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  1. I wouldn't say it was a necessary change but no harm done. Definitely a more uniform brand now.
  2. Six designers from Carolina and six from Colorado got together to put on a craft beer can design contest. Voting is already underway. Definitely worth checking out!
  3. I made this after seeing one for the nation, but felt it undersold my great state. I just wanted a poster so bad, and now you can have one too.
  4. Back in 2003 or 2004 I found a t-shirt with the Iowa Hawkeyes mascot holding a mug of beer: In 2006 I sold it on eBay for $40 which was a lot for a t-shirt back then. The other day while browsing around on Pinterest I found an extremely similar t-shirt, and here is the cropped and zoomed-in graphic: Obviously the same artist or t-shirt company made both of these, due to the same font used, the same reclining pose of the mascots, and almost the identical foam on the mugs of beer. My theory about these shirts is a local t-shirt company in Iowa decided to make some easy cash by selling them outside the football stadiums of these two teams, because obviously a university would never approve of and then officially license an image of its mascot holding a beer. HOWEVER, the late 70's and early 80's, the era these shirts are from, were different times. The legal drinking age back then was 18, and drinking was considered an essential part of college life, so much so that the college I went to rented a Coors truck for the day back in 1979 and handed out free beers to students on the green! Something like that would NEVER happen now a days, so if a college would sanction and pay for free beer being handed out to students, who says they couldn't license an image of their mascot holding a beer? It's totally possible. Unlikely, but possible. I just thought it was cool how these two shirts, albeit representing two different schools, obviously used the same template. It makes me very curious if the artist or company that made these also made them for other schools, or possibly pro teams. Has anyone else ever seen these shirts or ones like them before?
  5. Read this story on a Husker site I frequent. "...Jay Paterno, who coached as an assistant at his father's side for 17 years, has joined forces with Upper St. Clair lawyer Mark Dudash, a 14-year veteran of the brewing industry, to start the Paterno Legacy Series of beer. The brew, a premium American lager available in 12-ounce cans, is set to roll off the production lines at Latrobe's City Brewing Co. in cases and 12-packs in time for tailgating season."
  6. I played hockey for the first time last year and am heading into my second season of "beer league" hockey this fall (it's actually only pickup, we don't have an actual league at my home rink) and I've been wondering what other members' beer league teams wear or what you wear to your pick up games? Our games are usually a fun mix of jerseys. When I play on the dark team I usually wear a St. Louis Blues starter jerseys or my LA Kings Gretzky jersey and when I'm in white I wear my blank New Jersey Devils replica. This year I broke down and bought matching socks for my Devils' jersey and order a blank CCM Atlanta Thrashers cobalt blue jersey with matching socks.