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  1. Hello everyone, this is my first topic, so might as well make it my baseball league I made a year or 2 ago.I'm going to start in 2015, showcase the divisions and the team's history, then go back to the start of the league/leagues in 1937 and work my way up to 2015 again. There are 3 main leagues in my baseball universe.The Rocky Mountain League (Est.1963) the Mississippi League (Est.1937), which comprise the 2 leagues of a total of 32 teams, and the Baseball in Canada Association (Est.1939) which has in total 12 teams.In 1983,the Mississippi League and the Rocky Mountain League (Frontier League at the time) combined with each other making the Baseball in America Association or the BAA. As for the Baseball in Canada Association,not a whole lot of history is there.The BCA was bought by the BAA in the 1990's but have yet to make a merger between the 2. At the end of each season,the best teams from the RML and the ML take each other on in a 7 game series for the prized Barron Bowl,Named after the first commissioner Reginald (Ray) Barron.After his death in 1994,his son was elected new commissioner of the league.The latest expansion happened this year.The logo of the league is in the link. There are pry more leagues the world, like Japan,Italy,Etc., I've just focused on the North American part of my baseball world.Also the MLB and its minor leagues have never existed in this world.So, I am happy to start this league up and share it with all of y'all.