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  1. this is an interesting site and theres lots here but sometimes I see or think something and just want to let it out.. and it wont fit in a specific recent thread or what ever else. I'm sure most of you do the same thing of just googling something you think of to see what you can find about uniforms and logos in history. I just want a mini diary/mini blog place to put something once in a while and I encourage anyone to put any random thought of their own or a pro-con-indifferent statement here as well. I'd like to know someone cares I decided to do this because of one particular NFL helmet/logo/uniform that I like for not particularly normal or classic reasons or reasons that make any sense for that matter. the Ravens first year uniforms of 1996! its just so beautifully odd. Of course you know about the logo not lasting due to a copyright issue which is a shame because its my favorite logo ( one of them) ever! the Helmet logo is like some elaborate 1920s/30s/40s sports club logo or a hockey team or family crest. I think now that the B was on purpose to attract Browns fans that they moved from ( just a thought but everything billionaires do is a calculated move) but it still represents the oldest uniform design method of a letter for a city. black and purple- you cant get more dark and gloomy and gothic and domineering than that! the entire uniform has elements of/reminds me of a Nazi/SS,biker gang,goth rock/goth clubs in the 80s (that I went to in LA)
  2. Hey guys! Back with a rebrand. After updating the Chicago Bears secondary bear logo, I decided to give another NFL team a new look. The Baltimore Ravens current logo package is more than 16 years old, so I thought they might use some kind of general overhaul. The color scheme (black, purple, gold and red as a supporting color) stays mostly untouched, except for purple. It's a just a notch lighter than their current shade. Ravens current primary logo The logo package consists of five marks (primary, secondary, two alternates and a wordmark, plus variations). The primary mark is a modernization of the 1999 logo. The "B", which is part of the Raven's head, is gone – simply because I have never really liked it. The secondary logo is an overhauled version of the "B" initial that the Ravens also wear on their pants. One of the alternate logos is the shoulder patch mark, the 'Cote of Arms' shield. The "B" and the "R" are no more, since the logo now mostly consists of the Maryland state flag. The original colors of the flag (yellow and red) that the Ravens organization borrowed, are now replaced with Ravens gold and Ravens red to achieve unity. For design and coloring reasons, this logo has no gold outline, but would have one when being on the uniform. The second alternate logo is rather a typical NFL wordmark logo. It shows the Raven with the team's wordmark underneath it. The Ravens wordmark is a combination of non-serif and serif typefaces. I thought that the Ravens need to stay with a serif typo. The team was named after Edgar Allen Poe's famous poem "The Raven" (Poe was born in Boston, but died in Baltimore at the age of 40), so a non-serif, modern font would be out of place. Last, but not least, here is the Ravens helmet with the primary mark on it. The facemask isn't black anymore, but purple and the helmet would have a matte finish. I thought the purple facemask is harmonizing with the modernized logo pretty good, also since the Vikings got rid of their purple facemasks two years ago and this wouldn't be a copycat anymore.
  3. Hey there people, I'm new here. I've lurked the forums for a while now, spending a lot of time in the "concepts" board. You all do some awesome work and it made me want to give it a shot. So, tonight I put this together. I'm a big fan of Univ. of Maryland's "Pride" uniforms. I think it would be great if the Ravens incorporated the design somehow. I tossed together this mock-up of how I would like to see it done. Kept the main Ravens look the way it was, simply just worked the flag design into the purple on the shoulders and into the black helmet as a "stripe." Let me know what you think!