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  1. Hello all, I couldn't find the forum for request, maybe it doesn't exist anymore, sorry if it's a problem I will remove my thread or move it. A while ago, I have requested a logo for my friend boxing club, which was done by one member here I can't remember his name, but was very nice. He his now splitting from his partner and starting a new gym on his own. Here is the info I have for it. We need a logo for a new boxing club down here. The name of the club is "Académie de boxe vision" which stand for Vision Boxing academy It need to have a boxing glove involved somewhere of course, and an eye in it. Something like the Illuminati eye. Budget, well depend of your past job, need maybe 2 or 3 concepts to choose from, and maybe 1 or 2 revisions after that. Also logo need to be in vector and royalty free of course Is someone available to do something nice? Will use paypal for payment
  2. I thought I would do OK in the Anniversary Patch event of the Logolympiad. Then I saw Dave Steib. Anyway, I went through several different options for my submission before finally settling on Babe Ruth's 1st homerun. In retrospect, none of these would have placed well, but I wanted to show them off and get some feedback. Thanks in advance. My entry: 100th Anniversary of Babe Ruth’s 1st Homerun (thanks to the couple of you who voted for it!) South Africa Rugby Golden Penalty Flag Turns 50 "The Tramp" Turns 100 And, Jack Johnson: I thought this was maybe my best, but then I researched more and my original date source was incorrect--he lost the crown in 1915--so I scrapped this as my entry)
  3. I've mentioned my pro-boxed cousin "Golden" Caleb Truax in these forums before. Well, tomorrow night he will be fighting on ESPN Friday Night Fights (actually on ESPN2), as the co-main event to a world title bout. This actually is Caleb's second appearance on FNF, having knocked out Donovan George back in June. (Oddly enough, Rances Barthelemy, the challenger in the aforementioned title fight, was also on that earlier FNF.) He was also on Showtime once in 2012 (vs. Jermain Taylor, Caleb's only loss so far in his career.) As if this news wasn't exciting enough, the fight is on a card being promoted by none other than Mike Tyson, who will be at ringside. It is being held at Target Center. Naturally, I will be on hand - it'll be the first time I have ever set foot in that arena.
  4. The WBC has updated its logo.
  5. Orlando Cruz wins his fight with Jorge Pazos after announcing that he was gay. I think this is a huge story that's going underreported in the sports world.