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  1. I recently went crazy with the baseball concepts and ran through almost the entire major leagues. So, looking for more to do, I'm moving on to the colleges. Big 10, starting with the east...
  2. *Update* This is an old thread I made a few years ago, dedicated strictly to Big Ten uniforms. I've decided to re-purpose it into a general thread for all my college football concepts. The first few pages will be just the older B10 uniforms, then I'll combine in a few other older non-B10 stuff, and going forward it will be what ever college concepts I come up with. IMO the current multi-uniform craze that's been strangling college football for the past 7 or 8 years now, has reached a point of maximum stupidity. At one time, you could argue that it was cool to be one of the teams that pulled off some unexpected out-of-the-box alternate look (I'd probably argue that it was never all that cool, but you could argue it was)... but now? When 4th tier nobody teams hit the field in chrome/matte/charcoal/pattered silliness "Jumped the Shark" doesn't even begin to cover it. With that in mind, I'm remaking the 14 teams of Big Ten, each in a solid signature look. Each team gets just one home jersey, one road jersey, one helmet, one pair of shoes, one pair of socks, and a maximum of two pairs of pants. IMO if the elements are most clearly what each team should be wearing nothing else is needed. I also wanted to put each team into a Nike template, the idea being that, if the conference was united in this "one best look" concept, they should also be united in a single template. With that... here we go!
  3. Over time, I have been working on concept uniforms for all 130 FBS football teams. I did the universities that are currently planning on staying or joining the FBS level. My designs were intended to be very unique and creative. I have had a lot of fun during this designing process while creating new uniform ideas. I will start uploading the uniforms for each team in alphabetical order. Let me know what you guys think and which ones are your favorites. Hope you enjoy!
  4. I've recently wrapped a portfolio of Big Ten alternate helmet concepts, and look forward to hearing your comments. To be clear: each helmet created is intended to be an alternate helmet, used for one game, possible more during the 2017 season. To the best of my knowledge, these concepts are unique to existing concepts or helmets worn by the schools. To remain distinct to prior concepts, some of the designs are admittedly out there. I thought best to go the unique-and-quite-possibly-polarizing route than to recreate something that has already been designed. I will post 3-4 designs per day, and welcome your C&C. As always, a firm handshake to Mr. Davidson and Darth Brooks for their tutorials. This project was also preceded by a PAC-12 portfolio, which I will post in similar fashion assuming there is interest. Thanks in advance for your feedback. And away we go ...
  5. Well All, I am having fun working the templates in Paint and PowerPoint. They are no where near professional, so I will call them "Drafts." But I will be posting up schools as I progress with my justification/descriptions.
  6. Ward26

    B1G Hockey

    I'm a lifelong Michigan fan and a huge Michigan hockey fan. Living in Big Ten country I love to watch all the hockey games on BTN, but sometimes I wonder why there are only six B1G teams that have a hockey program. So I decided to make jersey concepts for every B1G team that doesn't have a hockey team, even the newbies. Up first Illinois, C&C welcomed.
  7. It won't go anywhere, but kudos to NW for continuing to push the subject. Read more. The NCAA urinated on this by referencing the golden rule: Thoughts?
  8. I see some pretty awesome and interesting designs on this forum. I want to see what type of creative (or un-creative) ideas you all have with Penn State Football's uniforms. I am interested in seeing all sorts of ideas from mild to "crazy". I want to see a home/away/third jersey. I am a Penn State Alum and lifelong fan (started going to games at 3 years old). I never thought I would want to see changes, but I have now become open to changes. Part of the reason is because of everything that went down with Sandusky. The other part is because I watch PSU sporting events and I see a terrible inconsistency amongst the "Penn State brand". According to the style guide ( gray is to be only used as an accent. However, both Men's and Women's Basketball have all gray 3rd jerseys + Men's Lacrosse has a matte gray helmet + Men's Volleyball used to wear gray shorts (with white or blue jersey's) and more. Therefore, you may use gray anyway you want (because PSU really doesn't know what they want gray to be). I also think black and pink could be used (as those are the original school colors). So, let's see what you all can do...
  9. Over the years, I've seen a ton of Big Ten concepts on the board in one fashion or another. And to be honest, I never thought I'd start my own series on the league because it seems like many of the good ideas have been done. I'm a stickler for tradition, but I also love some of the modern uniforms out there like Oklahoma State and some of the stuff Oregon puts out. My goal here wasn't to overhaul the league entirely, but to give each team a specific look consisting of a home, away and a single alternate (throwback, modern, whatever). To me, the most important trait is that when you see a concept you can instantly say, "hey - that's Penn State," or "that's obviously Northwestern." One other caveat. I'm not great with PS, Gimp, Inkscape, for designing logos and concepts. I'm actually pretty decent at using them for photo manipulation but whenever I try my hand at concepts, they just come out funky looking. So I default to my old standby, MS Paint. To me, the devil is in the details and I feel like a well-done Paint concept can still convey the overall theme and look of a set. That's what I've tried to do here. So, without much further ado, I present to you my Big Ten Project. I'll be adding more teams as I have the bandwidth to complete them. Comments and suggestions are of course, welcome. Big Ten West (complete!) IllinoisIowaNebraskaNorthwesternMinnesotaPurdueWisconsinBig Ten East Penn State
  10. Hey all! Its been a while since i've posted a concept but I managed to find some free time to sit down and crank some stuff out. So one of my favorite concepts that ive done in the past was my B1G pro combat series where i took all the teams using Nike uniforms and developed one-off pro combat uniforms for them. Now with the recent expansion of the B1G to include Rutgers and Maryland, I thought it might be cool to go back and revisit this idea of redoing the B1G - but in this hypothetical situation Nike has exclusive rights to every school in the conference (however unrealistic ad that might be). The design intent here wasn't necessarily to go crazy and give every school the bat crazy Nike treatment but to develop full-time sets that i think look awesome, relate to and respect the school and its history while providing modern touches and to create uniforms i think Nike would make in the real world. For the teams that are already using Nike, i want to build off of my previous pro combat concepts and try to develop cohesive sets based on the foundation i've already laid. I plan on doing home and away sets for each team and if all goes well possibly do some rivalry sets as well - we'll see. Some C&C is welcomed and appreciated! So far i have completed 7 teams out of 14... Illinois Indiana Iowa (home,road) Maryland Michigan (home,road) Michigan State Minnesota Nebraska Northwestern (home,road) Ohio State Penn State (home,road) Purdue (home,road) Rutgers (home,road) Wisconsin (home,road) Iowa: Home Road Michigan: Home Road Penn State: Home Road Purdue: Home Road
  11. Made in Paint? Thoughts, Suggestions. Follow the Link