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  1. This weekend I put a Nike Limited Aaron Rodgers jersey up on EBay. I assume most of you know what that is, but for those who don't, here: Anyways, I listed the jersey with the title "Nike Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers Limited (Replithentic) Jersey - M." I also explained in the listing the different jersey grades so the purchaser was aware of what they were getting. No big deal right? To my surprise, I get an e-mail this morning stating that EBay has removed my listing and that I have violated their terms of service. I called Customer Service to find out what the problem was, and they explained to me that because I listed it as "Replithentic" I am being written up as a seller of counterfeit jerseys. I told them there are a number of jerseys on EBay that are 100% counterfeit, and I can assure you that a Jersey given to me as a Hanukkah gift from Dick's Sporting Goods is not counterfeit. They then asked me to explain the term "Replithentic" because to them that means a "not real jersey." I said you do realize that people are using "Authentic" and "Game Worn" on EBay listings of counterfeit jerseys, correct? The customer service representative seemed dumbfounded that someone would lie about an authentic jersey. He then said to me that the NFL line of "Limited" jerseys is considered authentic by EBay because it has sewn numbers. I had to explain to him that not every jersey with sewn numbers is authentic. I actually had to give him the link to the article I wrote for BaconSports ( and it finally made sense to him. So, now I have to go through an appeals process with EBay so they don't close my account. That being said, it's no surprise there are so many counterfeit jerseys up on that site. The people policing the site are attacking the good guys instead of the bad guys! Rather frustrating if you ask me.
  2. I have a blank road jersey from 1998 like this (although this photo is of Marquis Grissom's jersey). I'm trying to figure out which player to put on it, considering the entire team pretty much sucked. I was thinking maybe Cal Eldred since he was one of the longer tenured players on the team, and Jeff Cirillo went on to be a fan favorite. Thoughts? Here is the team roster that year. Who should I do? # Pitchers Height Weight Throws Bats Date Of Birth 52 Bobby Chouinard 6-01 188 Right Right 1972-05-01 58 Valerio de los Santos 6-02 180 Left Left 1972-10-06 21 Cal Eldred 6-04 235 Right Right 1967-11-24 40 Chad Fox 6-03 175 Right Right 1970-09-03 53 Rod Henderson 6-04 195 Right Right 1971-03-11 43 Joe Hudson 6-01 175 Right Right 1970-09-29 43 Doug Jones 6-02 195 Right Right 1957-06-24 14 Jeff Juden 6-08 265 Right Right 1971-01-19 42 Scott Karl 6-02 195 Left Left 1971-08-09 41 Jose Mercedes 6-01 180 Right Right 1971-03-05 57 Greg Mullins 5-10 160 Left Left 1971-12-13 28 Mike Myers 6-03 200 Left Left 1969-06-26 31 Bronswell Patrick 6-01 237 Right Right 1970-09-16 39 Eric Plunk 6-05 217 Right Right 1963-09-03 46 Bill Pulsipher 6-03 210 Left Left 1973-10-09 47 Al Reyes 6-01 195 Right Right 1971-04-10 52 Rafael Roque 6-04 189 Left Left 1972-01-01 89 Travis Smith 5-10 170 Right Right 1972-11-07 46 Paul Wagner 6-01 202 Right Right 1967-11-14 49 David Weathers 6-03 205 Right Right 1969-09-25 27 Bob Wickman 6-01 240 Right Right 1969-02-06 48 Brad Woodall 6-00 175 Left Both 1969-06-25 37 Steve Woodard 6-04 225 Right Left 1975-05-15 # Catchers Height Weight Throws Bats Date Of Birth 25 Brian Banks 6-03 200 Right Both 1970-09-28 33 Bobby Hughes 6-04 229 Right Right 1971-03-10 23 Marcus Jensen 6-04 195 Right Both 1972-12-14 16 Jesse Levis 5-09 180 Right Left 1968-04-14 22 Mike Matheny 6-03 205 Right Right 1970-09-22 # Infielders Height Weight Throws Bats Date Of Birth 11 Ronnie Belliard 5-10 214 Right Right 1975-04-07 26 Jeff Cirillo 6-02 190 Right Right 1969-09-23 30 Bob Hamelin 6-00 235 Left Left 1967-11-29 32 John Jaha 6-01 205 Right Right 1966-05-27 8 Mark Loretta 6-00 175 Right Right 1971-08-14 7 Dave Nilsson 6-03 215 Right Left 1969-12-14 2 Jose Valentin 5-10 175 Right Both 1969-10-12 1 Fernando Vina 5-09 170 Right Left 1969-04-16 # Outfielders Height Weight Throws Bats Date Of Birth 20 Jeromy Burnitz 6-00 190 Right Left 1969-04-15 9 Marquis Grissom 5-11 190 Right Right 1967-04-17 24 Darrin Jackson 6-00 185 Right Right 1962-08-22 5 Geoff Jenkins 6-01 204 Right Left 1974-07-21 50 Greg Martinez 5-10 168 Right Both 1972-01-27 10 Marc Newfield 6-04 205 Right Right 1972-10-19 39 Eric Owens 6-01 185 Right Right 1971-02-03
  3. I know, awhile ago, we used to have a thread where people posted different E-Bay advertisements for authentic jerseys that were clearly jacked up/fake/not even the right jersey. I would like to start one for legit deals. The idea being this...I scour E-Bay now and again, and I come across jerseys that are really cool, are legit...but I just don't want it. I figure if I'm not going to buy it, I'm sure someone on CCSLC would appreciate being alerted to its existence in case they want it. So, for my first post, someone is selling a Carlos Delgado Blue Jays jersey from the late 1990s. As listed, it's not a deal because he's overcharging. However, in most cases, you can often e-mail the seller to try to cut a deal behind the scenes. I've done it before. Anyways, just offering a heads up to those who would be interested.
  4. Below you'll see three button types on three different authentic MLB jerseys (Chicago Cubs Home, Arizona Diamondbacks Alternate, Chicago White Sox Alternate). Each one has slightly different buttons. The Cubs appear to use a "Cat Eye" shaped button. The White Sox use a traditional, pearl colored, "4-Hole" button. The D-Backs (at least in 1999) used same-color-as-jersey "4-Hole" buttons. So, I'm curious if anyone out there has any knowledge regarding buttons. Are they arbitrary? Are teams supposed to use specific ones? Why are some teams "customized" for the color of the jersey and others not? All three of these jerseys are made by Russell Athletic, so it's before Majestic took over. Thoughts?