 10 minute quarters - Middle bucket is worth 4, outer ones 2. A shot outside the pin that goes in is a bonus point. - 5 players on court allowed atone time. These are ... 1 x Lynch ( Kind of a goaltender. Called this due to the pin shape in which he's allowed to roam in. 2 x Rogues (Defenders. Called this due to there rough, no frills type playing style.) 2 x Questors ( Attackers. Shoot at all the buckets.) - Only 3 substitutions allowed per quarter - Players must bounce the ball along the ground at least once when passing the ball. - Ball must be passed at least three times before a shot is allowed to be taken. - 2 minute powerplay If a player gives away an Orange or Yellow Card. - A player can only take a maximum 3 paces without passing. - Bucketball is a minimal contact sport. If a player with the ball is indefinitely being pushed around free passes are given. At the moment this will only be an 8 team league, with possible expansion across the world later. Here's a bit of a league map for ya. The first team, from the sporting capital of the world, will be... Melbourne! Can't wait to share this with you guys.
  8. Here is an NBL Australia court concept. All concepts use Darth Brook's basketball court template. The first team is the Adelaide 36ers. I opted not to use their current logo and to use the Los Che 2014 font and "create" a logo. Next is the Cairns Taipans I used a horizontal line pattern to add uniqueness to the Taipans court. The logo is a small modification of their current wordmark.
  9. NBL appoints new Official Apparel Partner It's a really interesting move from the National Basketball League Basketball is massively popular in Australia, but the NBL markets itself really poorly and as such, it's largely ignored by fans who just follow the NBA. I've always believed that cheap looking, primarily sublimated uniforms over the past 20 years have been a big contributor to the NBL being ignored, with NBA jerseys being worn all over the place. Hopefully Mitchell and Ness can give the league a bit more a traditional, authentic look. I'm not aware of them sponsoring a league or a team, so it will be interesting to see their take on it. You'd assume they'd want to maintain their throwback aesthetic, which could be absolutely wonderful news for Australian basketball fans.
  10. Hey guys, I have a few redesigns for the States and was debating whether or not to put it in the Concepts thread even though its not sports. I'll put it here for now and see how the feedback is - if there even is any. Living in Ontario, we have had pretty much the same license plates since the 70's, maybe longer. Seeing plates from the States, well it seems some change every year instead of just using a Registration Sticker. For my redesign, I will have a maximum of 2 plate options per state - with the exception of California - There will be 3 plates shown of each design; a Vanity (personalized), Normal (3 numbers and 3 letters regardless of how said state spells theirs out) and Blank. Some plates may be restricted to the number of letters - 6 being the minimum, but most will have an 8 letter limit. I'm trying to make these plates look good enough to last 10 years. I am not doing separate plates for Trucks. If it looks like a truck, it's a Truck, no need to make a different one because it's a "commercial" vehicle. I will not make Government/Veteran/Alumni plates. Since I am not American, I am interested in any sort of feedback especially on your home state. I will do my best to avoid stereotypes or anything that may be offensive. Enjoy. Edit (April 29): This will now be a worldwide License plate redesign thread. I will make each plate in the standard North American form of 6in x 12in, so please, don't tell me how the shape won't fit your country's plate location. The list below will be edited soon for the upcoming regions. United States: Canada: Australia: Mexico: Tamaria (Imaginary Country):
  11. Well now that school is done for a while, I can focus on continuing my never ending concepts for my imaginary country of Tamaria. In case you don't know - which I assume would be most of you - I have an imaginary country designed up complete with nearly everything imaginable. Only recently I have been putting my creation to paper - or digital paper - so it's not complete but the idea is there. For more information, it can be found here. So I've been working on a NASCAR series that runs in the South East (of the world) with a few races in Australia and New Zealand, but its based in Tamaria with a majority of the races occurring there. I figured the best sponsor would be Qantas as it is the most recognizable company from Australia, it provides air services for the series when needed and doesn't conflict with good/services that have many companies (such as a Busch series with Coors Light, Budweiser and Molson cars). Speaking of Alcohol, due to Tamaria's leniency towards Tobacco and Alcohol sponsoring in Motorsports, there will be plenty of popular designs you may remember form decades ago. It is a 33 race season that runs on Thursday nights (because in Tamaria the weekend is Friday and Saturday rather than the traditional Saturday and Sunday) from mid-August to May with the final race being held in the first week of June. There is a 2 week break around Christmas time and occasional bi-weeks. The season is referred to as the starting year - for example, the 2015 season runs from August 2015 to June 2016. The reason for this is because back in the late 70's and 80's when the series was still young, the final race occurred the week after New Years so a majority of the season was in the preceding year. Here is a rough list of the dates and track info. Here is a map of the locations of the track. The actual track designs will be up soon and once complete, I will get to the good stuff - the cars. The tracks are a mix of traditional ovals (D-Oval, Tri-Oval, Quad-Oval, etc) as well as some resurrections and tracks strongly influenced by famous tracks. A little more info regarding the cars... I am planning to have about 50 or so cars even though the field is 42 cars. The cars will have 2-3 different schemes per driver. Most of the number logos are the same from Sprint Cup. Race teams are made up of a minimum of 2 drivers and maximum of 4 drivers. Each team must run the same manufacturer and other teams running the same manufacturer are considered semi-teammates and often use tactics to help each other out as there is a bonus for the manufacturer with the most points. Cars will run in a V6 or V8 class. Specs remain the same, I just felt it was more appropriate for those companies with existing V6's and I6's to use their respective displacements. The race in Thornhill features all throwback or fauxback liveries on the cars. Some teams opt to use different sponsors. The race is called Throwback Thursday at Thornhill and is where the term "Throwback Thursday" originated from Cars: V8's Ford Taurus SHO Chevrolet Lumina SS (Chevrolet SS) Holden Commodore SS Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe Jaguar XKR V6's Subaru Impreza WRX Nissan GT-R R35 Audi S5 BMW M4 and here is a timeline for all the cars ever used in the Qantas series since its foundation in 1978. I know there is probably a lot I'm missing, it is a big task especially considering it's based in a fictional place so if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
  12. I'd love to hear how people on here rate the AFL logos. Obviously over in Australia there are a lot of strong opinions given how attached we are to our teams, but i'd love to hear what people think of the logos as they are, without having a lot of prior knowledge of the AFL. As you can see there is a wide variety of approaches to logo design going on here. Some are more traditional looking, some are more bold and modern.
  13. so I have decided to re design my football clubs logos and uniforms, these is my first concept using a vector program so there will be a few bits and pieces tat aren't perfect but that's one of the purposes of this. this could end up being a whole league redesign depends on how much time i have over these summer holidays. i decided to start with wordmarks and a monogram logo, just a simple block with a few modifications. im not 100% on the wigs mainly because i cant get the shape right but once i do id like to add them to the monogram. let me know what you think
  14. Here is a compilation of the shirts worn by Australia when competing in one-day cricket matches between 1977 and 2007: All of these shirts are worn with yellow trousers (except for the 1987 World Cup, where all teams wore white). Green and gold are the Australian national sporting colours, but they can be a bit garish. I think that is the reason why the predominantly green shirt was introduced in 2006-2007.
  15. How many team logos across all sports feature a machine as part of their logo? Here is an example from Australia - the Junee Diesels of the NSW Country Rugby League: The background to the use of the locomotive is that Junee is located on the Sydney to Melbourne railway line, and for many years a major rail depot was located in the town.
  16. New logo: Old logo: Newslink:
  17. okay, so for a while ive been following this forum and have been creating australian teams for an australian basketball league that I'm calling the ABA (Australian Basketball Association) which will replace the NBL. I have seven teams so far and will hopefully be making more. FOREWORNING, some of the logos used in here were taken from the site and edited i do not claim I made all logos although i did design all jumpers etc. this is a logo i made for the league which is based off of the nba's logo, i was going to make the ball green and gold for australia but overall the look didnt look good so i left it as is http://s1106.photobu...2at105300PM.png The first team i designed was the richmond rattlers http://s1106.photobu...lers-layout.jpg The next team on my list was the Melbourne Cubs http://s1106.photobu...cubs-layout.jpg Then came the Sydney Harbours http://s1106.photobu...OURS-LAYOUT.jpg Next is the Perth Pirates, taking the font and the black and yellow colours from the mlb pirates http://s1106.photobu...ATES-LAYOUT.jpg Then came the Cairns Flameshttp://s1106.photobu...AMES-LAYOUT.jpg After was the Townsville Suns http://s1106.photobu...SUNS-LAYOUT.jpg and last but not least, the Melbourne Gunships http://s1106.photobu...06at13443AM.png Hopefully you guys have liked what ive posted, and if you dont, tell me why, C&C welcome, this is my first time, be nice and ill try and make some more, next on the list, the tassie devils