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  1. Would love to get some feedback on this logo we just released. We call it the Las Vegas Hookers Fishing Club with the tagline: The only club where you hope what you catch isn't a keeper. We had fun and liked the colors. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks everyone!
  2. I'm going to miss the Houston Aeros Logo. I love the plane coming out of the puck and the Aerospace industry has amazing history in Houston. Gordie Howe was a Houston Aeros player in the old World Hockey Association. After the news about the Aeros moving to Iowa I wrote a blog about the Aeros history and my frustration with another cool logo giving way to what parent clubs call, "expanding the brand". I just think they are taking away the great art of sports logos. The Iowa Wild? Would love to get your thoughts. Just with some quick research, I learned that Des Moines where the Wild will play their games is named after the Des Moines river which means "River of Monks". Why not the Iowa or Des Moines Monks? If you have any other Iowa names, let me know. I just hate that more and more of these minor league cool names are going away. Hopefully when a new arena in Houston is built which is being talked about, Houston will get another hockey team and call it the Aeros. -Gavin
  3. Hey guys, you guys are always great about feedback whether it's positive or critical. We just launched a new logo and wanted to get your thoughts. We have two versions with the same basic logo, the California Crazy Eights and the spanish version, the California Ocho Locos. We thought Ocho Locos was a cool sounding name. I would love feedback on the font and the actual logo. I didn't want to show it on our t-shirts because I didn't want people to think that it's the only reason I'm on here. I really love sports logos and you guys provide great feedback and I love commenting on other logos. Let me know your thoughts and as always, I really appreciate any feedback.
  4. Pretty amazing that Brooklyn will be the home of two sports franchises a few years from now. I was reading the October article in the New York times which I've linked to about the move. They say they want to keep New York in the name but I wanted to get your thoughts on a possible logo. How about the Brooklyn LegBreakers. I put the Brooklyn Bridge in the background with NY in the stick tape. Would love to get your thoughts on it. Probably not politically correct in today's sports world but it's hockey and I love the double meaning of the violence of the sport and the old time mob violence.
  5. I created this logo for a chuckle which we certainly need during this NHL Lockout which is so frustrating. I'd love to get your thoughts on this. I love creating logos that turn docile objects into ferocious sports logos. I wouldn't want to drop the gloves with this funny sports logo. Hopefully you guys like it. Let me know your thoughts. I've included the logo and the how it looks on our awesome sports t-shirts to show the blend in colors. Thanks as always for the feedback!
  6. The Panamanian Basketball League is not as well known as some other leagues but they have some cool logos.Panama is more well known for producing baseball players like Rod Carew and Mariano Rivera. Former Dallas Mavericks Shooting Guard Rolando Blackman was born in Panama City but raised in Brooklyn. The Teams are the Rio Abojo Caimanes, The Canguros de Parque Lefevre, The Toros del Chorillo, The Montunos Del Interior, and the Colosos De Tumba Muerto I've linked to their stories in case you guys wanted to know more in depth about where they are located and their stories. Let me know which ones you guys like the best? My favorite is the Rio Abajo Caimanes. I just love the name Caimanes and even though locals swear they have seen Caimanes in Rio Abajo, they have never proved it. -Gavin
  7. I wanted to see what you guys thought of this logo I came up with for a New Orleans basketball team. The New Orleans Voodoo has been such a popular logo in that area and people are fascinated with the Voodoo culture. I thought the Curse would fit right in. The logo is a Voodoo Doll with pins sticking out going in for the dunk. Here's how it looks on our sports t-shirt. Positive or negative, I would love to here some feedback on this. I do think Pelicans are a step in the right direction since it has a lot more to do with New Orleans since it is the state bird and their is history in New Orleans with the Pelicans baseball team. I just think the name Curse has sounds mean and I have so many things running through my head from the mascot to the in-arena activities and sound effects that could be played with a name like the New Orleans Curse. Look forward to hearing from you guys. -Gavin